Welcome to Durham Mr. Curry…

Today is a great day. Finally, Duke has found a true guard that will replace Jon Scheyer after he graduates next year. A shooting guard of the future… Did they find a big man? No, but hopefully that’s next. Instead, Seth Curry of Liberty University has officially transferred to become a Duke University Blue Devil starting in 2010-2011. For now, he will sit out the ’09-10 season in order to keep 3 years of eligibility once the year is complete. I know Durham is churning right now and can’t hardly wait to get next year underway, done, and start the 2010 season. As for me, how pumped am I? Well speechless is an understatement…is ecstatic more like it? Another dynamic scorer and somebody else for Duke’s opponents to think about when Kyle Singler is the last of Duke’s 3 headed monster left in two years. Some even think that he may be better than his older brother, Stephen Curry, who is a potential NBA lottery pick out of Davidson.

Courtesy of espn.com

Courtesy of espn.com

For Coach K and the Blue Devil faithful’s sake, we all hope so. Everyone has already watched Stephen Curry do his thing on the hardwood on College Basketball’s biggest stage. Now, it’s his brother’s turn. Where better to do this than right up the street at a prime Division 1 University with rich basketball tradition? His dad Dell (who was great in the NBA by the way) will be so proud (and not have to drive as far to come see his boy play).

What does this mean for Duke? Well, I know Kyle Singler’s happy right now. Once Jon Scheyer and Gerald Henderson graduate next year, Kyle will be the go-to man in Cameron Indoor. Now, the more opponents worry about Curry when they both step on the court together, the more Singler will be able to score at will and knock down treys. If anything, at the point guard position, this gives Elliot Williams and Nolan Smith some much needed security handling the ball. Worst case, if one struggles, Coach K can move Curry to point and let one of the other two get a different look from the shooting guard position in 2010. Smith will be a senior and Williams will be a junior at the time.

Courtesy of goduke.com

Courtesy of goduke.com

Probably the most coveted transfer in the College game today, Curry will fit right in with Duke’s offensive scheme and provide a nice defensive boost on the other end when he finally is eligible to get out on the hardwood. The Blue Devils and their Hall of Fame coach have finally taken the next step towards cementing a championship-caliber team for the future. Now, they will officially be just one “big man” away from dominating the ACC and the entire country on the hardwood in the ’10-11 season. Look for the Dukies to surpass the 30 win mark next year, but count on it even more in 2010. Mark your calendars…can’t wait for the opening night in Cameron Indoor two years from now…think the Cameron Crazies are getting ready?…I think so…

O, and in case you forgot, guess what Seth? You’ll get to stick it to those very Hokies from Blacksburgh and their “leader” Seth Greenberg probably twice a year. Good decision huh? You betcha. See you in Cameron son…

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