The MLB’s Replay System…Two Thumbs Up…

A steady hand clap goes out to Mr. Bud Selig, Commissioner of Major League Baseball. Well done, sir. Your system has proved its effectiveness and worth. Though fans may have to wait a few extra minutes and the game may be extended between calls, the umpires WILL GET THE CALL RIGHT. To me, that’s all that matters. mlb-logoLast night, in two separate ball games, two home runs off the bat of Ross Gload and Adam Laroche that were originally ruled dingers, were correctly reversed as a result of an instant replay booth review. At last, something to help the “umps” get it right, we all know they need it. Ultimately, if a few extra minutes will save my team from getting beat on a horrible tag-out call or alleged homerun, it’s worth it. Too many times as a Braves and Orioles fan, I have watched my team go down at the hands of umpires who simply make absolutely horrific calls that couldn’t be more obvious at the worst possible moment of a ballgame. And yes, I have one prime example…get your popcorn ready…unless you’re an Orioles fan…then please turn away…

Circa 1996, when the Baltimore Orioles were actually competitive, they were all locked up in a playoff series with the all-powerful and heavily overpaid New York Yankees. With the Yankess trailing the O’s 4-3 in the bottom of the 8th in a crucial Game 1 of the series, Derek Jeter hit a deep fly ball to right field, in the land of then O’s right fielder, Mr. Tony Tarasco (and Tony, if you’re reading this, please stop. We don’t want any relapses…). baseballAs the ball fell out of the air, 12 year old and now famous New-Yorker Jeffrey Mayer reached out over the right field fence and stole the ball from Tarasco. And what then did those trustworthy Yankee umps do? Well, they called it a dinger for Jeter instead of fan interference. Watching the replay from home, it was clear that Mayer reached out onto the playing field to catch the alleged homer off Jeter’s bat. Later that night, Bernie Williams would shatter the O’s hopes with a walk-off homer in the 11th. Clearly, the ball was tampered with and the homer should’ve never happened. Thus, my strong support of the instant replay system.

I mean, for goodness sakes, that call was so bad, that Mayer is now famous for it and even has his own Wikipedia page…great job New York, great job…

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One Response to “The MLB’s Replay System…Two Thumbs Up…”

  1. fredsmilek001 Says:

    Where was this technology 9 years ago when todd zeile hit a homerun in the world series and they called it just a double and the mets went on to lose the world series


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