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Why Give Dallas Prime Time Games?…

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Come on NFL, let’s be smart about this. Why do the ‘Boys from Texas deserve the most primetime NFL games this coming 2009 NFL Season? What have they done for us lately? The Dallas Cowgirls are not America’s team anymore. They’re all hated anyways by anyone who’s not a Cowboys fan or even a fan of football. Just the “Big D” name makes Redskins fans cringe.cowboys And without T.O., they’re just not that exciting…and probably won’t even be that good this year. Who does Romo have to throw to other than J-Dub (Jason Witten)? Roy Williams, Sam Hurd, Patrick Crayton? Boo to those names. Williams is old and overrated, Hurd might not even make the team, and Crayton only is productive when teams focus on a big star like Owens. And worst of all is Wade Phillips. Come on now, are we really putting him on TV more than once this year? Trust me, he’s not pretty to look at it and he’s an awful coach. This is a huge mistake (literally, Phillips isn’t that small if you get my drift)…

To all you NFL Schedule Makers, you’re killing me…


And The Toughest 2009 NFL Schedule Goes To?

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Unfortunately for my best friend D. Mott, the Miami Dolphins have been awarded the toughest road to the Super Bowl in 2009. See their schedule and analysis below…

Miami Dolphins 2009 Regular Season Schedule

Sept. 13 at Atlanta Falcons
Sept. 27 at San Diego Chargers
Oct. 18 Bye Week
Nov. 1 at New York Jets
Nov. 8 at New England Patriots
Nov. 19 at Carolina Panthers
Nov. 29 at Buffalo Bills
Dec. 13 at Jacksonville Jaguars
Dec. 20 at Tennessee Titans

Right off the bat, just looking at the scheduled opponents for Miami outside of the AFC East should give all Dolphins fans the chills. They get Manning and the Colts, Titans, MoJo Drew’s Jags, T.O.’s Bills, the high powered Saints, L.T.’s Chargers, and the Matt Ryan-led Falcons. All I have to say is yikes and may God help you Miami! Even worse, only their games against Indy and New Orleans are at home. Every other brutal matchup is away from Dolphin stadium. Wow, this is worse than the Steelers’ 2008 NFL schedule. And as a side note, I know Steelers fans are happy because they got off the NFL’s toughest schedule schnide they’ve been on the past few years…

Toughest Home Game for Miami to Win Outside of the AFC East: Indianapolis Colts in Week 2 (Sept. 21st)

Toughest Away Game for Miami to Win Outside of the AFC East: At the San Diego SuperChargers in Week 3 (Sept. 27th)

The Game Likely to Destroy Miami’s Playoff Push: A letdown against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home in Week 10 (Nov. 15th)

The Game Miami will surprise people and win: Dec. 20th against the Tennessee Titans in Week 15 of the season to spoil Tennessee’s playoff hopes

Win/Loss Prediction: In 2009, Miami will finish 7-9 and not make the playoffs (sorry D Mott…)

2009 Washington Redskins NFL Schedule…

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Washington Redskins 2009 Regular Season NFL Schedule

Sunday, Sept. 13 @ New York Giants
Sunday, Sept. 20 St. Louis Rams
Sunday, Sept. 27 @ Detroit Lions
Sunday, Oct. 4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Sunday, Oct. 11 @ Carolina Pantherswashingtonredskins
Sunday, Oct. 18 Kansas City Chiefs
Monday, Oct. 26 Philadelphia Eagles
Sunday, Nov. 1 BYE — —
Sunday, Nov. 8 @ Atlanta Falcons
Sunday, Nov. 15 Denver Broncos
Sunday, Nov. 22 @ Dallas Cowboys
Sunday, Nov. 29 @ Philadelphia Eagles
Sunday, Dec. 6 New Orleans Saints
Sunday, Dec. 13 @ Oakland Raiders
Monday, Dec. 21 New York Giants
Sunday, Dec. 27 Dallas Cowboys
Sunday, Jan. 3 @ San Diego Chargers

2009 Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Schedule Released…

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The entire 2009 NFL Schedule has been revealed…check it out at the Home Page

Here is the 2009 Jacksonville Jaguars schedule…

Jacksonville’s 2009 Regular Seasonnfl_jacksonville_jaguars_1

Sep. 13 at Indianapolis Colts
Sep. 20 Arizona Cardinals
Sep. 27 at Houston Texans
Oct. 4 Tennessee Titans
Oct. 11 at Seattle Seahawks
Oct. 18 St. Louis Rams
Oct. 25 BYE
Nov. 1 at Tennessee Titans
Nov. 8 Kansas City Chiefs
Nov. 15 at N.Y. Jets
Nov. 22 Buffalo Bills
Nov. 29 at San Francisco 49ers
Dec. 6 Houston Texans
Dec. 13 Miami Dolphins
Dec. 17 Indianapolis Colts
Dec. 27 at New England Patriots
Jan. 3 at Cleveland Browns