The Beauty of Opening Day…

Dads with their sons playing hookie from school and work, first time at the ballpark, fresh cut infield and outfield grass, grilled ballpark franks, batting practice, ice cold beer, your team’s perfect record…all highlights of Major League Baseball’s Opening Day. Today marks another moment in baseball history where each team and organization starts fresh and they prep to make yet another run at a world title in late October. What a great day though…the end of March Madness and the start of ball season. baseball-field-pattern-wsNothing beats it. As a kid, opening day with your dad or both your parents and family is something that you will never ever forget. The spirit and the mystique of the game fills the air and the thrill of balls knocked into the gap, dingers, strikeouts, double plays, and diving catches highlight a perfect afternoon at the ballpark. God Bless Opening Day…PLAY BALL!

2 Responses to “The Beauty of Opening Day…”

  1. Destructo Says:

    everyone loves opening day…well, except c.c. sabathia and mark teixeira…haha…

  2. Not much better than opening day. Headin to Minny tomorrow for a twins game then opening day in Colorado on Friday. Woo.

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