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Caps-ital Punishment…

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Wow, 6-2….really? Yep. Pittsburgh, led by Sid the Kid, absolutely thrashed the Caps last night in D.C. in front of a sold out crowd in the Verizon Center. mag_080502_34th_and_Madison_NHL_PlayoffsFrom early on, the game wasn’t much of one. After taking a 4-0 lead through almost two periods, the ‘Pens shut the crowd out of the game and minimized any production of Alex the Great around the net.

It was so bad for the ‘Caps that Varlamov, their young and coming goalie who’s been a pleasant surprise during these playoffs, was pulled after giving up some easy goals through two periods. He was replaced by Jose Theodore, who consequently gave up two more goals of his own. PD3_0060As a Caps fan, this was utterly embarassing. No heart, no will, no luck, and certainly no breaks out on the ice. It was domination from the first time the puck dropped on the ice. There was little Ovi could do to get his squad back in the game. As the Caps just sat and watched Pittsburgh put on a show, led by Crosby’s two goals, it again will sting another year for each player on the Washington bench after this miserable performance in a Game 7, especially against the much-hated Penguins.

But hey, there’s always next year, right Caps fans? Heck no, it hurts right now. I hate that stupid expression…

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A Magical Collapse…

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Doc Rivers 2Stan Van Gundy 0….This about sums up the past two nailbiters in the Eastern Conference Semifinals between the Orlando Magic and the Boston Celtics. Again, the Magic collapsed with a double digit lead, on the road, with under 4 minutes left. orlando%20magicThey went 0 for 9, with some free throws, and watched a 10 point lead and series control turn into a 4 point loss. Why? Well, Stan Van Gundy is just one terrible coach. In no way does he motivate his players or strategize down the stretch in order for his team to actually win the game.

The difference between Doc Rivers and Van Gundy boiled down to the last plays in both Game 4 and Game 5 of their Eastern Conference Semifinals Playoff Series. While Boston was set up and everyone knew their spot on the floor, Hedo Turkoglu (Orlando) stood with his hands on his head and Rafer Alston yelling over to the bench, both screaming for some direction and yes….coaching. Celtics Pistons BasketballWhat did they get in response? Van Gundy telling them to “make do” and just find a spot on the floor. Consequently, Orlando scrambled, couldn’t find anyone but Dwight Howard, by far their worst shooter and free throw shooter, who then got fouled and had to miss free throws at the line in order to give the Magic another shot at tying the game in the waining seconds with a 3-pointer. The moral of the story is that Van Gundy needs to watch some game film of Doc Rivers, Phil Jackson, and some others who have had teams win many games with a buzzer beater as a direct result of well drawn up in-bounds plays in the last seconds of a basketball game.

Take it from me, the Magic have a better chance with a Middle School Girls’ Basketball Coach at the helm rather than Van Gundy…what a bum. For Dwight Howard and JJ Redicks’ sake, I hope Van Gundy leaves sunny Orlando next year and they find anyone, ANYBODY, else…

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Deja Vu?!?…

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Well folks, yesterday I got my first real bittersweet taste of the Atlanta Braves bullpen. After Javier Vazquez went 6 innings and left with a 9-3 lead, the Braves’ bullpen proceeded to give up 8 runs in the next two innings in a mix of walks, singles, and hit batters causing Atlanta to drop their first game of the year 12-11 in Philadelphia against the defending champs. Unbelievable…I have nightmares about last year’s one run record and late inning collapses and it has already started…only 3 games into ’09! I mean, let’s be real, these guys are Major League pitchers, right (or so we think)? mlb_u_cox_275They should honestly be able to hit the strike zone more than 1 time out of 9. Good grief….Bobby Cox, why don’t you just give me a shot? At least if I’m getting shelled that means I’m throwing the ball over the plate. Shoot, by all means necessary, the Braves’ bullpen would have had a better shot lobbing the ball underhand to the plate in order to at least entice Philly’s hitters to swing and put the ball in play. At one point in the Phillies’ gift yesterday, Atlanta pitching ghastly walked FOUR STRAIGHT BATTERS WITH THE BASES LOADED (that means four free runs for those keeping score at home). That is a cardinal sin for pitchers because we all know, if you walk or hit a batter, the odds are better that he’s eventually going to come around and score. Unfortunately for the Braves’ sake, it was 8 times over. A good outing by Vazquez and an abundance of runs all went for not. For Bobby Cox and the rest of Atlanta’s coaching staff, it’s time to make some changes boys. You might as well let Jeff Franceour pitch, he’s a got a rifle for an arm. All he has to do is beat 1 outta 9…even a 5 year-old could do that.

If this is a sign as to what is to come for the Braves this season, Bobby may not survive that many heartattacks and my hair will be completely grey by the time September rolls around. So frustrating…

Hall of Famer…Bloody Sock and All

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The Ode to Mr. Curt Schilling…Yesterday, Curt Schilling, a surefire Hall of Famer in my book, announced his retirement from Major League Baseball. A baseball’s fan instant reaction? A great career, a stand up guy, and arguably the most prolific pitcher in Major League Baseball playoff history. Yes he’s had more opportunities than Blyleven and the guys before 1960, but don’t discount him for that. That’s comparing apples to oranges. He did what he was supposed to do in his ERA. Being clutch when needed the most goes without saying. I don’t care who you compare, you can’t teach clutch. No matter where he was, he made a significant difference in the team’s success and clubhouse morale. Loved in Red Sox nation, Schilling has registered over 200 wins, 3000 K’s, and over 3200 innings pitched with ‘Da Sox, the Orioles, Phillies, Diamondbacks, and even the Astros (only one year). What a journey. schilling With multiple world series rings and all star appearances, Schilling has been a stud on the mound from the earliest points in his career. At times he was dominating and seemed to get even better as he aged into his 30s. Did he take steroids and is that why he got better? No one knows for sure, so let’s not speculate and count that against him. Ever heard of Nolan Ryan? The older he got, the stronger he became (assuming he was clean). And better yet, his fastball got even faster. Getting better with age is in the realm of possibility folks.

Curt Schilling was a great Major League pitcher, period. Not to mention, ‘Schil made his mark in the playoffs against the Yankees year after year and with the Diamondbacks he won Co-MVP of the World Series with his buddy “The Big Unit” Randy Johnson. And how could we ever forget…the Bloody Sock. Now an entertaining highlight in his illustrious career, Curt Schilling pitched with torn tendons in his ankle in Game 6 of the 2004 World Series. Not only did he throw seven great innings, he battled back from a blood-soaked baseball sock that seemed to give him fits throughout the game. What did he get after that? Well, there’s now a medical procedure named after him: The Schilling Tendon Procedure. Through the ups and down in his career, Curt has been a class act and a true role model for Major League Baseball.

Want some more credentials for the Hall of Fame baseball fans? Curt Schilling even made it in a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial!
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CONGRATULATIONS CURT SCHILLING on a wonderful career…see you in Cooperstown…