Madden’s Next Video Game Cover Boys?!?!…

And the Madden 2010 Video Game Cover Boys are………………………LARRY FITZGERALD, Wide Receiver and Mega-Star of the reigning NFC Champions, the Arizona Cardinals and TROY POLAMALU of the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers. Fitzgerald and Polamalu will replace Brett Favre from the 2009 Edition. This is the first time ever that Madden cover will be split between two NFL superstars. Fitzgerald is an eletric wide receiver who made a major name for himself in the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl last year. madden-coverPolamalu is a ball hawking cornerback who is known for heavy hitting and intensity on the football field. For all you true Madden gamers out there, the Madden curse, however, does still exist. What does it mean? Well, typically either the cover boy gets hurt and is out for the season or is a complete fantasy football bust. For Arizona and Pittsburgh’s sake, they better pray that this isn’t true for the 2009-2010 season….well, maybe Pittsburgh being that I am a die hard Jacksonville Jaguars fan…


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