Cutler cried…well, because Cutler’s a bit of a crier…

Anyone else pick up on the Varsity Blues reference, aye?!? And Tweeter drank beer….well, you movie buffs know the rest (PS – Varsity Blues is the best football movie ever). But anyways, to today’s post. Apparently, Jay Cutler thinks he’s worthy of throwing a hissy fit for being a 17-20 quarterback.

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Come on Jay, you’re killing me. Sure Josh McDaniels, your new coach, wanted to trade you away so he could stick with his QB prodigy Matt Cassell (now a member of the KC Chefs…I mean Chiefs…but they might as well be Chefs). Sure your team has absolutely zero defense. I’m not even going to mention the hospital full of RBs your team carried and lost last year. But seriously? You’re crying about being in trade talks? With today’s recession and well, Cassell and McDaniels being best friends, you had to expect it. You haven’t proven yourself, and you haven’t shown that you can carry a team on your back when needed. Yes, I would love to have you as a potential franchise QB in Jacksonville, I won’t lie. However, because you’re officially still in Denver, SHUT UP AND PLAY BALL. Don’t talk, don’t complain, just go out, throw TDs, and sling the ball all over the field like you did at Vandy. For goodness sakes, you have Brandon Marshall and the great white hope Brandon Stokely! Suck it up, take a little criticism, and use it as motivation. Don’t be a baby like a typical highly overpaid NFL player because football fanatics and I’m sure Denver’s viewing area are tired of hearing it. Be different, GO OUT, BE AN EXAMPLE, AND LEAD YOUR TEAM TO VICTORIES. If you won’t, can I do it? Anybody playing QB in Mile High will be overshadowed by quite possibly one of the worst defenses of all time anyways. Poor guys…

3 Responses to “Cutler cried…well, because Cutler’s a bit of a crier…”

  1. I completely agree. Cutler needs to grow up and realize the NFL is a business. I do think they would have been crazy to replace him with Cassel, but ultimately they didn’t make the deal, and that’s what Cutler needs to realize. He needs to stop pouting and be a man about this.

  2. Jimmy Dean Says:

    On one hand, Denver has worked to upgrade their defense (see: signing Weapon X, Brian Dawkins).
    Now, put yourself in Jay Cutler’s shoes: you have diabetes and had a whole season where you weren’t sure why you were so exhausted after every game and your performance was suffering because of it (see: explaining your 17-20). Now he gets this situation figured out and comes out and slings the ball all over the field as you put it so eloquently. Fact of the matter is, Jay Cutler is a top QB in the league right now and you’re right, he’s overshadowed by the poor play of their defense. Imagine this scenario as well, your boss gets fired and you go to work the next day with a new boss. You don’t talk to the new boss for weeks and then all of a sudden, someone in the office tells you that the boss is thinking about transferring you to another office because he wants to bring in his crew. This would involve you having to pack up and move your family to whichever place that they transferred you to, which is out of your control. Then that doesn’t play out and his crew goes to another office, so he tells other people that he didn’t want to transfer you. But everyone keeps telling you that he did want to do that, but he’s BSing you. Then you go and have a meeting with him and it’s completely unconvincing to you and you think you’ll still probably get transferred but you’re being lied to the whole time.

    Look it’s a bit convoluted to explain, however, I can imagine that you’d be a bit hurt because you had dedicated yourself. What you gotta remember is that NFL players rarely get a full choice of where they go to play ball. With the exception of some ELITE players who warrant the kind of demand that would allow them to have their veritable pick of the litter of where they wanted to go, they get sent to wherever they get sent to. Especially when a trade is involved, the player’s person, family, livelihood get packed up and moved against their will a lot of the time and they’re forced to go through the process of moving. It may seem like the compensation that they get through their checks are enough to make up for that, and that may be true, but their children don’t see that when they have to leave and go to a new city and a new school. It’s not a easy and comfortable as you think.
    Give Cutler a break that he may be upset that his team, where he’s spent his whole NFL career (as short as it may have been so far) is hoping to make some changes to turn around and that may involve pushing him out. I’d be upset too.

    Dean, out!

  3. I def agree. Being a Denver fan, Cutler has def not reached his potential. As you mentioned, he key attribute is the ‘gunslinger.’ All I saw last year was some weak off the back foot floaters that often times were picks. I believe Denver jumped out to a 3-0 record to start 07-08 without Marshall for a few games(granted they were extremely ugly games and a few lucky calls). I feel as if Cutler and his other weapons(Marshall, Stokley, and sleeper Eddie Royal) were underused for majority of the season, but their typical Shanahan offense was not working like they expected(chop blocks and quick hits to spring a back free). In the past, Shanahan could have put any back in the backfield(even you or I) and they were gonna produce. With the new coach, they will be focusing on the rebuild/revamp of both sides of the ball. The D def needs the most help. Veteran B. Dawkins will help fill out a pretty stellar DB corps, but the Broncos are in need of a new D line. I’m expecting to see another dismal year in Mile High.


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