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A Magical Collapse…

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Doc Rivers 2Stan Van Gundy 0….This about sums up the past two nailbiters in the Eastern Conference Semifinals between the Orlando Magic and the Boston Celtics. Again, the Magic collapsed with a double digit lead, on the road, with under 4 minutes left. orlando%20magicThey went 0 for 9, with some free throws, and watched a 10 point lead and series control turn into a 4 point loss. Why? Well, Stan Van Gundy is just one terrible coach. In no way does he motivate his players or strategize down the stretch in order for his team to actually win the game.

The difference between Doc Rivers and Van Gundy boiled down to the last plays in both Game 4 and Game 5 of their Eastern Conference Semifinals Playoff Series. While Boston was set up and everyone knew their spot on the floor, Hedo Turkoglu (Orlando) stood with his hands on his head and Rafer Alston yelling over to the bench, both screaming for some direction and yes….coaching. Celtics Pistons BasketballWhat did they get in response? Van Gundy telling them to “make do” and just find a spot on the floor. Consequently, Orlando scrambled, couldn’t find anyone but Dwight Howard, by far their worst shooter and free throw shooter, who then got fouled and had to miss free throws at the line in order to give the Magic another shot at tying the game in the waining seconds with a 3-pointer. The moral of the story is that Van Gundy needs to watch some game film of Doc Rivers, Phil Jackson, and some others who have had teams win many games with a buzzer beater as a direct result of well drawn up in-bounds plays in the last seconds of a basketball game.

Take it from me, the Magic have a better chance with a Middle School Girls’ Basketball Coach at the helm rather than Van Gundy…what a bum. For Dwight Howard and JJ Redicks’ sake, I hope Van Gundy leaves sunny Orlando next year and they find anyone, ANYBODY, else…

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Cuban’s An Idiot, Bashes KMart’s Mom…

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It’s official, Mark Cuban is a moron and a total idiot. Taunting Kenyon Martin’s mother? Are you serious Mark? mark_cubanThat’s a good way to get your you know what kicked in front of 30,000 fans, in Denver or Dallas for that matter. Mr. Cuban, have you ever seen K-Mart? He’s thug nasty and would not hesitate to paste your face to the ground. Not a bright idea big guy, I’m just saying…

In the aftermath of Game 3 of the Denver Nuggets-Dallas Mavericks NBA Playoff series, Cuban blew off steam pacing down the hallway into the Mavs’ locker room after the officials blew a late second call to give the Nuggets and ‘Melo the win. On the way down the tunnel, he ran into K-Mart’s dear mother and told her that her son was a “thug” and a “punk.” I’m stunned…If Mrs. Martin would’ve punched Cuban right there in the face, no one, not even on the Dallas sideline would’ve blinked an eye and likely would’ve dapped her up. DenverNuggetsMainLogoCuban’s a jerk, a drama queen, and a cry baby. Just because your Mavs can’t win in the playoffs and every year they are overrated Mr. Cuban, it doesn’t mean you should attack other people’s mothers. It’s just not polite sir. Could you have laid a Mrs. Martin-Mark Cuban beatdown on your conscious? I think not. Oh and in case you were wondering, in a fight, I’d bet on K-Mart’s momma dukes. For goodness sakes, where do you think he learned to be so “street?”

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Lebron Refuses To Lose, Mavs Win Late…

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Another series, another sweep for the Cleveland Lebrons. James led the way for his Cavs bunch last night in Atlanta to finish off their series sweep and utter domination of the Atlanta Hawks. It’s looking more and more like James will finally get that championship he’s been so pressed to achieve. cleveland_cavaliers_logoLebron, let me tell you, whether you win a title or not, you’re still the face and soul of the Cleveland sports community. The Indians are horrible, nobody even roots for the Browns anymore, and you’re just as pretty as Poster Boy Brady Quinn. James poured in 27 points, did whatever he wanted when he wanted, and reaped benefits of large contributions from his role player teammates. Delonte West added 21 points with Big Z and Mojo Williams adding over 10 a piece. Nice to have help, huh Lebron? You’ll say so when you have a big trophy in your hands in a few weeks….

On the West Coast, a nailbiter kept Dallas’ playoff and NBA Title hopes alive behind who else, the Big Norwegian, Dirk Nowitzki. Down double digits in the 4th Quarter, Dirk took control of the game and scored double digit buckets to close out a 2 point victory to get Dallas’ first win in the series (Nuggets lead 3-1). mavslogoEven still, the Nuggets are hot, led by their superstar scorer ‘Melo Anthony who dropped 40+ points last night. Anthony and company have finally come into their own as a true playoff and title contender after dismantling my New Orleans Hornets in the first round and now putting up a show against the Mavs. As for the KMart-Mark Cuban incident…keep reading…I’ll let you know my feelings in a bit…

Bulls vs. Celtics…On Ice?

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2 Hat Tricks and another one-goal victory by the Caps, are you serious!?!? Wow, what a start to perhaps what will go down as one of the best NHL Playoff Series, outside of a few Stanley Cup Finals, in the history of the sport. Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby furthered their on-ice rivalry last night by lighting up the scoreboard with huge hits and 3 goals a piece. washington-capitals-playoff-ticketsAlex the Great’s final goal was the one to put the game away with only 6 minutes left, though Crosby once again got on the scoreboard inside the last two minutes on a rebound in front of the net. What does this Ovechkin-Crosby rivalry remind us of? Anyone see the recently concluded Celtics-Bulls NBA Playoff Series, aka Prime Time Drama? Yep, there might as well be a mirror between the two. The basketball series will go down in history as probably the best ever, arguably of course, with this NHL Series right behind it in its own world. Like Gordon vs. Rondo or Rose vs. Pierce, Ovi and Sid the Kid have provided fireworks after fireworks on the ice that have put hockey fans, and some non-hockey fans, on the edge of their seats at home or in the arena. Personally, I’m all aboard the Caps bandwagon as a native of Northern Virginia. Let’s Go CAPS! Let’s Go Caps! C-A-P-S CAPS CAPS CAPS!

This series, only two games in, is lining up to likely go all 7 games with an assured stunning conclusion in Game 7 back in D.C. penguinsEach game has been close to begin the series with lots of goals being scored early and late in the 3rd period. This just means pure entertainment and great value for the NHL to get itself back on the sporting world’s map. If there was anything that could revitalize its popularity in the States, this is it. The NHL, conspiracy or not, couldn’t have planned this scenario any better. Years from now, no one will care or hardly remember who won the Stanley Cup in ’09, but they will remember how Crosby and Ovechkin played in the Eastern Conference Semis. This is an epic battle, on ice…and if you don’t have tickets….GO GET ‘EM!

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All Hail King James…

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Courtesy of the Associated Press

CLEVELAND (AP) — Unstoppable at both ends of the floor this season, Cleveland superstar LeBron James is the NBA’s Most Valuable Player.

James, who led Cleveland to a team record 66 regular-season wins and the top overall seed in the playoffs, will receive the award Monday afternoon, a person with knowledge of the choice told The Associated Press. red-cares-lebron-james-400a120706James has chosen Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, his alma mater, as the site for the award presentation, said the person who spoke on condition of anonymity because the official announcement has not been made.

James is the first Cavaliers player to win the award. The 24-year-old averaged 28.4 points, 7.6 rebounds and 7.2 assists this season, his sixth as a pro. He also finished second in voting for defensive player of the year, making him perhaps the league’s most dominant two-way player since Michael Jordan.

At 24 years, 106 days, James is the youngest player to win the award since Moses Malone (24 years, 16 days) in 1978-79. Wes Unseld was 23 when he won it in 1968-69.lebron-james-wallpaper

Focused from the start of the 2008-09 season, the 6-foot-8, 250-pound James sharpened his magnificent skills this season.

He started a career-high 81 games and set personal bests in field-goal (49) and free-throw (79) percentages. James became just the second player to post five straight seasons of at least 27 points, six rebounds and six assists. The other is Oscar Robertson, whose well-rounded game is the one James’ is most often compared.

James was in a three-way battle all season with Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant and Miami’s Dwyane Wade for MVP honors. lebron20james20-20dunker1The trio — teammates last summer on the U.S. Olympic team that won gold — seemed to upstage each other on a nightly basis.

It’s not a surprise that the loyal James would select his high school for the ceremony. It’s where he won three state basketball championships and where he burst onto the national scene, becoming a cover subject for Sports Illustrated as a 17-year-old. He announced his intention to skip college in the Fighting Irish’s quaint gym and recently filmed a “60 Minutes” interview there.

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JJ…Fuh Three…

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3 Rebounds, 4 Assists, and 15 Points in 31 Minutes going 5 of 7 from behind the arc. Welcome to the spotlight J.J. Redick, it’s about time big guy. jj_redickYou’re one of my favorite basketball players of all time and I know we were all pumped to see you get some quality PT in the Magic’s Game 6 and series victory over the 76ers in Philly last night. Without Jameer Nelson and Orlando’s Superman Dwight Howard, suspended one game for a vicious elbow in Game 5, Redick stepped up to the plate and buried some clutch 3’s down the stretch in the 2nd half to help Orlando balloon its lead out of Philly’s reach. As a result, Orlando clinched a birth into the 2nd round of the 2009 NBA Playoffs.

After being drafted a few years ago out of Duke University where he became what was then the ACC’s all-time scoring and 3 point leader, J.J. Redick has pretty much been a ghost in the NBA (to my dismay of course). I loved Redick at Duke watching Blue Devils roll to victories behind his sharp-shooting. Since then, the rest of the NBA community and I haven’t heard much from him off the Orlando bench. However, last night and quite a bit this season, Redick’s made a name for himself as a starting guard with Jameer Nelson hurt or a quality 6th man off the bench for Van Gundy’s Magic. Last night was another prime example under the spotlight with Redick leading the offensive charge off the bench with no presence of Dwight Howard on the court. Good for you JJ, we’ve missed you…

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Best Series Ever?…

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3 more overtimes?!?! Game 7 in Boston? Yep, you bet. Last night, the Bulls and Celtics gave us another thriller that seemed like it would never end. It had remnants of Syracuse-UConn from the 2009 Big East Tournament. bulls_logo_jpg1Each time a team had a lead, it quickly vanished into a tie score. The game ended with the Bulls on top by 1 to force a Game 7 back home in Celtic country. This series added yet another memorable fight to its already historic tale. 7 total games, a Celtics team winning without Garnett, an average margin of victory under 5 points, rough inside play, buzzer beaters, and two point guards not willing to let their team lose. Wow, I’m speechless….

So, this brings about the question: Is this the best NBA Playoff series of all time? Well, statistically yes with the number of overtimes. But what about the publicity and the drama? Multiple buzzer beaters have proven that it’s one of the top series of all time with each game, other than one literally coming down to the wire.celtics_logo However, let us not forget Jordan vs. Barkley, Bird vs. Magic, etc. The Celtics-Lakers history goes way back as well as Bulls-Suns and Bulls-anybody during their championship run. Even last year’s Lakers-Celtics NBA Championship series was pretty good, but not like this. The only thing that hurts this series as one of, if not the greatest, series of all times is that outside of Chicago, the Bulls (other than Derrick Rose) are no-namers who have overachieved during the 2009 season. Brad Miller, Ben Gordon, Joakhim Noah? Come on now, these guys aren’t exactly household names and minus Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and the injured KG, not many people know the Celtics’ roll players.

This being true, this series has still given us a glimpse into basketball that is relentless and desireable. Most people hop on the bandwagon only during playoff time and the Celtics and Bulls have given them a reason to stay. Chicago and Boston are doing great things to help revitalize the popularity of the NBA…stay tuned folks…

What do you think?

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