NHL’s Super Bowl Comes Early in ’09…

In just a few hours, the Hockey world will get its super bowl in the 2nd round of its 2009 playoffs. Get your popcorn ready (thank you T.O.), it’s time for Sid the Kid vs. Alex the Great. Crosby and Ovechkin, together again, and boy is it great for the NHL. Ratings will be through the roof during this playoff series. In all likelihood, no one will remember who wins the 2009 Stanley Cup years from now, unless it’s Washington or Pittsburgh, but they will remember the epic battle between the two superstars. Some would compare this rivalry of energy and talent to that of Bird vs. Magic, Yankees vs. Red Sox, and Cowboys vs. Redskins. The hits should be fierce and the number of goals should skyrocket, to all of the fans’ enjoyment.

To get you pumped up for the match up that begins today, take a look at this rivalry video…

Alpha Inventions

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