T.O….wait, he’s in Buffalo?

Reports tonight say that Terrell Owens has signed a one year deal with the Buffalo Bills, another land of misfits and unrecognizable names. It’s official, T.O. has picked a team and area just as worthless as the lonely Oakland Raiders. Does anyone even root for the Bills anymore outside of Buffalo? Can anyone on the street name three, let alone one Buffalo Bill not named Marshawn Lynch? Even then, all the general public knows about Marshawn Lynch is that he’s a recently posted jailbird and a gun-wielding misfit. Listen T.O., this isn’t the 90’s Bills anymore. Aside from them chocking in multiple, back-to-back Super Bowls, Buffalo has officially fallen off the NFL and NFL fan map since then. nfl_buffalo_bills_1Cycling through coaches, players, and especially QB, Buffalo has had a tough run at it as of late. And now, to get their area and team publicity…they sign T.O.?!?! Trust me, it won’t help. Aside from the fact that they play in a very competitive division with the Dolphins, NY Jets, and the Randy Moss-led New England Patriots, BUFFALO DOESN’T HAVE A QB TO THROW OWENS THE BALL! Does anyone else realize this? What QBs are even left on their roster? JP Losman, Trent Edwards? Shoot, with or without T.O., the Bills would have a better shot to win the division if Jim Kelly came out of retirement and started throwing TDs. This is going to be interesting…..good luck Dick Jauron….good luck taming the beast we all know as Terrell “Mr. Entertainment” Owens. And to Buffalo, your 2009 football season just got a whole lot more interesting…


5 Responses to “T.O….wait, he’s in Buffalo?”

  1. Hey man. He’s going to be a man on a mission to prove all of the people wrong. He signed a one year contract in hopes of getting that big money deal next year. He’ll be on his best behaviour this year. Why not go to a low pressure place that has a quality number 2(who can be a number 1 in the league) in Lee Evans. Even if they don’t have anyone to throw to him. It’s like Moss. Throw it up and he’ll catch it. I’m not looking forward to facing him twice a year as a Dolphin fan.

    Good stuff on the blog.

  2. Creasman Says:

    Hey its cool… they got Fiztpatrick from Cincy, because that worked out for them whenever Palmer was hurt…

    wait. nope. still screwed.

    Doesnt TO have more Rec TDs than the Bills… ya know… ever?

  3. Jimmy Dean Says:

    Look, you’re pretty critical of the Bills, funny considering you’re a Jags fan (one love Ricky).
    Now for serious, I have thought the Bills would be a contender the past two years running. Two years ago (2007) they were riddled with injuries starting with their backup tight end getting nearly fully paralyzed in the first game and then injuries stacking up after that, including to Marshawn Lynch. Last year they went 4-0 (granted against teams with sub-par records in 2008) but they showed promise before falling apart. JP Losman is on the free agent market right now, leading them to sign as Creasman mentioned Ryan Fitzpatrick but don’t knock Trent Edwards, who when healthy can perform. He just hasn’t had any big targets to throw to. Roscoe Parrish still hasn’t started to stand out as a top receiver and that leads to Lee Evans getting game planned against. Give them another big threat and maybe, just maybe they can make some huge plays. TO has nearly performed as well as the Bills in receiving TDs over the past two years. Do I think he’s going to go there and be a huge player and take them to a Super Bowl? Maybe not, but he provides a competitive edge that they have needed (considering Lynch doesn’t go to jail or get suspended for a significant amount of time. TO will be ok his first year because he always has to prove that he is a team player. Maybe with a 1 year contract he’ll just go out, play football and if they lose, accept the fact that he can move on with no issues.

    We’ll have to see how this experiment works out for both parties.

    Dean, out!

  4. Destructo Says:

    maybe the plan is for T.O. to play QB…because he took a one year deal tells most people that he really didn’t have as many suitors as his agent led people to believe…Owens should bless his stars that he’s not playing in the Arena league…even tho the GM of the Arizona Rattlers said he was not interested in T.O….

  5. u guys r all dumb as fuk.. im a bills fan and t.o. is a shity reciever. He cant even catch a slant. I mean hes good but u act like hes even in the top 10. The bills were the shit back in that day and in awhile everyhing is gonna change. the bills will be up there again the pats will be down and etc.

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