A Magical Collapse…

Doc Rivers 2Stan Van Gundy 0….This about sums up the past two nailbiters in the Eastern Conference Semifinals between the Orlando Magic and the Boston Celtics. Again, the Magic collapsed with a double digit lead, on the road, with under 4 minutes left. orlando%20magicThey went 0 for 9, with some free throws, and watched a 10 point lead and series control turn into a 4 point loss. Why? Well, Stan Van Gundy is just one terrible coach. In no way does he motivate his players or strategize down the stretch in order for his team to actually win the game.

The difference between Doc Rivers and Van Gundy boiled down to the last plays in both Game 4 and Game 5 of their Eastern Conference Semifinals Playoff Series. While Boston was set up and everyone knew their spot on the floor, Hedo Turkoglu (Orlando) stood with his hands on his head and Rafer Alston yelling over to the bench, both screaming for some direction and yes….coaching. Celtics Pistons BasketballWhat did they get in response? Van Gundy telling them to “make do” and just find a spot on the floor. Consequently, Orlando scrambled, couldn’t find anyone but Dwight Howard, by far their worst shooter and free throw shooter, who then got fouled and had to miss free throws at the line in order to give the Magic another shot at tying the game in the waining seconds with a 3-pointer. The moral of the story is that Van Gundy needs to watch some game film of Doc Rivers, Phil Jackson, and some others who have had teams win many games with a buzzer beater as a direct result of well drawn up in-bounds plays in the last seconds of a basketball game.

Take it from me, the Magic have a better chance with a Middle School Girls’ Basketball Coach at the helm rather than Van Gundy…what a bum. For Dwight Howard and JJ Redicks’ sake, I hope Van Gundy leaves sunny Orlando next year and they find anyone, ANYBODY, else…

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