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Phil Has Fate On His Side, But I Still Like Tiger…

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With next week’s U.S. Open on the horizon, it’s time to pick a winner. And yes, I’m going to take the easy road and take Tiger Woods at Bethpage BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT I like Phil to put up a good fight. Tiger at Bethpage? Usually it’s a lock, and you might as well tally another trophy in the trophy case for Mr. Woods and Co. 080409-phil-mickelson-vmed-10a.widecHowever, Phil Mickelson, who’s wife was recently diagnosed with breast cancer but encouraged him to play in next week’s tournament, has fate on his side. I am a very big believer in fate and the Lord rewarding good deeds for good people. Phil is one of those people. If I had to guess, Phil might even be in the final group on Sunday, but it will be too tough to overcome his wife’s current situation and battle Tiger mentally and physically for 18 grueling holes. TigerWoodsTiger will pull it out in the end, but it will be the heroic story of Phil Mickelson making a run at the title that steals the show. Tiger, a gentleman in the same regard, will applaud Phil’s performance and those two will overtake the spotlight on the final day at Bethpage. What does this mean? Great ratings and another good show and heartwarming story for the PGA Tour and its fans. But even though I like Tiger next weekend, you know I’ll be pulling for Phil…he deserves it…

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Do They Know Something We Don’t Know?

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From the Green Bay Press-Gazette: If Brett Favre signs to play quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings in the next week or two, his family and friends will be ready for his one game back in Green Bay.brett-favre-jersey-1 About two months ago, a member of Favre’s inner circle blocked off 25 to 30 rooms at the Midway Motor Lodge near Lambeau Field for the weekend of the Vikings game against the Packers on Nov. 1.

Courtesy of the Green Bay Press-Gazette

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Tweeting Terrell Stirs It Up Again…

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That’s right, Terrell won’t shut up. In yet another tale in T.O.’s post-Dallas saga, Owens recently bashed Jason Garret and Tony Romo on his Twitter, yes Twitter, page. Bills Owens FootballWow, what else has this world come to? T.O. tweets…yikes. Between him and Mark Cuban, you might as well take “censorship” out of the dictionary as it will likely no longer apply. Anyways, in a Twitter post last week, one of Owens’ fans had mentioned how upset he was that Mr. Get Ya Popcorn Ready was cut by Big D. In response, Owens posted the following:

“neither ws i, blame the OC & romo!! but i’m happy 2 b where i am but i miss the other guys tht were & r true teammates!!”

Not only can Owens tweet, but he can write in such broken english no one can actually understand what he’s saying! If you’re going to be critical of someone else, at least put it in a professional forum, not some Facebook knock-off application. Give me a break, I’m tired of Twitter-sparked controversy. Get a life people…and by life I mean everything except Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. This isn’t fantasy world (though most of us would like it to be, trust me).

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I Hope Paulus Looks Good In Orange…

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Courtesy of the Associated Press

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Greg Paulus is returning home to Syracuse to play football. The former Duke point guard will enroll in graduate school at Syracuse and try to make a comeback in football for the Orange, he said Thursday. “My gut and my heart were telling me that (Syracuse) was the best place for me,” Paulus said from Durham, N.C., during a conference call.

“It got me thinking, got me throwing again (and) once I got doing that, the itch and the desire came back,” Paulus said. “To have this opportunity where I have two sports, and to be able to do them both at the college level, it’s something that’s pretty unique and special.”

He said he called new Orange coach Doug Marrone on Thursday morning to notify him of his decision. SyracuseOrangeThe three-year starting guard graduated from Duke earlier this month. He has one season of eligibility remaining and can play immediately if he receives a waiver from the NCAA. Marrone was not available and could not comment on the announcement because the NCAA paperwork has not been completed, university officials said.

Paulus was a record-setting high school quarterback in high school at Christian Brothers Academy, located less than a mile from Marrone’s office, and now has a legitimate chance at Syracuse, a proud program that’s fallen on hard times. “I’ve seen a lot of great years at Syracuse,” Paulus said.

The Orange hired Marrone in December to resurrect the team he once played for — Syracuse has gone 10-37 over the past four seasons. greg-paulus-picHe already has moved former starting quarterback Andrew Robinson to tight end and demoted Cam Dantley, last year’s starter, to backup behind redshirt freshman Ryan Nassib, who has never thrown a college pass.

Paulus said Marrone has made “no promises, no guarantees” about playing time. At CBA, Paulus was one of the nation’s top prep quarterbacks. As a senior running a potent spread offense, he threw for 3,700 yards and 43 touchdowns in a 13-0 season. He finished his prep career with 11,763 yards and 152 touchdowns passing.

DukeBlueDevilsMiami and Notre Dame offered him football scholarships, and he received a basketball offer from Syracuse before choosing to play basketball at Duke. For most of the past four years, his only flirtation with football came when he threw the ball around with his younger brother, Mike, a quarterback at North Carolina.

Having been away from the game for so long has raised doubts about whether Paulus, at 6-foot-1 and 185 pounds, can succeed at the Division I level, especially for a team like Syracuse, which has struggled to build a solid offensive line.

“There’s going to be challenges along the way with getting into football shape, learning the system, getting back to speed,” Paulus said. “It’s a different challenge, and it’s one that I’m looking forward to.”

Since Paulus did not redshirt and will complete his degree at Duke in four years, he can go to graduate school elsewhere and compete right away if he is granted the waiver. Paulus said he plans to drive back to Syracuse in the coming days to deal with the necessary paperwork.

Copyright 2009 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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A Magical Collapse…

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Doc Rivers 2Stan Van Gundy 0….This about sums up the past two nailbiters in the Eastern Conference Semifinals between the Orlando Magic and the Boston Celtics. Again, the Magic collapsed with a double digit lead, on the road, with under 4 minutes left. orlando%20magicThey went 0 for 9, with some free throws, and watched a 10 point lead and series control turn into a 4 point loss. Why? Well, Stan Van Gundy is just one terrible coach. In no way does he motivate his players or strategize down the stretch in order for his team to actually win the game.

The difference between Doc Rivers and Van Gundy boiled down to the last plays in both Game 4 and Game 5 of their Eastern Conference Semifinals Playoff Series. While Boston was set up and everyone knew their spot on the floor, Hedo Turkoglu (Orlando) stood with his hands on his head and Rafer Alston yelling over to the bench, both screaming for some direction and yes….coaching. Celtics Pistons BasketballWhat did they get in response? Van Gundy telling them to “make do” and just find a spot on the floor. Consequently, Orlando scrambled, couldn’t find anyone but Dwight Howard, by far their worst shooter and free throw shooter, who then got fouled and had to miss free throws at the line in order to give the Magic another shot at tying the game in the waining seconds with a 3-pointer. The moral of the story is that Van Gundy needs to watch some game film of Doc Rivers, Phil Jackson, and some others who have had teams win many games with a buzzer beater as a direct result of well drawn up in-bounds plays in the last seconds of a basketball game.

Take it from me, the Magic have a better chance with a Middle School Girls’ Basketball Coach at the helm rather than Van Gundy…what a bum. For Dwight Howard and JJ Redicks’ sake, I hope Van Gundy leaves sunny Orlando next year and they find anyone, ANYBODY, else…

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My Worst Nightmare…

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The title speaks for itself…gross…


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Cuban’s An Idiot, Bashes KMart’s Mom…

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It’s official, Mark Cuban is a moron and a total idiot. Taunting Kenyon Martin’s mother? Are you serious Mark? mark_cubanThat’s a good way to get your you know what kicked in front of 30,000 fans, in Denver or Dallas for that matter. Mr. Cuban, have you ever seen K-Mart? He’s thug nasty and would not hesitate to paste your face to the ground. Not a bright idea big guy, I’m just saying…

In the aftermath of Game 3 of the Denver Nuggets-Dallas Mavericks NBA Playoff series, Cuban blew off steam pacing down the hallway into the Mavs’ locker room after the officials blew a late second call to give the Nuggets and ‘Melo the win. On the way down the tunnel, he ran into K-Mart’s dear mother and told her that her son was a “thug” and a “punk.” I’m stunned…If Mrs. Martin would’ve punched Cuban right there in the face, no one, not even on the Dallas sideline would’ve blinked an eye and likely would’ve dapped her up. DenverNuggetsMainLogoCuban’s a jerk, a drama queen, and a cry baby. Just because your Mavs can’t win in the playoffs and every year they are overrated Mr. Cuban, it doesn’t mean you should attack other people’s mothers. It’s just not polite sir. Could you have laid a Mrs. Martin-Mark Cuban beatdown on your conscious? I think not. Oh and in case you were wondering, in a fight, I’d bet on K-Mart’s momma dukes. For goodness sakes, where do you think he learned to be so “street?”

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