Have The Yankees Found A New Ace?…

Ha ha, ha ha. New York, you provide me so much entertainment. Last night, as you were getting blown out by the defending American League Champions, the Tampa Bay Rays, you resorted to letting a position player, Nick Swisher (why not let Jeter pitch?!?!), throw your eighth inning. This was absolutely comedic. The only thing better? Jose Canseco’s pitching appearance years ago when he literally threw the ball all over the place from the mound. Swisher, who hasn’t stepped onto the mound to throw a pitch since his high school days, actually threw a scoreless inning however. He even struck out Gabe Kapler on his way to putting up his goose egg on the scoreboard in the bottom of the eighth! Shoot, after last night’s performance, the Yankees should renegotiate his contract and put him in the rotation. None of the rest of their starters can get anybody out, and this includes anyone, and I mean ANYONE, in their bullpen. Why not? What do you have to lose? Oh yea, the mystique and pride of the New York Yankees. Swisher’s debut was well worth a ticket to the field down in Tampa Bay…I know the Rays’ fans had fun…and I’m just jealous because I wasn’t there to witness it in person…

And for all you fellow Yankee haters out there, check out the hilarious video below…how embarrassing New York…

Courtesy of YouTube

One Response to “Have The Yankees Found A New Ace?…”

  1. Destructo Says:

    i’m sure the yankee brass is putting together a 10 year 200 million $ contract for swisher…

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