Duke gets every call?!?! Gimme a break…

I first want to say that any of you who know me knew this blog post was coming. UNC just beat Duke for the 2nd time this season 79-71 in Chapel Hill. I want to make a few things clear here. I hate North Carolina, can’t stand Tyler Hansbrough, and for all of you who complain about Coach K and Duke getting calls, you must’ve been in a stupor and forgot all about North Carolina. For those same people, did any of you watch the game today? UNC GOT EVERY SINGLE CALL!!! Normally, I’m not one to make excuses or blame the referees, but today was just mind-blowing. EVERY…SINGLE….TIME “Psycho Baby” Tyler Hansbrough touched the ball, Kyle Singler or Gerald Henderson, of course both of Duke’s most dynamic scorers, got charged with a ticky-tack foul. tyler-bloody Ever since Mr. Overrated Tyler Hansbrough became a national phenomenon, he’s been catered to like he was the President. Whether he’s 20 feet or 2 feet away from the basket, any nudge, touch, or scrape is called a foul and he gets to shoot two. Of course he’s a great free throw shooter, he gets more opportunities than anyone!!! It’s so frustrating to have Duke claw back to within 2 or 3 points multiple times throughout the game, then a bogus, ghostly foul call sends Hansbrough to the line for free points. Everyone complains about Coach K getting calls, stop being ridiculous. Today was a perfect example of referees deciding the game. A 7 point margin of victory is the difference of 4 shooting fouls. Yes, I’m bitter about the defeat, but I’m also a realist. If Duke doesn’t play well, I admit it and chalk it up to the opponents’ defense. But today was not the case. Down the stretch, the story was simple: Carolina got the calls at the most critical times and duke was handicapped by poor officiating…enough said.

Hopefully third time’s a charm and Duke plays UNC next Sunday in the ACC championship, the Blue Devils walk away with the ACC crown, stick it to Hansbrough, and potentially earn a shot at a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. It’s tough enough playing one of the best teams in the country, but it sure doesn’t help when you have 2 or 3 extra players, and by players I mean zebras (officials), giving your opponent a break at every opportunity….

To really decide who’s the best between North Carolina and Duke, let’s televise a no-holds barred , 8 man tag-team match at mid-court in Madison Square Garden for all the world to see:

At one corner…for Duke: Coach K, Gerald Henderson, Kyle Singler, and Lance Thomas
At the other corner…for Carolina: Roy Williams, Tyler Hansbrough, Ty Lawson, and Tyler Zeller

Advantage Duke….lights out North Carolina

Cornell Duke Basketball

6 Responses to “Duke gets every call?!?! Gimme a break…”

  1. Jimmy Dean Says:

    You have to admit that the game was pretty exciting none the less. I had people at Schooners (a Duke fan and a UNC fan who were friends) betting on individual possessions. There is something definitely to be said for the rivalry that exists between these two schools, their basketball programs, and their fans. It may be one of the best rivalries of all time, on par with the Yankees and Red Sox (or pretty much everyone), the Cowboys and Indians…. ooops I mean Redskins, and any other rivalry that you can think of in the world of organized sports.

    Kudos to both teams of young men for being able to create an awesome experience for fans and non-fans alike when they meet.


  2. Tom Livengood Says:

    Ricky, 1.) you forget north carolina sold their sole to devil. b) duke sucks i mean common it’s not like coach k is good or anything. In all fairness unc does get a lot of calls, but had the game been at duke probably would have gone in dukes favor as well so.

    Jimmy – i hate you

  3. Destructo Says:

    haha…williams would mop the floor with coach K…

    and if UNC got ALL the calls how did tyler foul out???


  4. Jimmy Dean Says:

    Also Tom, look at Duke getting beat by UNC at home. I didn’t watch the game too attentively so I can’t speak on the calls, but chalk it up for good basketball and let’s go into the Madness with something to look forward to.

  5. Da Gr8gambu Says:

    Whaaaa whaaaaaaaaaa whaaaaaaaaaaa.

    I have no horse in this debate. I didn’t attend either school – like most of the fans of those two schools didn’t. However, for any ACC supporter to cry about refs is effing ridiculous. Just watch a game between an ACC school and any non-BCS school. The ACC player has to change the jockstrap, bend him over his knee and spank him then wipe the guys arse before a foul is called. Give me a freaking break. What a load of crybaby bullcrap for anyone, especially a Duke fan, to cry about the refs. But in typical Duke fandom blind loyalty, “We got robbed, we got robbed…” In equally surprising news Haynes is having the biggest sale in history this weekend, but don’t bring money…..

    • that one guy Says:

      That’s how any ranked team against and un-ranked team/non bcs games are called. Any ranked team always gets the calls against a non-bcs team/an unranked team. He is allowed to complain because in that particular games where two good teams played (which should equal good officiating on both sides) was quite lop sided. Adding another point how about them radford whatever the hell they are (std’s i think), can’t wait to see them get destroyed by well anyone.

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