Anyone remember Tiger Woods?

Hey folks, just an fyi, Tiger Woods is back on top! I know everyone was too busy today to watch Carolina destroy Oklahoma, but the PGA Tour added another highlight to their early season. Tiger Woods, from 5 shots back to start the day in the Arnold Palmer Invitational, came back to make a birdie on the 72nd hole to beat out Sean O’Hair. Want to know how? Take a look…..

Courtesy of YouTube

Is he the most clutch athlete ever? Maybe…

2 Responses to “Anyone remember Tiger Woods?”

  1. I was switching back and forth between the golf and basketball. If Tiger wasn’t near or at the top I wouldn’t have cared at all. It was very compelling, he is unbelievable in pressure situations. Can’t wait for the Masters.

  2. Jimmy Dean Says:

    Everyone knew that it was just a matter of time before Tiger Woods was on top again. He’s a phenomenal golfer that know exactly what he needs to do to win. He’s finally getting over any stiffness and soreness from his knee surgery which sidelined the sport of golf for several months. Without Tiger, no one pays attention anymore because he has become what the PGA is known for. They really should consider changing the name to the TWGA (Tiger Woods Golf Association).

    Goodbye Fried Rice, hello Fried Chicken!

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