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Skins Sign Favre, Edge Lands In Denver…

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……Don’t worry, I’m just kidding sports fans. But wouldn’t these two headlines be absolutely hilarious and certainly fitting?! The Skins, in the midst of their own quarterback conundrum and Denver….oh Denver….who has inexplicably filled its entire roster with Running Backs leading into the 2009 season. Why not, what’s one more RB right? If anything, at this point the Ponies (Broncos) have enough running backs to backfill all of their other positions on the football field! Nice work Josh McDaniels, way to completely destroy your salary cap with bums in the backfield, minus Knowshon “Mr. Georgia” Moreno who has yet to step onto the gridiron.denver-broncos-head I can’t wait to watch the Broncos run their organization into the ground, literally. You might as well stand all their Running Backs up in a shooting line, it’s going to be that type of year at Mile High.

As for the Washington Snyders (yes, Dan Snyder, their pompous owner), they’ve been so worried about trying to replace Jason Campbell during the offseason and in the 2009 NFL Draft that all they’ve actually done is piss him off. Though this might give him so motivation in the short term, it doesn’t exactly build internal relations or chemistry. Don’t be surprised if halfway through the year Snyder ends up on Favre’s doorstep begging him to once again break out of retirement…anything can happen right? In Dan Snyder’s world it can….which is normally a bad thing for the Washington Redskins.

Skins Saved With Hesitation…

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Reports came out yesterday that the Redskins, during this past weekend’s 2009 NFL Draft, were slow to the punch in making a move up the 4th or 5th spot to get overrated quarterback Mark Sanchez. To Skins fans, you guys better be glad you did. .washington_redskins_helmetSanchez will be a bust and you know, all of you, that Dan Snyder, slick and slimey Snyder, would’ve given up an arm, leg, and well…the whole army to get him and get rid of his previous investment Jason Campbell. Fortunately for Washington’s organization and future, the New York Jets traded away picks and backup players to steal Sanchez from the Browns at the 5th overall pick (though there weren’t many signs saying that Cleveland wanted or even worked out “Dirty Sanchez”).

Now, I’m not saying that Campbell or backup Colt Brennan will have better careers than Sanchez. To be honest, I don’t think many people will remember any of the 3 of them 10-15 years from now. But I disagree with Snyder’s ploy at giving up everything, as well as your team’s future, to get somebody who’s unproven and out of a system where EVERYONE is a winner. USC simply breeds NFL-ready starts at the WR, RB, OL,…well at every position and the job of quarterback might be the easiest on the team, especially in a weak Pac-10 Football Conference. Sanchez should win that many games and should be successful. For goodness sakes, he’s on the best team (on paper) and in the best overall football system under a great coach in the entire country. Winning behind center is so easy a caveman could do it…coltbrennan

What do you have to deal with now Skins fans? Well, your quarterback hates your front office, he’s not really that good, and you have the Pineapple Express Colt Brennan riding the pine….what doesn’t seem right about this?

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Be Afraid ‘Skins Fans, Be Very Afraid…

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‘Skins fans, listen up. Today is draft day. Normally this means bad news for you guys. Why? Because your owner, Mr. Daniel Snyder, is a moron and a sellout. Is he smart? No. Does he know what he’s doing? No. WIll he give up the entire franchise for one player? Yes. spo_ft_washingtonredskins_1006Don’t be surprised if all this comes full force through today’s first round of the 2009 NFL Draft. Sitting in front of you is vulnerability in the name of Mark Sanchez. After only one workout and meeting between Sanchez and the Washington Redskins, Snyder became absolutely smitten with the unproven Sanchez and has already expressed the idea of shopping all their draft picks and Jason Campbell to go get him. What will this take? Well, they’ll be on the phone with Seattle with the #4 pick or with Jacksonville at #8 if “Dirty Sanchez” lasts that long. This spells disaster for Washington…

I have two strong feelings on this matter and potential bomb that Snyder may drop on his own organization:

1 – YOU HAVE COLT BRENNAN. The Pineapple Express is a good player, has lit it up in the preseason, and is a better passer than Jason Campbell. Why not give him a shot? What do you have to lose? Why pay Top 10 money when you haven’t given your All-College backup a chance. For goodness sakes, the guy will put fans in the seats and might just be productive. I mean, he threw for like 10 Million yards at Hawaii. Give the kid a shot….

2 – Mark “I’m Lucky I Played At USC” Sanchez, to me, is unproven. He played for the Trojans and Pete Carrol for cryin’ out loud. You put anyone in that system, like Graham Harrell or Sam Bradford, and they too when a bunch of games. Yes Sanchez won 19 games there, but THAT’S WHAT HE’S SUPPOSED TO DO. 2009draft_msanchez
Every year, USC, on paper, has the best team and most skilled recruits in the country. When you drop back to pass, have more than 5 seconds to throw, and have stud WRs on either side of you running down the field, it’s not hard to be successful. Shoot, I have a good arm. I could win 19 games at USC. Even more, the Pac-10 is a weak conference. Who does USC play? Cal? UCLA? Oregon? Come on now, it’s no SEC or Big 12. Simply put, Sanchez is overrated and I hope the Skins, for my own entertainment, give up everything to get him, end up as a bust, and finally give Brennan a shot.

Good luck today Washington, you’ll need it…

SportsGuru’s 2009 NFL Mock Draft Part II…

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With the 2009 NFL Draft looming, I figured I’d hop on the bandwagon and do my own mock draft…take a look below… Part II includes picks 11 through 20…2009-draft

#11 Pick – Buffalo Bills

And with the #11 pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills choose……Michael Oher, Offensive Tackle, out of Ole Miss.

#12 Pick – Denver Broncos

And with the #12 pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos choose……B.J. Raji, Defensive Tackle, out of Boston College.raji1

#13 Pick – Washington Redskins

And with the #13 pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins choose……Andre Smith, Offensive Tackle, out of the University of Alabama.

#14 Pick – New Orleans Saints

And with the #14 pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the New Orleans Saints choose……Malcolm Jenkins, Cornerback, out of Ohio State.Ohio St Minnesota Football

#15 Pick – Houston Texans

And with the #15 pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Houston Texans choose……Brian Cushing, Linebacker, out of USC.

#16 Pick – San Diego Chargers

And with the #16 pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the San Diego Chargers choose……Larry English, Defensive End, out of Northern Illinois.

#17 Pick – New York Jets

And with the #17 pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the New York Jets choose……Josh Freeman, Quarterback, out of Kansas State.

#18 Pick – Denver Broncos

And with the #18 pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos choose……Vontae Davis, Cornerback, out of Illinois.

#19 Pick – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

And with the #19 pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers choose……Chris “Beanie” Wells, Running Back, out of Ohio State.

#20 Pick – Detroit Lions

And with the #20 pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions choose……Tyson Jackson, Defensive End, out of LSU.

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Washington Redskins 2009 NFL Schedule Analysis…

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Washington Redskins 2009 Regular Season NFL Schedule

Sunday, Sept. 13 @ New York Giants
Sunday, Sept. 20 St. Louis Rams
Sunday, Sept. 27 @ Detroit Lions
Sunday, Oct. 4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Sunday, Oct. 11 @ Carolina Panthers
Sunday, Oct. 18 Kansas City Chiefswashington-redskins-helmet-logo
Monday, Oct. 26 Philadelphia Eagles
Sunday, Nov. 1 BYE — —
Sunday, Nov. 8 @ Atlanta Falcons
Sunday, Nov. 15 Denver Broncos
Sunday, Nov. 22 @ Dallas Cowboys
Sunday, Nov. 29 @ Philadelphia Eagles
Sunday, Dec. 6 New Orleans Saints
Sunday, Dec. 13 @ Oakland Raiders
Monday, Dec. 21 New York Giants
Sunday, Dec. 27 Dallas Cowboys
Sunday, Jan. 3 @ San Diego Chargers

With a quick look, the Skins have gotten a cake first half of the season (relatively speaking compared to the 2nd half) against the Bucs, Lions, Rams, and Chiefs. Unfortunately for Dan Snyder, his team won’t be happy for long, having to play Atlanta, Dallas, Philly, and San Diego all on the road during the last two months of the 2009 season. The road looks rocky for Washington to sneak into the playoffs this year, especially in the brutal NFC East. This may finally be the year where Jason Campbell proves that he in fact CANNOT lead this team and the Skins finally pull the trigger and let everyone’s favorite sideline stud Colt Brennan take a shot in some games. Why not? The kid only threw for a million yards at Hawaii and was been impressive in each of his preseason appearances in 2008. Clearly, Brennan’s got skill….and the ladies love him…

Toughest Home Game for Washington to Win Outside of the NFC East: New Orleans Saints in Week 13 (Dec. 6th)

Toughest Away Game for Washington to Win Outside of the NFC East: At the Carolina Panthers in Week 5 (Oct. 11th)

The Game Likely to Destroy Washington’s Playoff Push: A letdown against the Oakland Raiders in California Week 14 (Dec. 13th)

The Game Washington will surprise people and win: Sunday, Nov. 8th in Atlanta against Matt Ryan’s Falcons…this has upset special written all over it

Win/Loss Prediction: In 2009, Washington will finish 6-10 and miss the playoffs…sorry Skins fans…but look on the bright side, at least Colt may see some PT

Spin the dogfighter…

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Round and round we go, where Mike Vick will end up? Nobody knows…michael_vick_dog The bottle keeps spinning and the results remain endlessly full of possibilities. 32 teams, but only a few with reliability and security at the QB position. Will someone be ballsy enough to take a chance? Is he still the same athlete? Is he worth the risk? To all of you out there, the answer….is a resounding Y.E.S. YES.

Around July 20th, 2009, Michael Dwayne Vick will be released back into the wild we know as the NFL. At that time, he’ll be up for grabs around the league. Many people, unforgiving people, feel that he doesn’t deserve this second chance, but you know what? What about the rest of the misfits in the NFL who have gotten chance after chance to come back and play professional football? Matt Jones (sad to say ‘cuz he’s my boy) can’t get out of his own way with drug possession, Marshawn Lynch is running around lawless wielding weapons, and Adam “Pacman” Jones…well, enough said. marshawn-762909-7213381For goodness sakes, he’s been given 3rd, 4th, and 5th chances while people want to write off Vick after one offense, no matter how bad it is. Pacman’s a bum and might as well go to Oakland, play with the black hole there they call a franchise, and be gone from our memories. Let’s cut the crap, give the guy (Vick) another shot, and let him prove to us the fans, the media, and the rest of the misfits in the NFL that he can be big man on campus again.

Now, for the rodeo we’ll call the journey to find Mike Vick a new home in the NFL as a starting QB. Let’s go through some names that pop in your heads: San Francisco, the NY Jets, Minnesota Vikings, and…..follow me here, the CLEVELAND BROWNS. Honestly, how ironic and funny would that be? I’m just kidding, they’ve got Mr. Perfect Brady “My Hair Never Moves Out of Place” Quinn as their “future.” Who needs him most? Probably San Francisco, but out of those teams Minnesota (and by Minnesota I mean Adrian Peterson) is the closest to being a Super Bowl contender. He goes there, they instantly become one of the top 3 threats in the NFC. With Favre gone, the Jets would be better off with him then Favre or any of their remaining, unreliable backups. Favre, though a dynamic personality, was a player with way too much risk vs. reward….essentially not worth it for the Jets. So, if we rule those teams out, let’s pick a few of my favorite scenarios. What if you woke up and saw one of the following headlines?

– “Vick signs to 2-year deal with Patriots to backup injured Brady”
-“Vick…the new face in Carolina”
-“Vick ready to lead Redskins after unreliable Campbell disappoints”
-“Vick unites with Boldin and Fitzgerald in Sunny Side Arizona”

Can you imagine? Vick replacing Warner in AZ? The NFC would really be on its heels then. A defense wouldn’t know what to do, especially if AZ drafts a stud RB at some point in the ’09 draft. Be careful NFC West…And I know you Redskins fans pretend like you don’t want him, but he’s a hometown guy. Don’t lie to yourself, you’d love him if he tore up Romo and da ‘Boys in Big D. Shoot, I would and I don’t even like the Skins. Campbell is just not that good anyways and isn’t as good of a scrambler. Neither one has accuracy so you can rule that out. That leaves Vick to end up in NE or with the Carolina “Please don’t let Delhomme throw it” Panthers. Vick + Stewart + Williams + Smith = Super Bowl Caliber, don’t be surprised. And the most risque of all, would Robert Kraft be that guy? With Cassel gone, it makes sense, I’ll be honest. bradyhurtThey would turn in to a bunch of thugs in NE, and as much as I hate the Pats, they’d be ridiculously explosive (again, this is assuming Brady can’t unshred his knee). Interesting, huh?

Spending all this time as a jailbird, working out religiously, and of course running the inmate team versus the guards (yes, a Longest Yard reference movie buffs) has only made Vick a better and more dominant athlete waiting in the wings for a team who’ll take a chance. Any team will be lucky to have him, just you watch….PROVE ME WRONG