Deja Vu?!?…

Well folks, yesterday I got my first real bittersweet taste of the Atlanta Braves bullpen. After Javier Vazquez went 6 innings and left with a 9-3 lead, the Braves’ bullpen proceeded to give up 8 runs in the next two innings in a mix of walks, singles, and hit batters causing Atlanta to drop their first game of the year 12-11 in Philadelphia against the defending champs. Unbelievable…I have nightmares about last year’s one run record and late inning collapses and it has already started…only 3 games into ’09! I mean, let’s be real, these guys are Major League pitchers, right (or so we think)? mlb_u_cox_275They should honestly be able to hit the strike zone more than 1 time out of 9. Good grief….Bobby Cox, why don’t you just give me a shot? At least if I’m getting shelled that means I’m throwing the ball over the plate. Shoot, by all means necessary, the Braves’ bullpen would have had a better shot lobbing the ball underhand to the plate in order to at least entice Philly’s hitters to swing and put the ball in play. At one point in the Phillies’ gift yesterday, Atlanta pitching ghastly walked FOUR STRAIGHT BATTERS WITH THE BASES LOADED (that means four free runs for those keeping score at home). That is a cardinal sin for pitchers because we all know, if you walk or hit a batter, the odds are better that he’s eventually going to come around and score. Unfortunately for the Braves’ sake, it was 8 times over. A good outing by Vazquez and an abundance of runs all went for not. For Bobby Cox and the rest of Atlanta’s coaching staff, it’s time to make some changes boys. You might as well let Jeff Franceour pitch, he’s a got a rifle for an arm. All he has to do is beat 1 outta 9…even a 5 year-old could do that.

If this is a sign as to what is to come for the Braves this season, Bobby may not survive that many heartattacks and my hair will be completely grey by the time September rolls around. So frustrating…

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