A-Rod This, A-Rod That…WHO CARES?!?!

All day long we hear about Alex Rodriguez on ESPN, sports radio, and in your daily sports page in the newspaper. It’s about time we put an end to all this and get the sports world to MOVE ON! He’s a cheater, a liar, and a bad person. His name has further smeared the game of baseball. A-Rod is a mega star in the world of professional sports, and for what?! A few good years of hitting home runs and knocking in runs while juiced up on steroids and performance enhancers? Give me a break. A-Rod on SteroidsThe guy’s a bum and gives our national past-time a bad wrap. And the fact that he plays for the New York Yankees just cements my position on the guy. I’m tired of hearing about him, it’s simply frustrating. Come talk to me about him when he wins a playoff series or a World Series. He’s a choke artist in the playoffs and can’t get out of his own way on the field and with the media. Now he apparently may be out for 10 weeks with a torn labrum? Boo hoo New York. Mini Steinbrenner just tries to pay for championships anyways. Look at free agency this past winter? Steinbrenner bought almost every free agent for ridiculous amounts of money. Where did that get them last year? Nowhere. arod1-300x195A team with a tenth of your payroll, the Tampa Bay Rays, made it to the world series and represented the American League East. Now, a Yankee team that may be without A-Rod? Cry me a river, move on and actually get that highly overpaid talent you bought in the off-season to step it up so you don’t even notice A-Rod is gone. If anything, it keeps the Yankees out of bad publicity (but as a Braves fan, I could care less…let’s rip ’em!). MOVE ON MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL! Let’s hear about guys who bust their butts each day on the field, don’t take steroids, and perform and make a good name for themselves on and off the field.

What happened to good ole’ honest ball and work ethic?

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