Could Paulus Possibly Be A Michigan Wolverine?

First the Packers, now the Michigan Wolverines?!? Yep, Greg Paulus is officially on Rich Rodriguez’s list of potential starting QBs for the 2009 NCAA Football season. How can this be? Well, Paulus still has one year of athletic eligibility left and technically could transfer to Wolverine country and play QB for them next year in order to sharpen his skills for a potential run at the NFL. Who ever saw these two options coming for Mr. Paulus? I sure didn’t.

According to reports, Rodriguez said that Paulus would be a great fit for his new Spread offense. And for all of you football fans out there, we all know that Michigan needs a “legitimate” QB. What better way for Paulus and the Wolverines to get what they want? At this point for the Wolverine football program, why not? You need to get back on the college football map and be competitive in your conference again. Everyone’s tired of Ohio State winning the conference with an absolutely cake schedule. Why not get some free publicity from stealing a Dukee basketballer and throwing him into your football spread and put him behind center. The college football world would be entertained, that’s for sure…myself included. And for Paulus, this can’t hurt. You haven’t played in a game since senior year of high school as a highly praised recruit to Notre Dame and The University of Miami (“U”). This is a great way to hone back in on your football talent and show the professional football world and scouts together what you can do on the gridiron. No time like the present Greg…

One Response to “Could Paulus Possibly Be A Michigan Wolverine?”

  1. Destructo Says:

    you know he’s gonna wind up pitching for the yanks next season…

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