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Duke vs. Arkansas Pine-Bluff Highlights

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2010 March Madness Sleepers….

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Another year, another March, another month of Madness. That’s right folks, it’s a new year and a new bracket of teams with no hope, some hope, or a good chance of cutting down the nets in Indianapolis. March Madness 2010As everyone scrambles to start filling out fifteen different scenario-pending brackets, we all bask in the glory and anticipation of a tournament filled with buzzer beaters, upsets, and the potential for a #1 seed to finally bite the bullet and get canned in the first weekend (except my Blue Devils). Trust me, if Duke gets canned, you won’t hear much more from me in the latter half of March. The Thursday deadline is approaching fast so let’s kick the Madness off with a few upset specials I’ve got up my sleeve….

1. Temple vs. Cornell in the Round of 64

Yes, I know everyone likes Temple and their guard play this year. But you know what? Cornell is one of the best 3-point shooting teams in the country. They fire up threes like the ball is on fire. With any space, a 3-ball is headed toward the rim from the Big Red. Cornell is one of the leaders in the clubhouse in 3-point percentage and attempts in the NCAA Division 1, and there’s no reason to be gun-shy here in the tournament. I mean, for goodness sakes, Andy Bernard (the Office) went there, so they must be good. With that Ivy League brain power, they might very well just have the fortitude and the swagger to knock off Temple. As we all know, the 5-12 matchup is always an intriguing one. Every year, at least one 12 seed does its thing and takes care of business against an often too-comfortable 5 seed. Look for this year to be no different.

2. Notre Dame vs. Villanova in the Sweet 16

Let’s skip a few rounds and head on to the Sweet 16 where I really like Notre Dame to upset a very overrated Villanova Wildcat team. With Harangody back and Little-Hansborough playing well from the perimeter, Notre Dame has taken on an identity that was present with the ballclub last year. I know the ‘Cats still have Scottie Too Hottie and an array of guards, but there is not one soul on the Villanova that can truly contain Cool Hand Luke in the paint. If the Fighting Irish make it this far and Villanova doesn’t lay an egg against Richmond in Round 2, look for the Green and Gold to fight on and lose to Duke in the Elite 8.

3. Florida vs. The West Region

All I have heard this week is “Oh, my Hokies didn’t make it, what is the committee thinking?” or “My Hokies or My Bulldogs deserve a spot in the NCAA Tournament.” Well, to be quite honest, they might as well go ahead and worry about the NIT because neither Miss. State, nor VA Tech had a chance of cutting down the nets anyways. Who got in instead? My super sleeper team, the Florida Gators. Watch out folks, watch out for the Gators to come chompin’ on your doorstep. Billy Donovan is a prove winner and his team ALWAYS plays well during tourney time. Now that they’ve been given a chance by the NCAA committee, count on them to prove their worth in the West Region. Not only do I have them upsetting BYU in Round 1, but I have them taking down Kansas State to secure a spot in the Elite 8, where they will eventually succumb to their Orange counterpart, Syracuse and Jim Beoheim. Florida is deep with young talent, they endured a learning season in the brutal SEC, and have a young star by the name of Chandler Parsons who can light it up from 3-point land or dribble to the basket among the trees. No one has heard a lot about Florida this year, but any team coached by Donovan makes me a believer. Everyone is on the K State bandwagon, but watch them unravel under the pressure when they face the Gators early into March Madness. I like Florida and their potential here, and why not? No one’s ever able to “call” the next George Mason run in the tourney….da Gators have the best chance of anyone. Count it, and the foul.

I Hope Paulus Looks Good In Orange…

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Courtesy of the Associated Press

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Greg Paulus is returning home to Syracuse to play football. The former Duke point guard will enroll in graduate school at Syracuse and try to make a comeback in football for the Orange, he said Thursday. “My gut and my heart were telling me that (Syracuse) was the best place for me,” Paulus said from Durham, N.C., during a conference call.

“It got me thinking, got me throwing again (and) once I got doing that, the itch and the desire came back,” Paulus said. “To have this opportunity where I have two sports, and to be able to do them both at the college level, it’s something that’s pretty unique and special.”

He said he called new Orange coach Doug Marrone on Thursday morning to notify him of his decision. SyracuseOrangeThe three-year starting guard graduated from Duke earlier this month. He has one season of eligibility remaining and can play immediately if he receives a waiver from the NCAA. Marrone was not available and could not comment on the announcement because the NCAA paperwork has not been completed, university officials said.

Paulus was a record-setting high school quarterback in high school at Christian Brothers Academy, located less than a mile from Marrone’s office, and now has a legitimate chance at Syracuse, a proud program that’s fallen on hard times. “I’ve seen a lot of great years at Syracuse,” Paulus said.

The Orange hired Marrone in December to resurrect the team he once played for — Syracuse has gone 10-37 over the past four seasons. greg-paulus-picHe already has moved former starting quarterback Andrew Robinson to tight end and demoted Cam Dantley, last year’s starter, to backup behind redshirt freshman Ryan Nassib, who has never thrown a college pass.

Paulus said Marrone has made “no promises, no guarantees” about playing time. At CBA, Paulus was one of the nation’s top prep quarterbacks. As a senior running a potent spread offense, he threw for 3,700 yards and 43 touchdowns in a 13-0 season. He finished his prep career with 11,763 yards and 152 touchdowns passing.

DukeBlueDevilsMiami and Notre Dame offered him football scholarships, and he received a basketball offer from Syracuse before choosing to play basketball at Duke. For most of the past four years, his only flirtation with football came when he threw the ball around with his younger brother, Mike, a quarterback at North Carolina.

Having been away from the game for so long has raised doubts about whether Paulus, at 6-foot-1 and 185 pounds, can succeed at the Division I level, especially for a team like Syracuse, which has struggled to build a solid offensive line.

“There’s going to be challenges along the way with getting into football shape, learning the system, getting back to speed,” Paulus said. “It’s a different challenge, and it’s one that I’m looking forward to.”

Since Paulus did not redshirt and will complete his degree at Duke in four years, he can go to graduate school elsewhere and compete right away if he is granted the waiver. Paulus said he plans to drive back to Syracuse in the coming days to deal with the necessary paperwork.

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Could Paulus Possibly Be A Michigan Wolverine?

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First the Packers, now the Michigan Wolverines?!? Yep, Greg Paulus is officially on Rich Rodriguez’s list of potential starting QBs for the 2009 NCAA Football season. How can this be? Well, Paulus still has one year of athletic eligibility left and technically could transfer to Wolverine country and play QB for them next year in order to sharpen his skills for a potential run at the NFL. Who ever saw these two options coming for Mr. Paulus? I sure didn’t.

According to reports, Rodriguez said that Paulus would be a great fit for his new Spread offense. And for all of you football fans out there, we all know that Michigan needs a “legitimate” QB. What better way for Paulus and the Wolverines to get what they want? At this point for the Wolverine football program, why not? You need to get back on the college football map and be competitive in your conference again. Everyone’s tired of Ohio State winning the conference with an absolutely cake schedule. Why not get some free publicity from stealing a Dukee basketballer and throwing him into your football spread and put him behind center. The college football world would be entertained, that’s for sure…myself included. And for Paulus, this can’t hurt. You haven’t played in a game since senior year of high school as a highly praised recruit to Notre Dame and The University of Miami (“U”). This is a great way to hone back in on your football talent and show the professional football world and scouts together what you can do on the gridiron. No time like the present Greg…

Green Bay Packers And…Greg Paulus?!?!?…

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I never ever thought I’d say this, but good luck Greg Paulus on your….NFL Career?!? Yep, that’s right Packer fans. Greg Paulus, an ex-Duke Blue Devil point guard and ex-high school football phenom, officially tried out and worked out for the Green Bay Packers this past week. At what position? Well, to most people’s surprise, it was for Quarterback. Paulus, against what you would think by looking at him, was actually an amazing and highly praised high school quarterback. Before committing to Duke University to play college basketball, Paulus was recruited by Notre Dame and The U (Miami) on full scholarship as well as being named Gatorade High School Football Player of the Year in the United States his senior year.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Though Paulus is 6-foot-1 and a whopping 180 pounds, he was a four-time all-state football player in high school, a starter in the U.S. Army All-American game, and set six state passing records during his tenure behind center. So, apparently he is legit, just tiny. To also note, his brother Mike is currently one of the Quarterbacks at the University of North Carolina. For the family’s sake, good thing Mike doesn’t ball it up, otherwise the Tar Heel-Blue Devil rivalry would probably rip that family apart.

Is Aaron Rodgers being threatened for the top spot at Lambeau? I don’t think so but wouldn’t that be absolutely hilarious?!? Everyone, even Duke fans, hate Greg Paulus. Could you imagine that backlash if he took the highly praised Rodgers’ spot during training camp? Wow, just thinking about it makes me crack up…let’s hope it happens…unless you’re a Packer fan.

Why Sports Illustrated, Why?!?…

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Ugh, I am disgusted. What did I get in the mail today? Sports Illustrated’s NCAA Championship issue with Tyler Hansbrough on the front. I could not have been more upset. Sports Illustrated should’ve known better. I don’t want this! You know what I did? siunccoverYep, you got it. Ripped that cover right off (the rest of the magazine was good, come on now). I should get a one magazine refund for even having to look at that right out of the mailbox. Even worse, the Tar Heel I hate the most, Tyler Hansbrough, highlighted the front cover with a ridiculous, goofy looking face while taking a shot against one of State’s defenders in the NCAA title game last Monday night. Gross…SI, take it back. I would’ve rather had a “Duke Gets Knocked Out” issue to be perfectly honest. At least I wouldn’t have had to look at Hansbrough and the rest of his lady friend Tar Heels. Come on SI, you know better…

Welcome to Durham Mr. Curry…

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Today is a great day. Finally, Duke has found a true guard that will replace Jon Scheyer after he graduates next year. A shooting guard of the future… Did they find a big man? No, but hopefully that’s next. Instead, Seth Curry of Liberty University has officially transferred to become a Duke University Blue Devil starting in 2010-2011. For now, he will sit out the ’09-10 season in order to keep 3 years of eligibility once the year is complete. I know Durham is churning right now and can’t hardly wait to get next year underway, done, and start the 2010 season. As for me, how pumped am I? Well speechless is an understatement…is ecstatic more like it? Another dynamic scorer and somebody else for Duke’s opponents to think about when Kyle Singler is the last of Duke’s 3 headed monster left in two years. Some even think that he may be better than his older brother, Stephen Curry, who is a potential NBA lottery pick out of Davidson.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

For Coach K and the Blue Devil faithful’s sake, we all hope so. Everyone has already watched Stephen Curry do his thing on the hardwood on College Basketball’s biggest stage. Now, it’s his brother’s turn. Where better to do this than right up the street at a prime Division 1 University with rich basketball tradition? His dad Dell (who was great in the NBA by the way) will be so proud (and not have to drive as far to come see his boy play).

What does this mean for Duke? Well, I know Kyle Singler’s happy right now. Once Jon Scheyer and Gerald Henderson graduate next year, Kyle will be the go-to man in Cameron Indoor. Now, the more opponents worry about Curry when they both step on the court together, the more Singler will be able to score at will and knock down treys. If anything, at the point guard position, this gives Elliot Williams and Nolan Smith some much needed security handling the ball. Worst case, if one struggles, Coach K can move Curry to point and let one of the other two get a different look from the shooting guard position in 2010. Smith will be a senior and Williams will be a junior at the time.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Probably the most coveted transfer in the College game today, Curry will fit right in with Duke’s offensive scheme and provide a nice defensive boost on the other end when he finally is eligible to get out on the hardwood. The Blue Devils and their Hall of Fame coach have finally taken the next step towards cementing a championship-caliber team for the future. Now, they will officially be just one “big man” away from dominating the ACC and the entire country on the hardwood in the ’10-11 season. Look for the Dukies to surpass the 30 win mark next year, but count on it even more in 2010. Mark your calendars…can’t wait for the opening night in Cameron Indoor two years from now…think the Cameron Crazies are getting ready?…I think so…

O, and in case you forgot, guess what Seth? You’ll get to stick it to those very Hokies from Blacksburgh and their “leader” Seth Greenberg probably twice a year. Good decision huh? You betcha. See you in Cameron son…