Best Series Ever?…

3 more overtimes?!?! Game 7 in Boston? Yep, you bet. Last night, the Bulls and Celtics gave us another thriller that seemed like it would never end. It had remnants of Syracuse-UConn from the 2009 Big East Tournament. bulls_logo_jpg1Each time a team had a lead, it quickly vanished into a tie score. The game ended with the Bulls on top by 1 to force a Game 7 back home in Celtic country. This series added yet another memorable fight to its already historic tale. 7 total games, a Celtics team winning without Garnett, an average margin of victory under 5 points, rough inside play, buzzer beaters, and two point guards not willing to let their team lose. Wow, I’m speechless….

So, this brings about the question: Is this the best NBA Playoff series of all time? Well, statistically yes with the number of overtimes. But what about the publicity and the drama? Multiple buzzer beaters have proven that it’s one of the top series of all time with each game, other than one literally coming down to the wire.celtics_logo However, let us not forget Jordan vs. Barkley, Bird vs. Magic, etc. The Celtics-Lakers history goes way back as well as Bulls-Suns and Bulls-anybody during their championship run. Even last year’s Lakers-Celtics NBA Championship series was pretty good, but not like this. The only thing that hurts this series as one of, if not the greatest, series of all times is that outside of Chicago, the Bulls (other than Derrick Rose) are no-namers who have overachieved during the 2009 season. Brad Miller, Ben Gordon, Joakhim Noah? Come on now, these guys aren’t exactly household names and minus Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and the injured KG, not many people know the Celtics’ roll players.

This being true, this series has still given us a glimpse into basketball that is relentless and desireable. Most people hop on the bandwagon only during playoff time and the Celtics and Bulls have given them a reason to stay. Chicago and Boston are doing great things to help revitalize the popularity of the NBA…stay tuned folks…

What do you think?

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2 Responses to “Best Series Ever?…”

  1. swamigp Says:

    This series has to be considered among the best ever. I think it is the most exciting I have ever seen. I want the Bulls, and I think they have a great chance to pull it out. There are so many talented players in the series, and it is such a back-and-forth battle. Game 7 should be no different.

    Derrick Rose has solidified himself as one of the best players in the NBA. Brad Miller is resurrecting his career by hitting big shot after big shot. Rajon Rondo has suddenly gained the reputation as a cheap and dirty player.

    This series has it all. And should be considered the best ever.

    Read my recaps of the games on my sports blog, if interested:

    • swamigp Says:

      I really enjoy your site, and am glad to see that you like my as well. I’d really like to hear your opinions, so if you do check out my blog regularly, comment. You clearly have some very valid opinions, in my mind.

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