Opening Night Under the Lights…

Sunday evening gave America its first glimpse into its national past-time in 2009. And for me, boy was it fun. Pomp and circumstance led the festivities as the Phillies raised their 2008 World Series banner…then they proceeded to get beat up on by my Atlanta Braves. The night was lit up by leather flying into the stands on cue as the Bravos torched Brett Myers (he should stick to bullpen work) for a trio of home runs in the first two innings, highlighted by “Young Thug” himself Jordan Schafer who hit a tater in his first Major League at-bat. Why is he Young Thug? Well, give the Mississippi police a call. bravesSchafer was booked for a 50 game suspension last season playing for the Braves’ AA organization. But you know what? This Atlanta team needs some guys who are rough around the edges. Shoot, they should’ve tried to get Sheff back. Anyways, after spoiling the night’s opening, the Braves, behind Derek Lowe, went 8 innings without any offensive activity from the Phils. With some false hope in the bottom of the 9th, the Braves took care of business and officially played spoiler. For me, the season couldn’t of started any better, knocking the defending champs off their pedestal in their own house. Man did I love to see the Philly fans sit in silence and watch the dominance take place…what a thrill…

For the Braves (and myself), hopefully this is a great sign towards the potential return to elite status among Major League Baseball. Stepping out of the spotlight for the past 3 years, the current roster is hungry and ready to take back what has been rightfully theirs for so long, an NL East title. As for the Phils, coming off a world championship, doom and gloom is (like recent history) on the way. Good luck Philadelphia fighting the post-title hex. We’ll be lucky to see you hanging around come October…but that’s ok, football season’s just around the corner…go Eagles?…

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