March Madness Weekend Recap…

Wow, what a weekend. We saw true Madness and fell in love once again with the ambiance and intrigue of the annual NCAA Tournament. Buzzer beaters and close games led the way to Sunday night. Though most of the top seeds also advanced, they had to struggle in order to do so. What does this mean? Well, the Sweet 16 is going to be absolutely entertaining folks. Tune back into CBS Thursday night for a show…this ride is getting better by the game…

Now, let’s highlight the past two days of College Basketball. Like always, we’ll start with my Dukies taking care of business against A.J. Abrams and the Texas Longhorns. Obviously, the game was more nerve-wracking than I would have liked, but all in all, it was great basketball highlighting a few of Duke’s mega-stars and proving that Duke is one of the nation’s elite and belongs in this stage of the tourney. Kyle Singler and Gerald Henderson (who at multiple points dunked all over Texas’ big men) led the way in scoring and torched the Longhorns from 3-point land.dukeee As the game came down to the wire, Jon Scheyer may have saved Duke’s season and won the game all at one-time with one of the most athletic and SMARTEST plays I’ve ever seen, Duke fan or not. As the ball was rolling out of bounds with less than 20 seconds left in the game and Duke with a 2-point lead, Scheyer flipped the ball behind his back down the court to Elliot Williams without falling out of bounds. This led to free throws down the stretch to cement Duke’s first appearance in next week’s Sweet 16 since 2006. LET’S GO DUKE…Courtesy of YouTube

As one third of the remaining ACC trio, Maryland disappointed us in getting blown out by Memphis. Memphis lit up the arena from downtown and their length and speed are proving to be a tough task for anyone to match up with. Can anyone rightfully match up with them on paper? I’m afraid not. They might prove me wrong…for now. Before we close the door on MD, let’s give Gary Williams, who may have coached his last game for the Terps, a proper send-off. Though controversial and extreme at times, he’s proved once again that he belongs in the College Basketball Hall of Fame. More than just once in recent memory (with the likes of Juan Dixon and Steve Blake), he continues to show us how to turn an average team into a ferocious overachiever late in the year and in the NCAA Tourney. Congratulations Mr. Williams on a wonderful career…

As for the #1 seeds, UConn was the only one in a cake-walk, destroying Texas A&M, watching Thabeet take control early and continue to dominate even when he got into foul trouble late in the 1st half. Jim Calhoun, back from a spell of dehydration rolled to yet another NCAA Tournament victory. 2583They’ll match up with a surprising Purdue team who took Washington down the wire and hit clutch free throws to win the game in its waining moments. I must say, they’re one of the biggest teams under the radar so far. Who would’ve thought another Big Ten team not named Michigan State would have made it this far. Congrats Boilermakers? Yikes, that just doesn’t sound right…

UNC, wretched UNC, pulled out a tough battle against the LSU Tigers early Saturday evening as I watched from a bar and hoped and prayed on every last shot that LSU took down the stretch. Unfortunately, my prayers went unanswered and Ty Lawson, who impressively came back from a toe injury, took control of the entire game in the second half and went on a rampage to lead the Heels back into the Sweet 16. They’ll face Gonzaga who won a buzzer beater against….Western Kentucky?!?! Yep, you heard me right. I ALMOST called the two round WKU upset special but fell one basket and 0.9 seconds short. After the Toppers made a late game charge and tied the game with 7 seconds left, Gonzaga proceeded to break their hearts, sprint untouched down the court, and bank in a shot with hardly no time left. Courtesy of YouTube

What a game…what a Saturday night. March Madness once again has shown its light over the sports world and we just got a few more games to add to the highlight reel.

In Sunday’s action, Pitt had a tough time competing with the 3-point machine we now know as Oklahoma State. 3 after 3 dropped in the 1st half, yet Pitt stayed in the game and eventually took over the Battle of the Boards with Dejuan Blair and Sam Young proving to be Herculean. Has anyone checked their birth certificates? I mean, come on now. Sam Young? He might as well be 45 with grandchildren. Look at him! And DeJuan Blair should be playing linebacker in the NFL. Either way, both are studs and will likely continue to be “men” against Xavier next weekend in the Sweet 16. Unfortunately for Duke, if they beat ‘Nova Thursday night they’ll face Pitt on Saturday. Let’s go Musketeers!! (and Duke beat Xavier by 20 earlier in the year). Speaking of ‘Nova, Scottie Reynolds and Jay Wright are making a big name for themselves on a national stage. We’ll see what happens next week, but if they beat Duke, watch out Pittsburgh…

Other winners over the weekend included Oklahoma (Blake Griffin is going to be great in the NBA), Michigan State, Syracuse, Mizzou, and Louisville in a surprising nail-biter against an overachieving Siena bunch. Though they didn’t win, they sure tested Pitino’s Cardinals. Could there be a chink in the armor? Maybe so. The #12 seed ‘Zona will look to knock them out after winning two more games than anyone would have expected. Who said they shouldn’t be here? Time to shut your mouth. You no longer have any room to say anything.

As for your brackets, who knows where you’re at now unless you picked all “chalk” (higher seeds). Mine looks like a sea of red…o well, the tourney is turning out to be memorable more than I originally thought. Great job CBS…

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  1. Wanesholla Says:

    I love mai dukies and I am so glad that you do too. I was praying LSU to win as well, seeing as the didn’t I am looking fwd to a Duke NC rematch but make it to the elite 8 is not going to be easy. Live the easy reading n da vids 🙂

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