Welcome to the Windy City Mr. Cutler

Ok folks, the carousel spin has ended. The Denver Broncos have agreed in principle to trade Cutler and a 3rd Round Draft Pick to the……CHICAGO BEARS for Kyle Orton (might as well of cut him), a Third Round Pick in 2009, and two First Round Picks, one in 2009 and one in 2010. Who saw this coming? Not me. Though Chicago was in desperate need of a “real” QB, they have Sexy Rexy Grossman who just throws the ball deep. Come on Chicago, where’s the love for Sexy Rexy?!?…

O, and congrats Dan Snyder, you’re off the hook before you could make yet another bad decision.

Courtesy of shops.chicagobears.com

Courtesy of shops.chicagobears.com

3 Responses to “Welcome to the Windy City Mr. Cutler”

  1. Creasman Says:

    Rex is still a free agent isnt he? I didnt think Da Bears were gona re-sign him. But, hey… the Picked up Orlando Pace to protect Cutler, so that’ll help

  2. Destructo Says:

    i really wanted cutler for the ‘skins but not at the price the bears gottem for…starting qb, two #1’s and a 3 would be too much…i’m really surprised snyder didn’t offer the next 10 #1 picks tho…

    glad to see we agree on colt brennan…if he has another spectacular pre-season, he may just bump JC outta the way…

  3. That was great NFL articles

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