Nyjer Morgan vs. Chris Volstad…And the Winner is?

Neither one! The winner is Gaby Sanchez, the Marlins first baseman. One of the best clotheslines I’ve seen in a long long time, ESPECIALLY on a baseball field….

Courtesy of MLB.com

Now, here’s the thing. Everyone is all up in arms about what Morgan did, the unwritten rules of baseball, yada yada yada. Who cares about the “unwritten rules?” The guys that “make them up” are pansies. If you follow the chain of events here, Morgan does absolutely nothing wrong and is simply trying to protect himself and his team. People and the marlins were complaining about “Oh, we had a 10 run lead in the 4th inning, he shouldn’tve stole two bases”…you know what? SCREW THAT. What should the Nationals have done? Quit? I, as a die hard Atlanta Braves, have seen, this year, the Bravos come back from a 9 run lead (in the 9th inning no less) and blow a 10-1 lead on separate occasions. It’s not like this game was in the 8th or the 9th. NO WAY should Morgan and the Nats have stopped playing. Anyone who thinks so is a quitter, including the Marlins. Why wouldn’t he steal bases and try to get in scoring position for his team to get back in the game? It’s ridiculous how everyone is just so darn sensitive. If everyone played balls to the wall, it’d be a lot more entertaining and competitive that’s for sure. For goodness sakes, they’re getting paid millions of dollars to “half ass it.” Forget that, give me a ball and let me throw a few up there around 90 mph. At least I’ll bust my ass every time I walk out onto a Major League Baseball field. Pro athletes can be such babies…..suck it up and deal…..


One Response to “Nyjer Morgan vs. Chris Volstad…And the Winner is?”

  1. While I do agree that in general Gaby is the big winner here.

    But I think it’s wrong to not put the vast majority of the blame on Nyjer. In the past 3 weeks he’s had countless number of boneheaded play. (Throwing ball at the fan, crushing the St Louis catcher for no reason and costing his team a win in extra innings by ramming a defenseless catcher while a slide would have easily scored the the run.) Everyone in the world knew he would get hit the first time. Yay. Stealing the bases didn’t deserve another HBP (which is probably why Volstad threw behind him). But the reasoning behind the stolen bases were simply a FU from him to the Marlins. The day before. He didn’t steal any bases in a tie game. He wasn’t trying to help his team come back. He was doing it because quite honestly he’s an ass.

    All that said. I’m glad he got destroyed. Even happier to see Marlins guys stick up for their injured catcher and the pitcher. Nyjer is a moron. But hey it made for some great entertainment.

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