Miami Turned Margaritaville?…

Wastin’ awayyy in olllllllddd Dolphin Stadiummmmmm…This might as well be the theme song for the proposed “Landshark” Stadium down in Miami, home of coaching legend Bill Parcells’ Dolphins. Why? Ask Jimmy Buffet. He recently accepted a business position and role with the Miami Dolphins organization. vinylmagnet-dolphinsWith a long and buddy-buddy relationship with the Dolphins’ owner Stephen Ross, Buffet has accepted Ross’ invitation to get into the National Football League via Business Management and use his face to rebrand the Miami franchise. Why Landshark Stadium? Well, if you haven’t heard, Landshark, a beer that is widely loved and at times considered the “Poor Man’s Corona,” is highly promoted and marketed by Buffet and his Hawaii shirt-wearin crew.

Buffet, a major musical idol across the world, would be a perfect fit down in Miami where the nightlife is great, music is of all varieties, and alcohol runs aplenty. 300px-jimmy_buffetWhen the clock turns to 5 o’clock somewhere, Buffet will be sitting in brand new box seats, likely with his name all over them, in a stadium soon to be named for his branded beer. What a life, first music, now the NFL? It isn’t bad, we’ll say that. And because he will be on tour and selling out musical venues across the globe until he’s like 170 years old, this is just another way for Buffet to promote his music. Sounds like a win win to me, good move Jimmy…

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