Beanie Has The “Edge” In ‘Zona…

Yesterday (and expectedly), the reigning NFC Champion Arizona Cardinals released previous Indianapolis Colts running back Edgerrin “The Edge” James. We all saw this coming and it’s been long overdue. Yes, “Edge” had a good run in the playoffs last year and early in his career he was a solid force in the backfield, but he simply just doesn’t hack it anymore. He’s older, his legs are slow, and he struggles to break tackles. Ohio St Michigan FootballHowever, the release was imminent after watching the ‘Cards draft Chris “Beanie” Wells out of Ohio State University this past weekend with their first round pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. Clearly, Arizona’s front office had a future vision of a bruising downhill runner (some call it overweight) that can provide some tough yards in between Warner-Fitzgerald bombs 50 yards downfield. Beanie is the future of the Cardinals’ backfield and the organization solidified that yesterday. To Edge, you’ve had a great career, but it’s time you start thinking about hangin’ up the ‘ole spikes….

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