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Caps-ital Punishment…

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Wow, 6-2….really? Yep. Pittsburgh, led by Sid the Kid, absolutely thrashed the Caps last night in D.C. in front of a sold out crowd in the Verizon Center. mag_080502_34th_and_Madison_NHL_PlayoffsFrom early on, the game wasn’t much of one. After taking a 4-0 lead through almost two periods, the ‘Pens shut the crowd out of the game and minimized any production of Alex the Great around the net.

It was so bad for the ‘Caps that Varlamov, their young and coming goalie who’s been a pleasant surprise during these playoffs, was pulled after giving up some easy goals through two periods. He was replaced by Jose Theodore, who consequently gave up two more goals of his own. PD3_0060As a Caps fan, this was utterly embarassing. No heart, no will, no luck, and certainly no breaks out on the ice. It was domination from the first time the puck dropped on the ice. There was little Ovi could do to get his squad back in the game. As the Caps just sat and watched Pittsburgh put on a show, led by Crosby’s two goals, it again will sting another year for each player on the Washington bench after this miserable performance in a Game 7, especially against the much-hated Penguins.

But hey, there’s always next year, right Caps fans? Heck no, it hurts right now. I hate that stupid expression…

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Bulls vs. Celtics…On Ice?

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2 Hat Tricks and another one-goal victory by the Caps, are you serious!?!? Wow, what a start to perhaps what will go down as one of the best NHL Playoff Series, outside of a few Stanley Cup Finals, in the history of the sport. Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby furthered their on-ice rivalry last night by lighting up the scoreboard with huge hits and 3 goals a piece. washington-capitals-playoff-ticketsAlex the Great’s final goal was the one to put the game away with only 6 minutes left, though Crosby once again got on the scoreboard inside the last two minutes on a rebound in front of the net. What does this Ovechkin-Crosby rivalry remind us of? Anyone see the recently concluded Celtics-Bulls NBA Playoff Series, aka Prime Time Drama? Yep, there might as well be a mirror between the two. The basketball series will go down in history as probably the best ever, arguably of course, with this NHL Series right behind it in its own world. Like Gordon vs. Rondo or Rose vs. Pierce, Ovi and Sid the Kid have provided fireworks after fireworks on the ice that have put hockey fans, and some non-hockey fans, on the edge of their seats at home or in the arena. Personally, I’m all aboard the Caps bandwagon as a native of Northern Virginia. Let’s Go CAPS! Let’s Go Caps! C-A-P-S CAPS CAPS CAPS!

This series, only two games in, is lining up to likely go all 7 games with an assured stunning conclusion in Game 7 back in D.C. penguinsEach game has been close to begin the series with lots of goals being scored early and late in the 3rd period. This just means pure entertainment and great value for the NHL to get itself back on the sporting world’s map. If there was anything that could revitalize its popularity in the States, this is it. The NHL, conspiracy or not, couldn’t have planned this scenario any better. Years from now, no one will care or hardly remember who won the Stanley Cup in ’09, but they will remember how Crosby and Ovechkin played in the Eastern Conference Semis. This is an epic battle, on ice…and if you don’t have tickets….GO GET ‘EM!

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NHL’s Super Bowl Comes Early in ’09…

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In just a few hours, the Hockey world will get its super bowl in the 2nd round of its 2009 playoffs. Get your popcorn ready (thank you T.O.), it’s time for Sid the Kid vs. Alex the Great. Crosby and Ovechkin, together again, and boy is it great for the NHL. Ratings will be through the roof during this playoff series. In all likelihood, no one will remember who wins the 2009 Stanley Cup years from now, unless it’s Washington or Pittsburgh, but they will remember the epic battle between the two superstars. Some would compare this rivalry of energy and talent to that of Bird vs. Magic, Yankees vs. Red Sox, and Cowboys vs. Redskins. The hits should be fierce and the number of goals should skyrocket, to all of the fans’ enjoyment.

To get you pumped up for the match up that begins today, take a look at this rivalry video…

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