Let’s Buy Victories? Don’t Be Ridiculous New York…

Two contracts, $340M, and two previous all-stars. Where does that get you? A 10 to 5 loss on Opening Day 2009 to the up and coming Baltimore Orioles. Yesterday, the New York Yankees got to debut and hopefully show off (which they didn’t to the delight of O’s fans) two new mega-stars that they paid an arm, a leg, a retirement, a savings account, all your property, their soul, and more for…if you get my drift. oriolesAnd of course, to all the baseball world’s liking outside of New York, they fell flat on their face. Chubby Checker Sabathia and Mark “Don’t Throw Me A Curveball PLEASE!” Teixiera provided nothing to help New York in Baltimore. Teixiera went 0-for-4, leaving 5 men on base and CC got hammered by a young, energetic Orioles squad led by Brian Roberts and Adam “I’m Not Pacman” Jones. Who saw this coming? Well, most of us did. The O’s have recently had the Yanks’ number during the regular season. This is just more proof to the idea that money CAN’T win championships, even though the New York Yankees and the Steinbrenner family try to every year. All the pompous NYY management simply wants to do is flex their financial muscle and literally buy everyone and everything out. But as we saw last year with the Tampa Bay Rays, sometimes it just doesn’t matter how much you have. When you have talent and a team who WANTS to win and actually plays hard, things happen the way you want. However, this Yankee ball-club is full of overpaid, overpraised mediocrity (outside of Jeter and A-Rod – but he takes steroids so who knows) who is promoted by ridiculous New York devotees in a city that would boo the Easter Bunny this weekend if he showed up at the ballpark. All I have to say is, “Hey New York Yankee fans, hope the new stadium’s nice to ya”……

Yes, this is just one game. But for all of us Yankee haters, we hope this is more of a hilarious preview of the Yanks’ season to come. And this, of course, is yet another appropriate opportunity for a funny YouTube video ripping on the ‘Da Yanks’…..enjoy….

Video Courtesy of YouTube

2 Responses to “Let’s Buy Victories? Don’t Be Ridiculous New York…”

  1. I’m worried that the Yankees only suffered from opening-day jitters. Then again, with veterans like they have, those should be long gone by now.

    However, give major props to Baltimore. They played fantastic baseball yesterday, going toe to toe with a massive lineup, played their game, and produced runs. You’re usually gonna give stuff up to the Yanks, but being able to stave them off and produce is what you gotta do.

    As a Red Sox fan, I wish that the Blue Jays, Rays, and Orioles all rise up and dominate (or at least split) their season series with the Yankees… they haven’t won in a while, and I hope that it stays that way.


  2. Destructo Says:

    haha…c.c. saFAThia…

    go REDSOX!!!

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