Be Afraid ‘Skins Fans, Be Very Afraid…

‘Skins fans, listen up. Today is draft day. Normally this means bad news for you guys. Why? Because your owner, Mr. Daniel Snyder, is a moron and a sellout. Is he smart? No. Does he know what he’s doing? No. WIll he give up the entire franchise for one player? Yes. spo_ft_washingtonredskins_1006Don’t be surprised if all this comes full force through today’s first round of the 2009 NFL Draft. Sitting in front of you is vulnerability in the name of Mark Sanchez. After only one workout and meeting between Sanchez and the Washington Redskins, Snyder became absolutely smitten with the unproven Sanchez and has already expressed the idea of shopping all their draft picks and Jason Campbell to go get him. What will this take? Well, they’ll be on the phone with Seattle with the #4 pick or with Jacksonville at #8 if “Dirty Sanchez” lasts that long. This spells disaster for Washington…

I have two strong feelings on this matter and potential bomb that Snyder may drop on his own organization:

1 – YOU HAVE COLT BRENNAN. The Pineapple Express is a good player, has lit it up in the preseason, and is a better passer than Jason Campbell. Why not give him a shot? What do you have to lose? Why pay Top 10 money when you haven’t given your All-College backup a chance. For goodness sakes, the guy will put fans in the seats and might just be productive. I mean, he threw for like 10 Million yards at Hawaii. Give the kid a shot….

2 – Mark “I’m Lucky I Played At USC” Sanchez, to me, is unproven. He played for the Trojans and Pete Carrol for cryin’ out loud. You put anyone in that system, like Graham Harrell or Sam Bradford, and they too when a bunch of games. Yes Sanchez won 19 games there, but THAT’S WHAT HE’S SUPPOSED TO DO. 2009draft_msanchez
Every year, USC, on paper, has the best team and most skilled recruits in the country. When you drop back to pass, have more than 5 seconds to throw, and have stud WRs on either side of you running down the field, it’s not hard to be successful. Shoot, I have a good arm. I could win 19 games at USC. Even more, the Pac-10 is a weak conference. Who does USC play? Cal? UCLA? Oregon? Come on now, it’s no SEC or Big 12. Simply put, Sanchez is overrated and I hope the Skins, for my own entertainment, give up everything to get him, end up as a bust, and finally give Brennan a shot.

Good luck today Washington, you’ll need it…

One Response to “Be Afraid ‘Skins Fans, Be Very Afraid…”

  1. I respectfully disagree. While I’m ecstatic that my Washington Redskins didn’t ruin another draft year by trading away all their picks for Sanchez, coming to the conclusion that Brennan could be a better pro QB than Sanchez is ludicrous. Talk about inflated offenses, the Rainbow Warriors haven’t had a 1,000 yard rusher in years. Brennan had more pass attempts than Graham Harrell at TT and that is saying a lot. Also do you remember a QB by the name Timmy Chang? He also put up ridiculous numbers and is currently being bounced around in the Canadian Football League and struggling to make a team. While Brennan had a good preaseason, that was against third string defenses including the Hall of Fame Game that had little to no energy or competition.

    Draft experts everywhere are not suddenly losing all of their common sense. The Redskins drafted Colt in the 6th round for a reason and the Jets drafted Mark with the 5th overall pick for a reason. He has a stronger arm, better delivery, played in a pro style offense, and played against a significantly higher level of competition (WAC vs. Pac 10) As much as I would love to see Colt light it up in Washington, I know we have a better chance of Doug Williams coming out of retirement and leading us to Super Bowl number four.


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