Favre Finds Trainer, Childress Open To Favre Comeback…

“Favre to Harvin for a 75-yard TD Pass!”….”Favre hands it off to Peterson for a huge gain”….”Favre wins the NFC North in ’09 with Minnesota?!?!?”…Folks, don’t be surprised if you hear this during the 2009 NFL season. As much as he vows that there’s nothing that could entice him, Brett Favre has hired a personal trainer and has sparked the interest of yes, that’s right, the Minnesota Vikings. brettfavreBetter yet, Brad Childress, Minnesota’s coach who knows that they have no talent behind center to protect A-Pete, said over the weekend that the prospect of Favre quarterbacking the ‘Vikes next year will certainly be discussed in detail among his organization and coaching staff. Yikes, could you imagine yet another comeback? Even Favre fans would be sick and tired of Brett coming back just to get cold-clocked by the defenses in the NFC for another year, jeopardizing his health and maybe his life in the long term (he is like 55 now right?!?). The sad thing is that the sports world wouldn’t be surprised if Favre did un-retire, and this time, if it were to Minnesota, no one would really care (outside of the NFC North of course).

For Favre, the only way this could go well would be if he actually did come back and actually win a Super Bowl. Otherwise, it would all be for not and he would simply just make a fool of himself. At this point, no one would believe too much of what he says, or at least I wouldn’t. vikings_-_super_novaWhen he actually does retire after this alleged comeback, it’ll probably go unrecognized as nobody will think it’ll be for real or for good. The more Favre contemplates returning to the game, the more he loses his fan-base and the more annoyed NFL fans and the rest of the sports world get. Now, I know that many people hire personal trainers to help them get fit or lose weight, but Favre has been playing football over the last two decades so he can’t be too out of shape right? This further makes me believe that he wants to stay in “Game-Shape” just in case he gets that phone call from Minnesota. God help the Favre family and the media criticism that will flood their lives for the next year if Brett plays in the NFL once again. Haven’t they been through enough Brett?

On a side note, I got the ‘Vikes winning the NFC North if Favre does come back…

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One Response to “Favre Finds Trainer, Childress Open To Favre Comeback…”

  1. Jimmy Dean Says:

    I’m not even going to read it all. I think if Favre went to the Vikings last year, as hard as it is to say, the Steelers aren’t the Superbowl Champions, the Vikings are. Adrian Peterson is a phenom and they have a decent stable of receivers and a defense that in 2007 was one of the stingiest in the NFL. They were one decent quarterback away from a championship, which was proven when they were able to win games with Tavaris Jackson and Gus Frerotte. Note also then that Favre was coming off one of the best seasons of the latter years in his career as he lead the Pack to the NFC Championship game. But then the Jets fiasco happened. Favre is a bitter old man now, with a chip on his shoulder. But more than that, he’s a selfish little kid who just wants to get his way. He’s still upset he didn’t get to go to the Vikings when the Packers decided to move on without him. He went to the Jets, against his will and the only reason I think he didn’t retire mid-season was to keep his starting streak going. He knew he was going to get his release from the Jets after the season and knew he could move to the Vikings. But I venture to say that once he matches up against his old team, the game(s) he wanted so badly last season, he’s not going to make it out alive, at home or away. I don’t wish harm on the man, but his old teammates are going to smell blood in the water. With health issues looming and the fact that he’ll be 40 years old as of week 4 of the season gives a young Packers team exactly the motivation they need to show Brett Favre that they won’t be intimidated like many have accused their front office of being, by blocking Favre from going to the Vikings last season. No, these players aren’t in the offices making the decision. These players are young, hungry and want to hear the end of it just as much as the rest of America does.
    So let Favre play for the Vikings. If he starts every game (which I’m convinced his health won’t allow him to do) he’ll find two incredibly brutal games from his former teammates, who I wouldn’t doubt would have a few chip shots here and there to try to show Favre that he should have just stayed in Mississippi.

    Vikings don’t go anywhere with him. Their best bet is to give Sage Rosenfels a shot, put some sticky putty on his hands for when he tries to tuck and go, and try to win a Super Bowl with the crucial, shining pieces they have so far. If Favre plays there, they still make it to the playoffs, but long term health concerns make him ineffective and they end up going with Rosenfels anyway, rusty and out of timing because of his backup role and they falter down the stretch.

    Bears win that division this year. Cutler infuses an offense which has struggled and the defense, infused as well with the successes of their offense and the youthful energy (now that he’s got his ‘betes medicine) that Cutler brings to the team. They’re going to run house there and lose out first round of the playoffs.

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