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Lions Negotiating With Stafford…

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From Jon Clayton, “Negotiations between the Detroit Lions and Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford have intensified but as of Wednesday night there was no deal, multiple sources said.

The Lions want to have a deal in place for the draft’s first selection before Saturday, and they have narrowed their focus on Stafford, Baylor tackle Jason Smith and Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry. Curry’s agents met with the Lions in Detroit over the weekend and left with confidence they would be able to work out a deal with the Lions.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Lions focus turned to Stafford, who has indicated he would love to play in Detroit. matthew-stafford1According to sources, the Lions and Stafford’s agents Tom Condon and Ben Dogra were exchanging proposals Wednesday night with hopes of reaching an agreement.

Figuring out the right contract numbers remains critical. Last year, Condon and Dogra negotiated a five-year, $57.5 million deal for tackle Jake Long, who was drafted No. 1 by the Dolphins. They also got Matt Ryan a a six-year, $72 million deal when he was drafted No. 4 by the Falcons.

Because quarterbacks receive a premium salary because of the value of their position, Stafford would be expected to make more than Long, but it may be hard for the Lions to top the Ryan contract by much.”

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Why Give Dallas Prime Time Games?…

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Come on NFL, let’s be smart about this. Why do the ‘Boys from Texas deserve the most primetime NFL games this coming 2009 NFL Season? What have they done for us lately? The Dallas Cowgirls are not America’s team anymore. They’re all hated anyways by anyone who’s not a Cowboys fan or even a fan of football. Just the “Big D” name makes Redskins fans cringe.cowboys And without T.O., they’re just not that exciting…and probably won’t even be that good this year. Who does Romo have to throw to other than J-Dub (Jason Witten)? Roy Williams, Sam Hurd, Patrick Crayton? Boo to those names. Williams is old and overrated, Hurd might not even make the team, and Crayton only is productive when teams focus on a big star like Owens. And worst of all is Wade Phillips. Come on now, are we really putting him on TV more than once this year? Trust me, he’s not pretty to look at it and he’s an awful coach. This is a huge mistake (literally, Phillips isn’t that small if you get my drift)…

To all you NFL Schedule Makers, you’re killing me…

And The Toughest 2009 NFL Schedule Goes To?

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Unfortunately for my best friend D. Mott, the Miami Dolphins have been awarded the toughest road to the Super Bowl in 2009. See their schedule and analysis below…

Miami Dolphins 2009 Regular Season Schedule

Sept. 13 at Atlanta Falcons
Sept. 27 at San Diego Chargers
Oct. 18 Bye Week
Nov. 1 at New York Jets
Nov. 8 at New England Patriots
Nov. 19 at Carolina Panthers
Nov. 29 at Buffalo Bills
Dec. 13 at Jacksonville Jaguars
Dec. 20 at Tennessee Titans

Right off the bat, just looking at the scheduled opponents for Miami outside of the AFC East should give all Dolphins fans the chills. They get Manning and the Colts, Titans, MoJo Drew’s Jags, T.O.’s Bills, the high powered Saints, L.T.’s Chargers, and the Matt Ryan-led Falcons. All I have to say is yikes and may God help you Miami! Even worse, only their games against Indy and New Orleans are at home. Every other brutal matchup is away from Dolphin stadium. Wow, this is worse than the Steelers’ 2008 NFL schedule. And as a side note, I know Steelers fans are happy because they got off the NFL’s toughest schedule schnide they’ve been on the past few years…

Toughest Home Game for Miami to Win Outside of the AFC East: Indianapolis Colts in Week 2 (Sept. 21st)

Toughest Away Game for Miami to Win Outside of the AFC East: At the San Diego SuperChargers in Week 3 (Sept. 27th)

The Game Likely to Destroy Miami’s Playoff Push: A letdown against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home in Week 10 (Nov. 15th)

The Game Miami will surprise people and win: Dec. 20th against the Tennessee Titans in Week 15 of the season to spoil Tennessee’s playoff hopes

Win/Loss Prediction: In 2009, Miami will finish 7-9 and not make the playoffs (sorry D Mott…)

MASN, You Need A Replacement…

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Ok Nats fans, you have to agree with me on this. Rob Dibble, one of your two MASN and Washington Nationals announcers, is absolutely 100% obnoxious broadcasting your baseball games. Depending on the night, Bob Carpenter or former Atlanta Brave Don Sutton, a Hall of Fame pitcher with his rightful spot in Cooperstown, should be doing the broadcasting by himself if it comes down to it.
robdibbleNow, I do know that hometown announcers are biased for their given team (and yes, they should be), but Rob Dibble is a meathead. And no, this isn’t just from watching the Nats play the Braves the past few days. The same was happening when the Nats were getting swept by the Marlins last week. To be honest, he sounds hammered on the air and routinely slurs his speech. MASN, at least get someone who doesn’t speak broken English on your broadcasting team. He gives Don Sutton and Bob Carpenter bad names for being in the same booth as “Nasty Boy.” Rob Dibble, also called “The Officer,” was a legit Major League pitcher until late in his career when angered tantrums and bar brawls highlighted the end of Dibble’s career in the pros. From there, he had pretty much fallen off the face of the Earth until ESPN and now MASN gave him a chance to talk about baseball. Poor choice guys…

Without a doubt, Dibble is a total moron. Tonight, for example, Lastings Milledge got called out strikes and proceeded to curse the umpire on his way back to the dugout. As he verbally lit up the umpire, Dibble made some stupid comment about how Milledge was right to say what he said and that the umpire should not have warned him. Are you kidding me Rob Dibble?!? Milledge, a bum in his own right, dropped multiple “F-bombs” on his way back to the pine. Be realistic big guy. When your guy screws up, don’t defend it just because you’re a meathead, you’re in a booth, and you think you’re proving something. Just tell us what’s going on. Nobody needs your two-cents on how you feel on the given situation. It’s like listening to a two year old read me the Comedy section of the newspaper. MASN, if anything, let Bob Carpenter do his job and phase Dibble out of the conversation. It’d be more quality television. Because in all seriousness, I think my IQ drops every time words come out of the guy’s mouth…

Saturday’s Elite 8 Predictions and Thoughts…

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After last night’s chalk results, the NCAA Tournament is on to the Elite 8. Tonight, we’ll see Villanova-Pitt and Missouri-UConn. Below is my analysis on each game and my prediction as to who will make it to Detroit and represent in the Final Four….

Villanova vs. Pittsburgh

In the late night matchup, Pitt faces off against another Run ‘n Gun type squad and will have their hands full with Jay Wright’s Villanova Wildcats. If they think they’re going to cakewalk to the Final Four as everyone once thought they would, think again. Pitt hasn’t impressed me yet so tonight they better show me something, especially Lavance Fields. Show the nation that you can lead your team and not rely on DeJuan Blair and Sam Young each time down the floor. Pitt’s tournament journey has been far from easy so far as each one of their games has been relatively close and down to the wire. Shoot, Pitt even struggled to knock out East Tennessee State. Tonight should be no different though. I think they’ll do just enough, once again, to take down the ‘Cats and move on to Detroit.

Though Villanova is hot right now, I think their “gas” finally runs out later this evening.

Courtesy of

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After watching them dismantle my Dukies the other night, I have been more than impressed by what Scottie Reynolds and Dante Cunningham have done on both ends of the floor. Nova’s hawk style defense has been shutting opponents down from 3-point land and has made it tough for anyone to establish a balanced offense. However, they haven’t seen size like Pittsburgh and I think that because Nova has a smaller team, they will get largely out-rebounded and be hurt by second chance points. Look for the ‘Cats to shut down Lavance Fields but not be able to contain DeJuan Blair and/or Sam Young. One of them is bound to go off tonight. It won’t be of any surprise to see Blair or Young put up a monster double-double. Though I do give the guard play advantage to Villanova, I just don’t think it will be enough. I see the ‘Cats racking up fouls inside the paint and giving Pitt the opportunity to cash in at the free throw line. It will be competitively close on the scoreboard the entire game, but Pitt pulls it out in the end. Congrats Jamie Dixon….see you in the Motor City.

Prediction: Pittsburgh 78, Villanova 73

Missouri vs. Connecticut

UConn-Missouri…intriguing. No one knows a lot about the Missouri Tigers but they have been the dark horse in this stage in the tournament, without a doubt. Where did they come from? Who cares, they’re lights out. UConn, however, has done its job and taken care of business each round with Thabeet leading the charge and A.J. Price following close behind…like everyone thought they would. Tonight, UConn will match up against Mizzou’s pressure defense and fast-break offense and will hope to slow the game down enough to take over and move on. I think this game stays close for a while but UConn pulls away in the second half when the Tigers finally struggle to shoot it….

Look for Thabeet, assuming he stays out of foul trouble, to have a big night against the Tigers’ less-than-big-men down in the paint. Thabeet should take full advantage of size differential and he’ll likely get four or five dunks/layups being so close to the basket.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

On the other end, Mizzou will have to rely on the three point shot…look for them to be hesitant to drive to the hoop because of UConn’s monster in the middle. I give Missouri a chance here, but just a little one. They might surprise everyone by leading at half time but look for UConn to continue to go inside and if Mizzou doubles down, UConn will take advantage of open looks from behind the arc. If I had to guess, Thabeet will likely go for 22 points and 11 rebounds, doing it all for the Huskies. Huskies roll late and Jim Calhoun gets another ticket to the Final Four…

Prediction: Connecticut 82, Missouri 71

Cheez-Its and I = Fate

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See the promo below, brought to you by Cheez-Its:
bigcheesepage This may be the open door to my dreams folks. An opportunity to take a tour of ESPN studios, win cash, and get to guest anchor an ESPN show? Are you serious? WHERE’S THE NEAREST FOOD LION?!?!? Let’s go grocery shopping! Everyone needs Cheez-Its right? I have to win, simple as that.

As a devout and loyal Cheez-It consumer, this promotion has my name written all over it. Since I was a kid, my dad has had me absolutely hooked on Cheez-Its: at work, at home, or whenever I’m bored. They always seem to end up in my shopping cart (and by they I mean 2 or 3 full boxes). What better way to reward my loyalty to the brand? Let’s get rid of the faces on Wheaties boxes and move to Cheez-It boxes! I wouldn’t mind a bit if they wanted to put my smiling face on a box. You know you agree…

Winning this promotion would be a great Cinderella story (1 in 6 million chance) that ends with me making the most of the guest spot at ESPN and undoubtedly earning a roll as a Sportscenter anchor. Wow….what a story…..let’s reflect on that. Where’s the nearest publisher? Time to get that pen and popcorn (yes, thank you T.O.) ready, it’s time to tell a tale. LET’S GO BUY SOME CHEEZ-ITS! WHO’S WITH ME?!?!

T.O….wait, he’s in Buffalo?

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Reports tonight say that Terrell Owens has signed a one year deal with the Buffalo Bills, another land of misfits and unrecognizable names. It’s official, T.O. has picked a team and area just as worthless as the lonely Oakland Raiders. Does anyone even root for the Bills anymore outside of Buffalo? Can anyone on the street name three, let alone one Buffalo Bill not named Marshawn Lynch? Even then, all the general public knows about Marshawn Lynch is that he’s a recently posted jailbird and a gun-wielding misfit. Listen T.O., this isn’t the 90’s Bills anymore. Aside from them chocking in multiple, back-to-back Super Bowls, Buffalo has officially fallen off the NFL and NFL fan map since then. nfl_buffalo_bills_1Cycling through coaches, players, and especially QB, Buffalo has had a tough run at it as of late. And now, to get their area and team publicity…they sign T.O.?!?! Trust me, it won’t help. Aside from the fact that they play in a very competitive division with the Dolphins, NY Jets, and the Randy Moss-led New England Patriots, BUFFALO DOESN’T HAVE A QB TO THROW OWENS THE BALL! Does anyone else realize this? What QBs are even left on their roster? JP Losman, Trent Edwards? Shoot, with or without T.O., the Bills would have a better shot to win the division if Jim Kelly came out of retirement and started throwing TDs. This is going to be interesting…..good luck Dick Jauron….good luck taming the beast we all know as Terrell “Mr. Entertainment” Owens. And to Buffalo, your 2009 football season just got a whole lot more interesting…