I am a 24 year-old sports enthusiast from Newport News, Virginia. I am obsessed with sports, hardly watch any TV outside of Sportscenter, ESPN, and any of their other affiliate channels, and typically have an opinion about what’s going on in the world of sports on an everyday basis. I’m often told that I have interesting and/or strong-minded insight on teams, players, games, events, and other situations surrounding the sports arena. As a result, I decided to start a blog about it and use it as a resource to express my true opinions and views on things, whether or not my readers agree or disagree. It is meant to spark interest in what’s happening in sports and to pull strings at your own opinions on the matter. I’m hoping that this blog takes off, becomes my door into a future sports career, and one day I end up on ESPN. Take a look, leave feedback, participate, and tell me what you really think! I’ll say what no one else will…



The Outside Looking In is a controversial and opinionated blog about the everyday happenings across the world of sports. It’s meant to spark a wide array of responses and viewpoints from readers and is meant to provide entertaining and unique insight into each blog topic. The world of sports will be picked apart, analyzed, and critiqued. As further entertainment, daily hilarious sports photos, crazy sports videos, and weekly polls will also be posted to help enhance reader interaction. This blog will intrigue the reader and make the reader take a side on controversial sports topics. Things will be said here that you won’t find anywhere else…..



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  1. Hey man. You’ve got a great site. I’d love to add you to our blogroll, should you return the favor.

    Check our site out and lemme know –

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