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You’re Killin’ Me Hokie Fans….

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This weekend I was up in Northern Virginia (NOVA) at a charity fundraiser. At the bar where the fundraiser was held, I was surrounded by crimson and orange…yep, you got it…Virginia Tech fans. Yes, I know Northern Virginia is home to lots of Tech students and VA Tech alumni. However, I knew it would be a long night when Duke basketball popped on the screen as they battled Texas Saturday night. I never heard the end of it….”Duke sucks” or “Go Texas” (out of spite just because they were playing Duke) pretty much themed the night every time Duke scored. But why? Shouldn’t you guys be rooting for the ACC in general now that the Hokies’ basketball season is over?vatechAll the while, the Virginia Tech alumni that filled the bar couldn’t stop raving about the Hokies and how excited they were about the upcoming football season (mainly because their basketball team got blown out of the NIT after not making the NCAA). Are you kidding me? Give it a rest…I’m tired of hearing about Hokie football and Frank Beamer way before the College Football season even starts. Would you guys please talk about something different for a change? How about you root for your own pretty talented and youthful basketball team, aye? What about the remaining ACC teams in the NCAA tournament? We’re rivals but together as a conference right? You don’t have to root for them because you hate them so much, but root for their success and the success of the ACC to show up the Big East and other major conferences across the College Basketball world. I’ll be completely honest, if Duke were out and Tech and Carolina were in, I’d definitely root for Tech…and I mean that. As much as I hate Carolina, it would be good for them to win a title if Duke doesn’t…for the ACC’s sake (yes it kills me to say so).

But I never thought I’d say this: Virginia Tech Hokie fans have gotten just as ridiculous as Yankee fans. Everyone hops on the bandwagon if they do well, in anything, but become ghosts if any of the Tech athletic programs struggle, ESPECIALLY the football team. I cemented my position on the topic when Saturday night, a VA Tech football signed by the 2009 roster was auctioned off and people went crazy for it. I am 100% for raising as much money as possible and auctioning anything off that you can get your hands on, but (JOKINGLY) who would want that?!?! I sure as heck don’t. Shoot, I’d rather have a football signed by Mike AND Marcus Vick…it’d be worth more and maybe go for a lot of money in an auction because, well…it’d be controversial and people would get a kick out of it. And enough about Beamer. For goodness sakes people, Bud Foster is the reason that they win so many games. Beamer is just a funny looking guy that gets the credit for Foster’s tenacious defensive leadership each year. Stop blinding your fans Frank!!! glennon-lsu Have you ever seen their offense play? They hardly score, especially when led by everyone’s favorite quarterback Sean Glennon (trust me, I’m being 100% sarcastic). Nobody, not even the Tech roster, likes that guy. Hokie this, Hokie that. Blah blah blah…

At the bar on Saturday night and at work every day during the week down in Southern Virginia, Newport News, all I hear about is Tech (apparently everyone in my building went to Tech). You know what guys? Go win a championship…in anything…and then come talk to me. Otherwise, save me the ear pain and stop yelling and screaming about the Hokies and just be normal until football season rolls me, it’s for the best…for everybody.


Tourney Pick’em and Analysis to Come…

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To all my readers out there, I will be doing a region by region analysis of the 2009 NCAA Tournament bracket through Thursday of this week. Check back each day to see what chances I give YOUR team.

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Name your pick set and good luck!

Glory Returns to Durham…

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Alas! Your 2009 ACC Champions are the Duke University Blue Devils! Cameron Indoor’s pride and joy took it to Florida State today in the Georgia Dome and claimed yet another ACC Tournament Championship under Coach K. As a result, they ended up with a #2 seed in the NCAA Tournament and will literally get a home game against Binghamton in Greensboro, N.C. which is just a few miles down the road from Durham. Jon Scheyer and Gerald Henderson proved once again today that they are among the elite players in the ACC and in the country. dm_090124_ncb_duke_marylandThe ACC Tournament MVP trophy was given to Mr. Scheyer for taking control of each of Duke’s 3 games during the weekend. Furthermore, it just added another trophy to Coach K’s trophy case back home. After UNC choked and bit the bullet against Florida State on Saturday, took full advantage by winning a close one against a fired-up Maryland team (who also got an at-large bid in the tourney…congrats) and coming out launching and knocking down 3’s all over the court this afternoon. All the while, Elliot Williams and Nolan Smith locked down arguably the ACC’s best player in Tony Douglas and refused to let him beat them by himself. aagp131duke-university-acc-logo-postersI must say, for us Duke fans it was a great sign that they won the battle of the boards against quite possibly the overall tallest team in the country in the Seminoles from Florida State. Hopefully the hot shooting and aggressive play will continue for the next couple of weeks and Duke can once again claim its dominance of College Basketball and tear down the Championship nets on April 6th.

And yes, for all of you who hate me for liking Duke or just hate Duke in general and say they “suck” just because you’re bitter or just plain ridiculous, the JOKE IS ON YOU TODAY. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS BABY AND THERE AIN’T NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT! GO BLUE DEVILS!

Memphis Tigers…Overrated and Untested

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Another year, another Conference USA title for John Calipari and the Memphis Tigers. Who cares? I sure don’t. They play in the Conference USA with little to no competition. Yes, they made a big run in last year’s NCAA Tourney, but this year they’ll have a rude awakening when they face an opponent with some REAL talent.

Bracketologists (man would I love to be one of those and make a living) around the NCAA are throwing around the idea that Memphis could potentially get a #1 seed in one of the regions in the Big Dance. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY OBSURD. memphistigers2No way do they deserve a #1 seed over the likes of Pitt, UConn, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Duke, and Louisville. Many people forget that Louisville, not UConn or Pitt, actually won the Big East regular season title. It would be a shame and a mistake on the NCAA’s part to give Memphis a #1 seed. They are unproven against other big-time basketball programs while the other aforementioned list of teams have beaten themselves up in and out of conference play all year long. Memphis’ 2009 strength of schedule was 55, worse than most powerhouses around the NCAA. I mean, look at their 2008-2009 scheduled opponents? The team list includes: Chattanooga, Fairfield, UTEP, Tulsa, Houston, Tulane, Marshall, Lamar, Syracuse, and Xavier, among others. Yes, Syracuse and Xavier are reputable opponents, but Memphis’ conference foes are a list of misfit teams with no real strength or ability to even compete with the Tigers.

And another thing, more talk about John Calipari as the Conference USA Coach of the Year and potential NCAA Coach of the Year? Are you serious? The NCAA shouldn’t reward this guy, he should be told that he better be glad he won the weak conference that he’s in. Otherwise, he’d be looking for a new job. calipari2If he really wants to prove himself and show his players off, how ‘bout throwing Memphis into the Big East or ACC next year. I 100% GUARANTEE that they would not win either of those conference regular season championships outright. Memphis just isn’t that good for one, and the physical toll from each of those power conferences would prove them decent at best, maybe even mediocre. With a cake schedule and a babyface of a conference, Memphis is usually fresh going into March Madness. But in 2009, I predict that their tourney life won’t last too long…..

Does it pay to be in a brutal conference?

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Many people say that towards the end of every college basketball season, teams who already know that they are going to the Big Dance get great pre-NCAA tourney warm-ups by fighting amongst themselves for their respective conference tournament titles. Teams play each other once again, get banged up, run themselves ragged, then allegedly waltz into the tournament, get bumped to the NIT (the JV to the Varsity’s NCAA Tournament), or get their plane tickets home to watch the rest of the season from the couch……wait a second…..waltz into the NCAA tournament? You must be joking. 300_66316 Has anyone ever heard of the Big East and the ACC? Do people know they exist? These are arguably…wait, they ARE the toughest, let alone most competitive two conferences in all of college basketball. Each conference goes at least six or seven teams deep in the number of teams who could possibly get an at-large big to the Big Dance. I mean, just take 2008-2009 for example. In the ACC, Florida State, Maryland, UVA, and NC State have all won games against Duke, North Carolina, or Wake Forest. Yet, their records indicate that they should lose by 40 points. At home or on the road, any team can honestly beat any team at one time. Look at the Big East. Louisville loses to UConn, then beats Georgetown by 30 points. Same situation for all of those teams. Each conference has teams like Providence, Clemson, Florida State, Syracuse, and Notre Dame that all are talented teams but play in an absolutely grueling conference against the nation’s elite. If they played in any other conference, including the Pac-10 which is a non-competitive joke, they would win the regular season outright. Now, you might say that if they were elite, then they would win these games against other dominant college programs. This may be true, but what about when it comes to their conference tournaments? A team like UConn, North Carolina, Duke, or Pittsburgh who is already going dancin’ must now win 3,4, or 5 more games to claim a tournament championship…..before the ONLY MEANINGFUL tournament starts! They get taken to the wire by teams with false hope of dancin, players get hurt, teams are exhausted, and for what? To say that you’re an elite team? WHO CARES, YOU’VE ALREADY PROVEN IT! That’s what the NCAA tournament is there for: to take those elite teams and determine which one is the best. march-madness-on-demandWhat do you get in the meantime if you don’t win your conference tournament? A few brutal, hard-nosed games against teams playing for nothing or for little hope, teams with nothing to lose, and an even tougher journey going into the NCAA tournament with trying to have a team 100% healthy, composed, and ready to run at full strength. To me, the NCAA has missed out on this subject. Based on how the regular season goes, give the regular season champs an automatic bid, then go through the same process to pick the remaining tournament teams based on record. Why does it make sense for a mid-major with a losing regular season record to win their conference tournament, get a big in the Big Dance, then lose in the opening round by 30 or 40 points? It does no good for the game, and those teams usually just get embarrassed. And for all those mid-majors out there, a team like Georgia in 2008, going 4-12 in conference play, conference tourneys can steal a bid for your conference. Why even have a conference tourney? To give false hope and to skew the NCAA tourney performance of the nation’s elite? It just doesn’t benefit anyone….except for a lonely mid-major or bogus major conference squad that gets less than a Cinderella’s chance of actually making a name for themselves in the NCAA tournament. Keep dreamin NCAA….what a waste of time