Give QBs the “Red Jersey” then….

The “Tom Brady Rule?!?!” Come on NFL…you might as well put Pampers on these guys. Quarterbacks are real people too you know! Yes, they’re considered more “delicate” than all the other NFL position players, but with these bogus set of protection rules, you might as well have a Mississippi count to come and Two-Hand-Touch the quarterback instead of tackle him. Goodness knows, we wouldn’t want anything to happen to our precious quarterbacks…and by precious quarterbacks I mean delicate flowers (pansies perhaps ?!?!?). Instead of babying them, tell the guys behind center to grow some hutzvah and take a hit like a man . Why? BECAUSE EVERYBODY ELSE ON THE FIELD DOES!

Yesterday, the NFL enacted (among four others) a new rule that will penalize defensive players for tackling the quarterback from the ground. In other words, if a pass rusher gets knocked to the group, he cannot “lunge” at the quarterback from that position. He basically hast to get back up and then tackle the QB.

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Does anyone else think that this rule is way over the top? I mean, come on now. If Tom Brady, NFL’s American Idol and Playboy, wouldnt’ve been the one to get his knee torn to shreds, do you think the NFL would’ve cared? Heck no. If Jason Campbell or David Garrard or even Kerry Collins would’ve dealt with the same thing and been sidelined for the entire 2008 season, the NFL wouldn’t have even blinked an eye. That’s the sad part….popularity bias. Because everything is about money these days, the NFL can’t stand to be without their primetime players and moneymakers on the field. No superstars? That means no extra generated profit from tickets sold simply to see those megastars and not the home team. Sooner or later, any eye contact with or gestures made at the QB, including glaring or barking, will be penalized. It’s turning into PowderPuff out there…

Furthermore, is the NFL really trying to take everything away from the game nowadays? First Touchdown celebrations now tackling the quarterback…come on NFL, you’re losing entertainment value! Who didn’t enjoy Joe Horn, Chad Johnson, and T.O.’s antics in the end zone after a long TD catch?

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If you didn’t, you either are lying or have absolutely no sense of humor. Sharpees, Pom-Poms, 40 Yard Dashes, and Cell Phones? Ridiculously entertaining and none in which mocked the opponent. What’s wrong with that? Nothing in my book; it’s just good ‘ole fashioned fun on the gridiron. If the NFL is trying to turn people and players off, they’re doing a good job. What’s next? No contact on the defensive or offensive line? No plays longer than 40 yards allowed? No overtime, only ties? All insane and unnecessary, but unfortunately not out of the realm of possibility apparently for the NFL Rules Committee. In the words of the Sandlot’s Great Hambino, Hey NFL Rules Committee: “You’re killin’ me smalls!”

2 Responses to “Give QBs the “Red Jersey” then….”

  1. I agree to a point. They can’t be babying these quarterbacks so much. Injuries are going to happen whether you have the Brady rule in effect or not. This is also gives a big advantage to lineman I’d imagine that a guy on the ground can’t take a shot at the QB. I do agree with a lot of the penalties they’ve put in place just because you can’t have a team’s 3rd string QB vs another’s 2nd string QB playing in the Divisional round of the playoffs. Plus whether we like it or not and believe me I absolutely hate it, Tom Brady is the face of the NFL. (Or who the NFL wants to be the face). QB is by far the most recognizable position to the average fan and probably even the average non fan. You got to protect them. Whether that means put a red jersey on them and we play two hand touch from now on is another story.

  2. Jimmy Dean Says:

    My main point of contention with the new rules are the direct shots taken at WR Hines Ward, who is known around the league as an impact blocker, someone that players have to keep their head on a swivel to watch out for when chasing down a play. Now I agree that hits helmet to helmet are unnecessary because of the potential for injury but to say that a forearm is going to cause severe damage may be a little far. Do I feel for Bengals LB Keith Rivers that his season was ended by a broken jaw, administered by a hard hitting block by Ward, yes I do because it always sucks to hear about a player losing out on a season, but that’s how the game goes. Guys come down from catching a jump ball and sprain or break ankles or make a poor cut move and tear knee ligaments, it’s the way of the game. Football is a contact sport, and a violent sport and that’s why America loves it so much. You always get a round of “OOO” when there’s a big hit because it’s what makes the game fun. Most people watch NASCAR for the crashes and football is the same way: You go in looking for contact and now that they’re trying to take that out of Football, I’m wondering what the average fan is going to have to look forward to when they turn on the TV on a Sunday in the Fall.

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