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2010-2011 AFC East Predictions and More…

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Below are my 2010-2011 AFC East Predictions, breakout players, and disappointments….thoughts and comments welcome!

Predicted AFC East Standings

1. New England Patriots – Yes, they are old. Yes, they are slow. But you know what? The AFC East is simply overrated. With all the hype behind the Jets (via Hard Knocks which is absolutely hysterical), everyone has seemed to forget that Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Tom Brady, and Bill Belicheck still have an army in the northeast. With Brady back to 100% and Moss looking to prove critics wrong who think he’s got nothing left, look for the P A T S PATS PATS PATS to come out and really destroy the opposition via the passing game. Forget Maroney and the endless number of no-name worthless RBs they have, you don’t need them. They simply act as blocking dummies and only have one goal….don’t pull a Billy Bob (yes, always a Varsity Blues reference) and get Brady hurt…let alone killed. Flat out, this is New England’s division to lose, you can write-off the Jets. I’m going to knock over that bandwagon.

2. Miami Dolphins – My surprise team of the AFC East. Henne should outperform his sub-par year last year and as long as Ronnie Brown stays healthy, they have one of the best 1-2 RB attacks in the NFL. The defense is getting younger and more explosive and their management is showing its colors through the organization as the Phins have become much more disciplined on either side of the ball. As long as Henne can simply exist between the two seconds of the snap and getting the ball to Ronnie (no, not the one from Jersey Shore) or Ricky Williams, Daniel Mott’s favorite player of all time, the Phins will be fine. Don’t care enough about them to write any more….

3. New York Jets – WRITE THESE GUYS OFF. Yes un-sexy Rexy Rex Ryan is hilarious on camera, there is no discipline on this team. Without Revis, they will be just weak enough at corner with Kyle Wilson there to get burned the one or two times that will kill them against the Pats. It will only take one time for Wilson to show his rookie colors for Moss or Welker to get downfield and burn the J E T S JETS JETS JETS. Hard Knocks, in my opinion, has absolutely exposured the immaturity of the Jets. Sanchez acts like a 10 year old and their WRs could care less what is being told to them. Yes they have a solid defense in general, but unless Jenkins has a breakout year, they will REALLY struggle to get to the quarterback. That, in turn, will put even more pressure on the Jets’ young secondary. Ya know, just because they are on TV means nothing to me. How many bad clips can they show? Has anyone watched their preseason games? THEY ABSOLUTELY 100% stink on ice. The one bright spot? Shonn Greene who is on my “got-to-have” fantasy players that will get the ball a ton. Why? NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS WANTS MARK SANCHEZ TO take over their offense and lead their team by himself. Might as well forfeit the season….

4. Buffalo Bills – Ah, the Bills. THey are so bad they don’t even deserve discussion. CJ Spiller is the only reason that people in Buffalo even care that this organization still exists….

AFC East Breakout Player of the Year – Julian Edleman….One of the up and coming WRs in the league that NO ONE knows about. he might as well be the mirror image of Wes Welker. Expect Edleman to have a solid year, get traded in the offseason, and do exactly what Welker did. Get traded to a team with a good passing game and breakout and turn into a prolific, 110 catch player that becomes a QB’s best friend. Expect Edleman to have a HUGE year if Welker’s comeback stint doesn’t work out. A small guy with bursts of speed and good hands? Who wouldn’t love to have him in the slot on 3rd down. Would be a twin with Jordan Shipley….

Biggest AFC East Disappointment – Mark Sanchez…A child, too immature, not enough talent. Totally overrated and will make mistake after mistake until Rexy realizes the organization made a BIG mistake…sorry Jets fans, your playboy ain’t going to cut it this year. I hope Mr. Brunell stays healthy…..HAHAHAHAHA…..that new stadium will look nice and be a great place for teams to come in and whoop up the Sancheezy’s Jets. Good luck fellas…you’re going to need it.

More predictions to come, stay tuned…


And The Toughest 2009 NFL Schedule Goes To?

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Unfortunately for my best friend D. Mott, the Miami Dolphins have been awarded the toughest road to the Super Bowl in 2009. See their schedule and analysis below…

Miami Dolphins 2009 Regular Season Schedule

Sept. 13 at Atlanta Falcons
Sept. 27 at San Diego Chargers
Oct. 18 Bye Week
Nov. 1 at New York Jets
Nov. 8 at New England Patriots
Nov. 19 at Carolina Panthers
Nov. 29 at Buffalo Bills
Dec. 13 at Jacksonville Jaguars
Dec. 20 at Tennessee Titans

Right off the bat, just looking at the scheduled opponents for Miami outside of the AFC East should give all Dolphins fans the chills. They get Manning and the Colts, Titans, MoJo Drew’s Jags, T.O.’s Bills, the high powered Saints, L.T.’s Chargers, and the Matt Ryan-led Falcons. All I have to say is yikes and may God help you Miami! Even worse, only their games against Indy and New Orleans are at home. Every other brutal matchup is away from Dolphin stadium. Wow, this is worse than the Steelers’ 2008 NFL schedule. And as a side note, I know Steelers fans are happy because they got off the NFL’s toughest schedule schnide they’ve been on the past few years…

Toughest Home Game for Miami to Win Outside of the AFC East: Indianapolis Colts in Week 2 (Sept. 21st)

Toughest Away Game for Miami to Win Outside of the AFC East: At the San Diego SuperChargers in Week 3 (Sept. 27th)

The Game Likely to Destroy Miami’s Playoff Push: A letdown against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home in Week 10 (Nov. 15th)

The Game Miami will surprise people and win: Dec. 20th against the Tennessee Titans in Week 15 of the season to spoil Tennessee’s playoff hopes

Win/Loss Prediction: In 2009, Miami will finish 7-9 and not make the playoffs (sorry D Mott…)