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Phil Has Fate On His Side, But I Still Like Tiger…

Posted in PGA with tags , , , , , , , , on June 10, 2009 by sportsguru09

With next week’s U.S. Open on the horizon, it’s time to pick a winner. And yes, I’m going to take the easy road and take Tiger Woods at Bethpage BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT I like Phil to put up a good fight. Tiger at Bethpage? Usually it’s a lock, and you might as well tally another trophy in the trophy case for Mr. Woods and Co. 080409-phil-mickelson-vmed-10a.widecHowever, Phil Mickelson, who’s wife was recently diagnosed with breast cancer but encouraged him to play in next week’s tournament, has fate on his side. I am a very big believer in fate and the Lord rewarding good deeds for good people. Phil is one of those people. If I had to guess, Phil might even be in the final group on Sunday, but it will be too tough to overcome his wife’s current situation and battle Tiger mentally and physically for 18 grueling holes. TigerWoodsTiger will pull it out in the end, but it will be the heroic story of Phil Mickelson making a run at the title that steals the show. Tiger, a gentleman in the same regard, will applaud Phil’s performance and those two will overtake the spotlight on the final day at Bethpage. What does this mean? Great ratings and another good show and heartwarming story for the PGA Tour and its fans. But even though I like Tiger next weekend, you know I’ll be pulling for Phil…he deserves it…

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Anyone remember Tiger Woods?

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Hey folks, just an fyi, Tiger Woods is back on top! I know everyone was too busy today to watch Carolina destroy Oklahoma, but the PGA Tour added another highlight to their early season. Tiger Woods, from 5 shots back to start the day in the Arnold Palmer Invitational, came back to make a birdie on the 72nd hole to beat out Sean O’Hair. Want to know how? Take a look…..

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Is he the most clutch athlete ever? Maybe…