Johan, Just Pitch and Be Quiet…

Mr. Johan Santana, take a chill pill, keep your mouth shut, and go out and do what you do best…pitch. Don’t resort back to 3rd grade and blame your teammates for your loss the other day out on the ball field. Own up to your pitching mistakes, be a leader and take responsibility for your team’s blunder. Don’t just happen to forget to mention your two-out walks and the RBI base hits you gave up late in the ball game.

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Leaving your teammate, your young teammate out to dry…that’s what Johan Santana did yesterday. After a 2-1 loss to the young, aspiring Florida Marlins, Santana blamed Daniel Murphy for the team’s loss. Late in the game, with two outs, Santana committed a pitcher’s ultimate sin, a 2 out walk to Jeremy Hermida. Appropriately afterwards, a routine fly ball was hit to young Daniel Murphy in left field and subsequently dropped (and yes, it would’ve ended the inning). As Murphy stumbled in left field, Hermida came all the way around to score and the Marlin who hit the fly ball, Cody Ross, would score on a base it from second by the next Florida hitter, Ronny Paulino. Yes, Murphy made a mistake, but if Santana would’ve done his job in the first place, it would’ve never happened. Santana struggled late with his control and used Murphy as a scapegoat. This is such a sheepish move and not very loyal in my opinion. Murphy is a young and upcoming outfielder with a lot of promise and will likely be a bright spot in the Mets’ future. No, this does not excuse his error, but it does not (in the same manner) give Santana a target to attack after his team loses. If anything, Santana was more to blame. I can’t say this is a very stand up thing to do Mr. Santana. Next time, be a real man and own up to your late-inning struggles…

One Response to “Johan, Just Pitch and Be Quiet…”

  1. Josh Johnson. All I have to say.

    Even if he doesn’t drop that ball, the Mets only scored one 1 run. (And that run was in the 9th with a 2 run lead). Sure you could say he catches that they win 1-0, but the Mets had opportunites to score in the 6, 7, 8, and 9. And failed to do so. He pitched a hell of a game. But the man on the mound oppisite him was just a bit better.

    Love me some Marlins.

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