You’re Killin’ Me Hokie Fans….

This weekend I was up in Northern Virginia (NOVA) at a charity fundraiser. At the bar where the fundraiser was held, I was surrounded by crimson and orange…yep, you got it…Virginia Tech fans. Yes, I know Northern Virginia is home to lots of Tech students and VA Tech alumni. However, I knew it would be a long night when Duke basketball popped on the screen as they battled Texas Saturday night. I never heard the end of it….”Duke sucks” or “Go Texas” (out of spite just because they were playing Duke) pretty much themed the night every time Duke scored. But why? Shouldn’t you guys be rooting for the ACC in general now that the Hokies’ basketball season is over?vatechAll the while, the Virginia Tech alumni that filled the bar couldn’t stop raving about the Hokies and how excited they were about the upcoming football season (mainly because their basketball team got blown out of the NIT after not making the NCAA). Are you kidding me? Give it a rest…I’m tired of hearing about Hokie football and Frank Beamer way before the College Football season even starts. Would you guys please talk about something different for a change? How about you root for your own pretty talented and youthful basketball team, aye? What about the remaining ACC teams in the NCAA tournament? We’re rivals but together as a conference right? You don’t have to root for them because you hate them so much, but root for their success and the success of the ACC to show up the Big East and other major conferences across the College Basketball world. I’ll be completely honest, if Duke were out and Tech and Carolina were in, I’d definitely root for Tech…and I mean that. As much as I hate Carolina, it would be good for them to win a title if Duke doesn’t…for the ACC’s sake (yes it kills me to say so).

But I never thought I’d say this: Virginia Tech Hokie fans have gotten just as ridiculous as Yankee fans. Everyone hops on the bandwagon if they do well, in anything, but become ghosts if any of the Tech athletic programs struggle, ESPECIALLY the football team. I cemented my position on the topic when Saturday night, a VA Tech football signed by the 2009 roster was auctioned off and people went crazy for it. I am 100% for raising as much money as possible and auctioning anything off that you can get your hands on, but (JOKINGLY) who would want that?!?! I sure as heck don’t. Shoot, I’d rather have a football signed by Mike AND Marcus Vick…it’d be worth more and maybe go for a lot of money in an auction because, well…it’d be controversial and people would get a kick out of it. And enough about Beamer. For goodness sakes people, Bud Foster is the reason that they win so many games. Beamer is just a funny looking guy that gets the credit for Foster’s tenacious defensive leadership each year. Stop blinding your fans Frank!!! glennon-lsu Have you ever seen their offense play? They hardly score, especially when led by everyone’s favorite quarterback Sean Glennon (trust me, I’m being 100% sarcastic). Nobody, not even the Tech roster, likes that guy. Hokie this, Hokie that. Blah blah blah…

At the bar on Saturday night and at work every day during the week down in Southern Virginia, Newport News, all I hear about is Tech (apparently everyone in my building went to Tech). You know what guys? Go win a championship…in anything…and then come talk to me. Otherwise, save me the ear pain and stop yelling and screaming about the Hokies and just be normal until football season rolls me, it’s for the best…for everybody.

8 Responses to “You’re Killin’ Me Hokie Fans….”

  1. First of all if your in Northern Virginia what do you expect. A lot of people from Northern VA go to Virginia Tech. How can you blame fans for rooting for their team and criticizing a RIVAL ACC school. I know some fans are fairwheather fans but that is true for any school. Most of the people that put Duke down and say they suck know they don’t suck…it’s just showing the true rivalry of sports competition. I’m sure if you went to Durham or a lot of places in N.C. you would see the same thing just reversed. As far as our football team is concerned…Yea maybe we love our football more than anything but isn’t it kind of the same for duke fans loving their basketball. You guys have basketball and lacrosse and that’s about it. When you think of Duke you say basketball when you think of VA Tech you think football.

  2. Your meatlocker roommate Says:

    Dear Richard,

    Dont forget, they got a pretty stellar softball team in Blacksburg.

    There is really know reason to talk smack about Duke basketball when you have a picture like this.



  3. Destructo Says:

    greatest blog ever…

  4. As a Hokie, I always root for other ACC schools in the tournament. The better they do, the better the conference looks. However, there is an exception when it comes to Duke. Duke is the kind of school that you either love or hate, and being a close rival with Duke, most of us tend to hate them. Obviously they have talent, the thing is that Duke is always the same team year after year. It’s always a bunch of white kids that can shoot 3s. They are so similar every year that it’s almost like watching a team of robots that are programmed by Mike Shashefski to be exactly the same. One of my roommates lived in the same neighborhood as Greg Paulus, the guy getting teabagged by Deron Washington in the above photo. Paulus’s father held all his son’s back a year for the sole reason that they could be superior in sports. He punished his sons by making them shoot freethrows until they made 50 in a row. Is it any surprise that this type of player ended up on the Duke squad?

    • Judge Fudge Says:

      I agree that Duke has a bunch of players that only shoot threes, but that’s just their style. Good for Duke for making it rain on the court!! if you don’t have size, you run the ball up and down the court and look for the threes. If you have size, you play an inside game. Shashefeski undertands that concept which is why they are still in the tourney. Plus he brought home a gold medal for USA with a bunch of self-absorbed NBA all-stars who are definitely not the same. I will not hate on Duke or VA Tech but ya gotta give credit where it’s due. This goes for Duke, VA Tech, UNC, WAKE, or any other team for that matter

  5. Hokies are so overrated Says:

    I totally agree with your post. For all you Hokie fans out there….

    1. You guys did not invent the game of football so quit acting like you did.

    2. You guys are not the only school that plays football so quit acting like you are.

    3. You guys take the young men of our country and mold them into the criminals that they are today.

  6. Judge Fudge Says:

    Wait.. what’s football???

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