MASN, You Need A Replacement…

Ok Nats fans, you have to agree with me on this. Rob Dibble, one of your two MASN and Washington Nationals announcers, is absolutely 100% obnoxious broadcasting your baseball games. Depending on the night, Bob Carpenter or former Atlanta Brave Don Sutton, a Hall of Fame pitcher with his rightful spot in Cooperstown, should be doing the broadcasting by himself if it comes down to it.
robdibbleNow, I do know that hometown announcers are biased for their given team (and yes, they should be), but Rob Dibble is a meathead. And no, this isn’t just from watching the Nats play the Braves the past few days. The same was happening when the Nats were getting swept by the Marlins last week. To be honest, he sounds hammered on the air and routinely slurs his speech. MASN, at least get someone who doesn’t speak broken English on your broadcasting team. He gives Don Sutton and Bob Carpenter bad names for being in the same booth as “Nasty Boy.” Rob Dibble, also called “The Officer,” was a legit Major League pitcher until late in his career when angered tantrums and bar brawls highlighted the end of Dibble’s career in the pros. From there, he had pretty much fallen off the face of the Earth until ESPN and now MASN gave him a chance to talk about baseball. Poor choice guys…

Without a doubt, Dibble is a total moron. Tonight, for example, Lastings Milledge got called out strikes and proceeded to curse the umpire on his way back to the dugout. As he verbally lit up the umpire, Dibble made some stupid comment about how Milledge was right to say what he said and that the umpire should not have warned him. Are you kidding me Rob Dibble?!? Milledge, a bum in his own right, dropped multiple “F-bombs” on his way back to the pine. Be realistic big guy. When your guy screws up, don’t defend it just because you’re a meathead, you’re in a booth, and you think you’re proving something. Just tell us what’s going on. Nobody needs your two-cents on how you feel on the given situation. It’s like listening to a two year old read me the Comedy section of the newspaper. MASN, if anything, let Bob Carpenter do his job and phase Dibble out of the conversation. It’d be more quality television. Because in all seriousness, I think my IQ drops every time words come out of the guy’s mouth…


One Response to “MASN, You Need A Replacement…”

  1. Dibble is awful. Had the “privilege” of listening to him on game last week. He had some real gems. He’s trying to be a super homer, but he’s just coming across as a moron.

    But for my rant of the day, for whatever stupid reason Charlotte, NC is a blackout region for the Nationals. (Clearly they think driving 6 hours to see a baseball game is reasonable, maybe I should get season tickets?) And of course Time Warner doesn’t carry MASN. So I can’t watch any of those games, not even on because they’re supposed to be on already.

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