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Madden’s Next Video Game Cover Boys?!?!…

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And the Madden 2010 Video Game Cover Boys are………………………LARRY FITZGERALD, Wide Receiver and Mega-Star of the reigning NFC Champions, the Arizona Cardinals and TROY POLAMALU of the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers. Fitzgerald and Polamalu will replace Brett Favre from the 2009 Edition. This is the first time ever that Madden cover will be split between two NFL superstars. Fitzgerald is an eletric wide receiver who made a major name for himself in the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl last year. madden-coverPolamalu is a ball hawking cornerback who is known for heavy hitting and intensity on the football field. For all you true Madden gamers out there, the Madden curse, however, does still exist. What does it mean? Well, typically either the cover boy gets hurt and is out for the season or is a complete fantasy football bust. For Arizona and Pittsburgh’s sake, they better pray that this isn’t true for the 2009-2010 season….well, maybe Pittsburgh being that I am a die hard Jacksonville Jaguars fan…


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New Blogger Site

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One Little Brother’s Ridiculous Basketball Trick Shot…

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Yes, folks, my little brother deserves a shout-out for this…take a look, we’re at the beach and he’s behind the other side of the house with no look at the basket…

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Time to root for a rival?…

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With only North Carolina left in the 2009 NCAA Tournament to represent the ACC as a conference, is it time to root for them? Is it appropriate to cheer for the Heels as a Duke fan? If the Jacksonville Jaguars get knocked out of the playoffs next year and Manning’s Colts qualify, do I support Manning just to show love to the AFC South? What about if the Mets knock the Braves out of the playoffs this year? Do you hop on the bandwagon? The answer is absolutely not. And this goes for your most hated, despised rival in any sport. As a true sports fan, you 100% CANNOT root for your team’s rival, NO MATTER WHAT. Rooting for the conference, league, or division all gets thrown out the window when the team you hate the most is left standing. Stay true to YOUR team at all costs.

A lot of my friends are Redskins fans and I know, for a fact, that if the Skins are out and America’s Team the Dallas Cowboys are still alive in the playoffs, they will IN NO WAY root for Dallas. Same goes for ‘Sox fans when the ‘Yanks are still playing in October and the boys from Beantown are at home on the couch. For me, this holds true for UNC. As much as I love and defend the ACC, there is a line between rooting for the conference and cheering for Duke’s Tobacco Road nemesis the Tar Heels. I’ll be honest, ANYBODY else like Clemson, Wake Forest, or yes even Virginia Tech would get my vote if they were the last surviving ACC entity in this year’s tourney. However, that’s not the case. Nobody will ever, under any circumstances, catch me supporting Tyler Hansbrough and the boys in baby blue. Say what you want Tar Heel fans, but I bleed Durham Blue. Sorry to burst your bubble. Instead, I’ll stand up and cheer for anybody not named North Carolina in hopes that any of those teams eventually send UNC packing.

This whole philosophy goes for all sports, not just college basketball. It just so happens to be that time of year…March Madness. When October rolls around, you can forget about it if you think I’ll be tipping my hat towards the Yankees (MLB) or the Colts (NFL). You couldn’t pay me enough……..well, let’s be honest, everyone has a price………..

Cheez-Its and I = Fate

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See the promo below, brought to you by Cheez-Its:
bigcheesepage This may be the open door to my dreams folks. An opportunity to take a tour of ESPN studios, win cash, and get to guest anchor an ESPN show? Are you serious? WHERE’S THE NEAREST FOOD LION?!?!? Let’s go grocery shopping! Everyone needs Cheez-Its right? I have to win, simple as that.

As a devout and loyal Cheez-It consumer, this promotion has my name written all over it. Since I was a kid, my dad has had me absolutely hooked on Cheez-Its: at work, at home, or whenever I’m bored. They always seem to end up in my shopping cart (and by they I mean 2 or 3 full boxes). What better way to reward my loyalty to the brand? Let’s get rid of the faces on Wheaties boxes and move to Cheez-It boxes! I wouldn’t mind a bit if they wanted to put my smiling face on a box. You know you agree…

Winning this promotion would be a great Cinderella story (1 in 6 million chance) that ends with me making the most of the guest spot at ESPN and undoubtedly earning a roll as a Sportscenter anchor. Wow….what a story…..let’s reflect on that. Where’s the nearest publisher? Time to get that pen and popcorn (yes, thank you T.O.) ready, it’s time to tell a tale. LET’S GO BUY SOME CHEEZ-ITS! WHO’S WITH ME?!?!

Loving the hated…

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Every day at work, away from home, in the stands, even at home…I can’t catch a break. Why? Because I seem to fall in love with every sports team that EVERYBODY loves to hate. Let’s go through the list: the Duke Blue Devils, the Atlanta Braves, UVA, and the Jacksonville Jaguars. At work, I just so happen to be surrounded by an entire building of VA Tech or North Carolina alumni…or it so it seems. Do I ask for it? Maybe. Yes I hang a Blue Devil clock in my cube. Yes I wear a Duke lanyard and use a white-board to keep track of all my team’s success (or lack thereof unfortunately at times) for all the world to see. But I’m just being a fan right? Well, according to most I am. But according to those same people, I’m a fan of all the wrong teams. But hey, who doesn’t have an opinion these days? I get hazed about loving Duke the most, without a doubt. Are people jealous of Coach K and company’s success? I’m sure of it. And people hate the Cameron Crazies…for what? Because they have school spirit and make it tough for the visitor to come into Cameron and get a win? Gimme a break. When your coach notches over 800 wins in the college game, come talk to me….

atlanta-braves-logo-c10053752 jaguars

With the Braves or the Jags, how can someone really hate them? Bobby Cox is one of the greatest baseball coaches of all time and Maurice Jones Drew is one of the class acts in all the National Football League. People love to hate the good guys, especially when I root for them. And yes, this includes my wife. No matter who I’m rooting for if we’re watching a game, she automatically roots for the other, just to be difficult. And yes, this includes my closest of friends. O, you like Atlanta or Jacksonville? Sweet, I’ll root for New York or Indianapolis instead. I know it’s all in good fun but just once, and all I ask for is just once, can someone PLEASE hop on my team’s bandwagon and join the party? You might have a lot better time watching a game with me, I guarantee it.

What Is The Outside Looking In?

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Welcome to the Outside Looking In sports blog that will be a true sports fan’s perspective on the recent happenings in the sports world. I will simply pick a part situations, organizations, teams, players, stories, etc. and tell you how they really should be dealt with. We all play Madden on the XBOX and we all create franchises where seemingly “ridiculous” trades are made. But you know what? If owners, managers, and organizations had real guts, these trades and organizational moves would seem so absurd. This blog will be the insight into what most organizations are afraid to do…though they’d be more successful.