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Tweeting Terrell Stirs It Up Again…

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That’s right, Terrell won’t shut up. In yet another tale in T.O.’s post-Dallas saga, Owens recently bashed Jason Garret and Tony Romo on his Twitter, yes Twitter, page. Bills Owens FootballWow, what else has this world come to? T.O. tweets…yikes. Between him and Mark Cuban, you might as well take “censorship” out of the dictionary as it will likely no longer apply. Anyways, in a Twitter post last week, one of Owens’ fans had mentioned how upset he was that Mr. Get Ya Popcorn Ready was cut by Big D. In response, Owens posted the following:

“neither ws i, blame the OC & romo!! but i’m happy 2 b where i am but i miss the other guys tht were & r true teammates!!”

Not only can Owens tweet, but he can write in such broken english no one can actually understand what he’s saying! If you’re going to be critical of someone else, at least put it in a professional forum, not some Facebook knock-off application. Give me a break, I’m tired of Twitter-sparked controversy. Get a life people…and by life I mean everything except Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. This isn’t fantasy world (though most of us would like it to be, trust me).

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Why Give Dallas Prime Time Games?…

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Come on NFL, let’s be smart about this. Why do the ‘Boys from Texas deserve the most primetime NFL games this coming 2009 NFL Season? What have they done for us lately? The Dallas Cowgirls are not America’s team anymore. They’re all hated anyways by anyone who’s not a Cowboys fan or even a fan of football. Just the “Big D” name makes Redskins fans cringe.cowboys And without T.O., they’re just not that exciting…and probably won’t even be that good this year. Who does Romo have to throw to other than J-Dub (Jason Witten)? Roy Williams, Sam Hurd, Patrick Crayton? Boo to those names. Williams is old and overrated, Hurd might not even make the team, and Crayton only is productive when teams focus on a big star like Owens. And worst of all is Wade Phillips. Come on now, are we really putting him on TV more than once this year? Trust me, he’s not pretty to look at it and he’s an awful coach. This is a huge mistake (literally, Phillips isn’t that small if you get my drift)…

To all you NFL Schedule Makers, you’re killing me…

Give QBs the “Red Jersey” then….

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The “Tom Brady Rule?!?!” Come on NFL…you might as well put Pampers on these guys. Quarterbacks are real people too you know! Yes, they’re considered more “delicate” than all the other NFL position players, but with these bogus set of protection rules, you might as well have a Mississippi count to come and Two-Hand-Touch the quarterback instead of tackle him. Goodness knows, we wouldn’t want anything to happen to our precious quarterbacks…and by precious quarterbacks I mean delicate flowers (pansies perhaps ?!?!?). Instead of babying them, tell the guys behind center to grow some hutzvah and take a hit like a man . Why? BECAUSE EVERYBODY ELSE ON THE FIELD DOES!

Yesterday, the NFL enacted (among four others) a new rule that will penalize defensive players for tackling the quarterback from the ground. In other words, if a pass rusher gets knocked to the group, he cannot “lunge” at the quarterback from that position. He basically hast to get back up and then tackle the QB.

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Does anyone else think that this rule is way over the top? I mean, come on now. If Tom Brady, NFL’s American Idol and Playboy, wouldnt’ve been the one to get his knee torn to shreds, do you think the NFL would’ve cared? Heck no. If Jason Campbell or David Garrard or even Kerry Collins would’ve dealt with the same thing and been sidelined for the entire 2008 season, the NFL wouldn’t have even blinked an eye. That’s the sad part….popularity bias. Because everything is about money these days, the NFL can’t stand to be without their primetime players and moneymakers on the field. No superstars? That means no extra generated profit from tickets sold simply to see those megastars and not the home team. Sooner or later, any eye contact with or gestures made at the QB, including glaring or barking, will be penalized. It’s turning into PowderPuff out there…

Furthermore, is the NFL really trying to take everything away from the game nowadays? First Touchdown celebrations now tackling the quarterback…come on NFL, you’re losing entertainment value! Who didn’t enjoy Joe Horn, Chad Johnson, and T.O.’s antics in the end zone after a long TD catch?

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If you didn’t, you either are lying or have absolutely no sense of humor. Sharpees, Pom-Poms, 40 Yard Dashes, and Cell Phones? Ridiculously entertaining and none in which mocked the opponent. What’s wrong with that? Nothing in my book; it’s just good ‘ole fashioned fun on the gridiron. If the NFL is trying to turn people and players off, they’re doing a good job. What’s next? No contact on the defensive or offensive line? No plays longer than 40 yards allowed? No overtime, only ties? All insane and unnecessary, but unfortunately not out of the realm of possibility apparently for the NFL Rules Committee. In the words of the Sandlot’s Great Hambino, Hey NFL Rules Committee: “You’re killin’ me smalls!”

Cheez-Its and I = Fate

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See the promo below, brought to you by Cheez-Its:
bigcheesepage This may be the open door to my dreams folks. An opportunity to take a tour of ESPN studios, win cash, and get to guest anchor an ESPN show? Are you serious? WHERE’S THE NEAREST FOOD LION?!?!? Let’s go grocery shopping! Everyone needs Cheez-Its right? I have to win, simple as that.

As a devout and loyal Cheez-It consumer, this promotion has my name written all over it. Since I was a kid, my dad has had me absolutely hooked on Cheez-Its: at work, at home, or whenever I’m bored. They always seem to end up in my shopping cart (and by they I mean 2 or 3 full boxes). What better way to reward my loyalty to the brand? Let’s get rid of the faces on Wheaties boxes and move to Cheez-It boxes! I wouldn’t mind a bit if they wanted to put my smiling face on a box. You know you agree…

Winning this promotion would be a great Cinderella story (1 in 6 million chance) that ends with me making the most of the guest spot at ESPN and undoubtedly earning a roll as a Sportscenter anchor. Wow….what a story…..let’s reflect on that. Where’s the nearest publisher? Time to get that pen and popcorn (yes, thank you T.O.) ready, it’s time to tell a tale. LET’S GO BUY SOME CHEEZ-ITS! WHO’S WITH ME?!?!

T.O….wait, he’s in Buffalo?

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Reports tonight say that Terrell Owens has signed a one year deal with the Buffalo Bills, another land of misfits and unrecognizable names. It’s official, T.O. has picked a team and area just as worthless as the lonely Oakland Raiders. Does anyone even root for the Bills anymore outside of Buffalo? Can anyone on the street name three, let alone one Buffalo Bill not named Marshawn Lynch? Even then, all the general public knows about Marshawn Lynch is that he’s a recently posted jailbird and a gun-wielding misfit. Listen T.O., this isn’t the 90’s Bills anymore. Aside from them chocking in multiple, back-to-back Super Bowls, Buffalo has officially fallen off the NFL and NFL fan map since then. nfl_buffalo_bills_1Cycling through coaches, players, and especially QB, Buffalo has had a tough run at it as of late. And now, to get their area and team publicity…they sign T.O.?!?! Trust me, it won’t help. Aside from the fact that they play in a very competitive division with the Dolphins, NY Jets, and the Randy Moss-led New England Patriots, BUFFALO DOESN’T HAVE A QB TO THROW OWENS THE BALL! Does anyone else realize this? What QBs are even left on their roster? JP Losman, Trent Edwards? Shoot, with or without T.O., the Bills would have a better shot to win the division if Jim Kelly came out of retirement and started throwing TDs. This is going to be interesting…..good luck Dick Jauron….good luck taming the beast we all know as Terrell “Mr. Entertainment” Owens. And to Buffalo, your 2009 football season just got a whole lot more interesting…