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Come on Bobby, Where’s the Class?…

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Only a few days after the tragic passing of Nick Adenhart, a young phenom hurler for the Anaheim Angles, what does Adenhart’s teammate Bobby Abreu do? He attacks Josh Beckett, a flamethrower for the Boston Red Sox, for no reason. Why? Well, he thought for some reason that Beckett was throwing at him after the umpire called “time” during one of Abreu’s at-bats when Beckett couldn’t stop his pitching motion.

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Bobby, if you knew what snapping your elbow to stop a pitch mid-throw felt like or did to your throwing arm, you’d understand what Beckett did. Pitchers have caused major arm and/or elbow damage by jerking their arm to a stop in the middle of a pitch in order to accomodate the hitter and/or umpire. At a young age, as a pitcher, you’re taught to just continue your motion and throw the ball anyways in order to preserve the health of your arm. That’s all that happened here. Beckett simply held the ball a little long. To me, Abreu got way too bent out of shape for no reason at all. And yes, if Beckett wanted to hit him, he would have. He only throws like a 150 MPH fastball…

I know that the ball wizzed over Abreu’s head, but let’s be real here. It didn’t hit him, it didn’t even graze his jersey. Is a fight and verbal altercation really necessary? Beat him at the plate instead Bobby! Better yet, Tori Hunter hopped on the raged bandwagon, ran out to the pitcher’s mound, and threatened to pound on Beckett. Consequently, he was ejected from the ballgame. Get real Tori, nobody cares about what you do anymore. At this point, you and Bobby Abreu, for that matter, have fallen off the baseball map as prestine outfielders in the Major Leagues. If I had to guess, Beckett would’ve probably put up a good fight anyways (especially with Yuke and Big Papi having his back). He looks scrappy, right folks?!?

Worst of all, the timing of this ridiculous, babyish confrontation couldn’t have been worse. Shouldn’t we be paying respects and mourning the death of Nick Adenhart, a teammate, and realize that there’s more to life than inexplicably feeling threatened by an opposing player? Grow up fellas (Tori and Bobby). Do the right thing…be respectful, shut up, and please, just play ball…

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Time to root for a rival?…

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With only North Carolina left in the 2009 NCAA Tournament to represent the ACC as a conference, is it time to root for them? Is it appropriate to cheer for the Heels as a Duke fan? If the Jacksonville Jaguars get knocked out of the playoffs next year and Manning’s Colts qualify, do I support Manning just to show love to the AFC South? What about if the Mets knock the Braves out of the playoffs this year? Do you hop on the bandwagon? The answer is absolutely not. And this goes for your most hated, despised rival in any sport. As a true sports fan, you 100% CANNOT root for your team’s rival, NO MATTER WHAT. Rooting for the conference, league, or division all gets thrown out the window when the team you hate the most is left standing. Stay true to YOUR team at all costs.

A lot of my friends are Redskins fans and I know, for a fact, that if the Skins are out and America’s Team the Dallas Cowboys are still alive in the playoffs, they will IN NO WAY root for Dallas. Same goes for ‘Sox fans when the ‘Yanks are still playing in October and the boys from Beantown are at home on the couch. For me, this holds true for UNC. As much as I love and defend the ACC, there is a line between rooting for the conference and cheering for Duke’s Tobacco Road nemesis the Tar Heels. I’ll be honest, ANYBODY else like Clemson, Wake Forest, or yes even Virginia Tech would get my vote if they were the last surviving ACC entity in this year’s tourney. However, that’s not the case. Nobody will ever, under any circumstances, catch me supporting Tyler Hansbrough and the boys in baby blue. Say what you want Tar Heel fans, but I bleed Durham Blue. Sorry to burst your bubble. Instead, I’ll stand up and cheer for anybody not named North Carolina in hopes that any of those teams eventually send UNC packing.

This whole philosophy goes for all sports, not just college basketball. It just so happens to be that time of year…March Madness. When October rolls around, you can forget about it if you think I’ll be tipping my hat towards the Yankees (MLB) or the Colts (NFL). You couldn’t pay me enough……..well, let’s be honest, everyone has a price………..

Hall of Famer…Bloody Sock and All

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The Ode to Mr. Curt Schilling…Yesterday, Curt Schilling, a surefire Hall of Famer in my book, announced his retirement from Major League Baseball. A baseball’s fan instant reaction? A great career, a stand up guy, and arguably the most prolific pitcher in Major League Baseball playoff history. Yes he’s had more opportunities than Blyleven and the guys before 1960, but don’t discount him for that. That’s comparing apples to oranges. He did what he was supposed to do in his ERA. Being clutch when needed the most goes without saying. I don’t care who you compare, you can’t teach clutch. No matter where he was, he made a significant difference in the team’s success and clubhouse morale. Loved in Red Sox nation, Schilling has registered over 200 wins, 3000 K’s, and over 3200 innings pitched with ‘Da Sox, the Orioles, Phillies, Diamondbacks, and even the Astros (only one year). What a journey. schilling With multiple world series rings and all star appearances, Schilling has been a stud on the mound from the earliest points in his career. At times he was dominating and seemed to get even better as he aged into his 30s. Did he take steroids and is that why he got better? No one knows for sure, so let’s not speculate and count that against him. Ever heard of Nolan Ryan? The older he got, the stronger he became (assuming he was clean). And better yet, his fastball got even faster. Getting better with age is in the realm of possibility folks.

Curt Schilling was a great Major League pitcher, period. Not to mention, ‘Schil made his mark in the playoffs against the Yankees year after year and with the Diamondbacks he won Co-MVP of the World Series with his buddy “The Big Unit” Randy Johnson. And how could we ever forget…the Bloody Sock. Now an entertaining highlight in his illustrious career, Curt Schilling pitched with torn tendons in his ankle in Game 6 of the 2004 World Series. Not only did he throw seven great innings, he battled back from a blood-soaked baseball sock that seemed to give him fits throughout the game. What did he get after that? Well, there’s now a medical procedure named after him: The Schilling Tendon Procedure. Through the ups and down in his career, Curt has been a class act and a true role model for Major League Baseball.

Want some more credentials for the Hall of Fame baseball fans? Curt Schilling even made it in a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial!
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CONGRATULATIONS CURT SCHILLING on a wonderful career…see you in Cooperstown…

Is Manny worth it?

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March 3, 2009

Manny Ramirez…man or myth? At this point, is he even worth it? I say “undoubtedly yes.” Mr. Redsock, now Mr. Dodger, has yet again given the snub to his current employer, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Now, any contract negotiations are supposedly going to have to start again from scratch. Yes it’s a hassle, but you know what Joe Torre? Do whatever you have to do to keep Manny Ramirez, it’s as simple as that. The guy is an absolute stud (and yes, a headcase). But you know what? Your Dodgers just AREN’T THAT GOOD. Whether he’s trouble in the clubhouse or not, it’s worth 30 homers and 120 RBIs every single year isn’t it? Comparing Manny to all the other previously available free agent outfielders, it’s a cakewalk. Manny stands far beyond the rest. Though I can’t stand the Dodgers (as they fight for the National League title against my Atlanta Braves) or Joe Torre for that matter, it’s the right move for them. As a person that never got on the “Red Sox Nation” bandwagon, let’s see the Dodgers, and especially Manny, stick it to them. How entertaining is that for Manny? Take the Dodgers to the playoffs, watch the Red Sox outfielders struggle to knock in runs, and enjoy the weather in LA with a big fat paycheck. Take control of that team and be Manny, since that’s what you’re praised for already. Just Manny being Manny. Better yet, for the Dodgers, it should be Just Manny being paid to Just Be Manny…