Cuban’s An Idiot, Bashes KMart’s Mom…

It’s official, Mark Cuban is a moron and a total idiot. Taunting Kenyon Martin’s mother? Are you serious Mark? mark_cubanThat’s a good way to get your you know what kicked in front of 30,000 fans, in Denver or Dallas for that matter. Mr. Cuban, have you ever seen K-Mart? He’s thug nasty and would not hesitate to paste your face to the ground. Not a bright idea big guy, I’m just saying…

In the aftermath of Game 3 of the Denver Nuggets-Dallas Mavericks NBA Playoff series, Cuban blew off steam pacing down the hallway into the Mavs’ locker room after the officials blew a late second call to give the Nuggets and ‘Melo the win. On the way down the tunnel, he ran into K-Mart’s dear mother and told her that her son was a “thug” and a “punk.” I’m stunned…If Mrs. Martin would’ve punched Cuban right there in the face, no one, not even on the Dallas sideline would’ve blinked an eye and likely would’ve dapped her up. DenverNuggetsMainLogoCuban’s a jerk, a drama queen, and a cry baby. Just because your Mavs can’t win in the playoffs and every year they are overrated Mr. Cuban, it doesn’t mean you should attack other people’s mothers. It’s just not polite sir. Could you have laid a Mrs. Martin-Mark Cuban beatdown on your conscious? I think not. Oh and in case you were wondering, in a fight, I’d bet on K-Mart’s momma dukes. For goodness sakes, where do you think he learned to be so “street?”

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2 Responses to “Cuban’s An Idiot, Bashes KMart’s Mom…”

  1. Great post. Keep it up. Im a dedicated athlete myself and i love your blog.

  2. LOVE IT!!!! F Cuban!!!

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