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Back Out On The Streets…

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Well folks, lock your kids inside, don’t walk the streets at night. Plaxico Burress has been released from the New York “Football” Giants. Last night, New York gave Burress his outright release and made him a free agent. Dealing with pending jail time, the thug himself Burress will likely find some time away from football. What does that mean? Well, if he’s not behind bars, he’ll be hanging around sketchy night clubs with guns ‘ablazin. What does that mean for the general public? DON’T GO TO NIGHTCLUBS IN NEW YORK! He might accidentally fire some shots off…….and he might actually hit someone other than himself this time……plaxicoburress1

Now that he’s on the market, he’ll likely be considered a high prize for any NFL organization to land him, even though he’s a drama queen. But, as of recent NFL history….JAY CUTLER…..that doesn’t seem to matter. To be honest, Jacksonville needs him. For goodness sakes, they have NO ONE to throw to. Why the heck not? It might put more fans in the seats so they don’t have to locally blackout all their games. Come on Jack, be good to me. Though he may run into trouble legally, either way, Burress is still a great talent with an uncanny ability to find the football. He’s also a big time player when his team needs him the most. Remember the Super Bowl two years ago? I know Eli Manning does. Plaxico lit it up and made the game-winning TD catch with seconds remaining. Somebody will be smart enough to take a chance on him, either out of desperation or pressure from the front office and fans. However, for a team that REALLY needs a WR, there’s not many of these dynamic, dominant type athletes out there for them to get. Just like Jay Cutler, if you can deal with the personal issues, Plax would be a great addition to any football roster.

Is he worth the trouble? I think so.


Welcome to the Windy City Mr. Cutler

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Ok folks, the carousel spin has ended. The Denver Broncos have agreed in principle to trade Cutler and a 3rd Round Draft Pick to the……CHICAGO BEARS for Kyle Orton (might as well of cut him), a Third Round Pick in 2009, and two First Round Picks, one in 2009 and one in 2010. Who saw this coming? Not me. Though Chicago was in desperate need of a “real” QB, they have Sexy Rexy Grossman who just throws the ball deep. Come on Chicago, where’s the love for Sexy Rexy?!?…

O, and congrats Dan Snyder, you’re off the hook before you could make yet another bad decision.

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Let’s Take A Ride On The Cutler Carousel…

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Spinning….spinning….spinning…..dizzy yet?!? Well, I think the people of Denver and the rest of us NFL fans are. Jay Cutler, JUST PICK SOMEBODY! If Cutler comes out and says that he wants to play somewhere, HE’LL GET WHATEVER HE WANTS! cutlerWhy? Because though he’s a crying baby, he still has an absolute rifle for an arm and is 13-1 when his defense gives up 21 points or less. That’s not too much to ask now is it defense? He’ll be a winner (and a pain in the locker room) if he goes to anyone who faintly knows how to defend an opponent.

As of now, everyone on earth is speculating as to what will happen with Cutler and which team will give up some assets to get him. Let’s play out a couple of scenarios…starting with my Jaguars, of course…

If Washington makes a play for Cutler…

Daniel Snyder will do it, don’t test him. Though he should already be starting Colt Brennan, the Skins will finally relieve themselves of Jason Campbell and their first round draft pick for their “new” franchise quarterback. How many times have we heard that? Shuler, Rypien, Frerotte, geez. This would just be great for the media…and Snyder’s reputation.

If Cleveland makes a play for Cutler…

Cleveland, say goodbye to Brady Quinn. Quinn and the Browns’ 1st Round pick will be trade material for Cutler. The NFL’s pretty boy finally gets a starting nod and Derek Anderson officially becomes a backup or gets an outright cut by the Browns. Cleveland, can you exist with Cutler AND Lebron James?

If Detroit makes a play for Cutler…

Matt Stafford, welcome to Denver. In order for the cubs (they’re certainly not good enough to actually be called Lions) to get Cutler, they’ll likely swap him for their #1 draft pick. If so, Stafford flies to Colorado instead of Michigan after Draft day.

Now, there’s word that Denver wants TWO FIRST ROUNDERS for Cutler?!?!?!? Are you kidding me? He’s good, but not that good. But you know what this means…Daniel Snyder will be the only owner stupid enough to give up that much to go get him. washington_redskins-783I’m sorry Redskins fans, but unfortunately your “boss in the booth” has this reputation and just simply isn’t that bright. Be honest…all he is cash and he’s ready and willing to throw it around…whether it makes sense or not. If Snyder has any inklin he can give up his franchise to go get Denver’s QB, he’ll do it without thinking twice…until he realizes in two years that it hasn’t worked out and that he sacrificied the organization to do so. Sound familiar Mr. Snyder?

Where the carousel will stop, nobody knows…for now. But isn’t it fun to speculate on ridiculous scenarios? I think so. Why? Because no one’s ballsiest enough to actually do it in the National Football League

Cutler cried…well, because Cutler’s a bit of a crier…

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Anyone else pick up on the Varsity Blues reference, aye?!? And Tweeter drank beer….well, you movie buffs know the rest (PS – Varsity Blues is the best football movie ever). But anyways, to today’s post. Apparently, Jay Cutler thinks he’s worthy of throwing a hissy fit for being a 17-20 quarterback.

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Come on Jay, you’re killing me. Sure Josh McDaniels, your new coach, wanted to trade you away so he could stick with his QB prodigy Matt Cassell (now a member of the KC Chefs…I mean Chiefs…but they might as well be Chefs). Sure your team has absolutely zero defense. I’m not even going to mention the hospital full of RBs your team carried and lost last year. But seriously? You’re crying about being in trade talks? With today’s recession and well, Cassell and McDaniels being best friends, you had to expect it. You haven’t proven yourself, and you haven’t shown that you can carry a team on your back when needed. Yes, I would love to have you as a potential franchise QB in Jacksonville, I won’t lie. However, because you’re officially still in Denver, SHUT UP AND PLAY BALL. Don’t talk, don’t complain, just go out, throw TDs, and sling the ball all over the field like you did at Vandy. For goodness sakes, you have Brandon Marshall and the great white hope Brandon Stokely! Suck it up, take a little criticism, and use it as motivation. Don’t be a baby like a typical highly overpaid NFL player because football fanatics and I’m sure Denver’s viewing area are tired of hearing it. Be different, GO OUT, BE AN EXAMPLE, AND LEAD YOUR TEAM TO VICTORIES. If you won’t, can I do it? Anybody playing QB in Mile High will be overshadowed by quite possibly one of the worst defenses of all time anyways. Poor guys…