Back Out On The Streets…

Well folks, lock your kids inside, don’t walk the streets at night. Plaxico Burress has been released from the New York “Football” Giants. Last night, New York gave Burress his outright release and made him a free agent. Dealing with pending jail time, the thug himself Burress will likely find some time away from football. What does that mean? Well, if he’s not behind bars, he’ll be hanging around sketchy night clubs with guns ‘ablazin. What does that mean for the general public? DON’T GO TO NIGHTCLUBS IN NEW YORK! He might accidentally fire some shots off…….and he might actually hit someone other than himself this time……plaxicoburress1

Now that he’s on the market, he’ll likely be considered a high prize for any NFL organization to land him, even though he’s a drama queen. But, as of recent NFL history….JAY CUTLER…..that doesn’t seem to matter. To be honest, Jacksonville needs him. For goodness sakes, they have NO ONE to throw to. Why the heck not? It might put more fans in the seats so they don’t have to locally blackout all their games. Come on Jack, be good to me. Though he may run into trouble legally, either way, Burress is still a great talent with an uncanny ability to find the football. He’s also a big time player when his team needs him the most. Remember the Super Bowl two years ago? I know Eli Manning does. Plaxico lit it up and made the game-winning TD catch with seconds remaining. Somebody will be smart enough to take a chance on him, either out of desperation or pressure from the front office and fans. However, for a team that REALLY needs a WR, there’s not many of these dynamic, dominant type athletes out there for them to get. Just like Jay Cutler, if you can deal with the personal issues, Plax would be a great addition to any football roster.

Is he worth the trouble? I think so.

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