Wow, what a night last night (of course it all happened a- after i went to bed and b- after i posted about the games not being that dramatic in their late moments). Boy did March Madness shut me up with a slew of close games, near buzzer beaters, and multiple overtimes. March Madness is finally here folks!

In the late game last night, Cleveland State pulled 2009’s biggest shocker. As a #13 seed, they took care of Wake Forest right out the gate. Sorry Deacon fans….especially those who picked them into the Final Four in their bracket. Your bracket life is pretty much over.wake-forest-deaconsThe ‘Deacs came out flat and the Vikings took full advantage, running them up and down the court and knocking down threes. It actually wasn’t much of a game. What does this say about Wake Forest? Well, their streaky play and inconsistencies finally came back to haunt them at the quite possibly the worst of times. They’ll have to wait until 2010’s NCAA Tournament to get revenge and revive the basketball program’s success. As for the Vikings, their tenacity and spirit of the game created fireworks at the end of Round 1. cleveland_state_logo1We couldn’tve asked for anything more. Cleveland State has finally brought Cinderella back to life in 2009. Now, in the 13-12 matchup they’ll draw Arizona in Round 2 on Sunday. That battle will come down to who wins out between size and speed. Cleveland State will want to push the ball quickly up the court and ‘Zona will want to be in the half-court set. An intriguing matchup of two different styles…I like our Cinderella to dance in the Sweet 16…Go Vikings!

In an overtime thriller, Siena proved that they’re worthy to dance, knocking out Ohio State in Double OT. Siena hit not one, but two 3-pointers with less than 5 seconds left in each of the overtimes to tie and then win the game. Courtesy of YouTube

Why does this make me happy? Well, it confirms the fraud of the Big 10. They’re just not that good! Siena got behind early but did enough in the second half to extend the game against Turner and the Buckeyes. Thad Matta, do you wish you still had Greg Oden? I bet you do…sorry big fella. It’s much harder to win with a balanced team than with one dominant player isn’t it?

Though it pained me to watch another ACC team bite the bullet, they did it in dramatic fashion. Florida State, who absolutely owned Wisconsin throughout much of the game, struggled late in regulation and lost in Overtime. Welp, there’s goes a few games in my bracket. I liked Florida State to win at least one more game. O well, and so it goes…

Here are my picks for today’s matchups

UCAL vs. Villanova – I like the Bruins in the upset. Scottie Reynolds will struggle.
Maryland vs. Memphis – Can Vasquez lead the Terps in the upset? Nope, Tigers win.
LSU vs. UNC -LSU, I’ll love you forever if you win but I don’t think you will…advantage Heels.
Texas A&M vs. UConn – Thabeet dominates, UConn rolls.
Michigan vs. Oklahoma – For my bracket’s sake, go Sooners…and Blake Griffin of course.
Gonzage vs. Western Kentucky – Can Cinderella re-appear? Nope, the ‘Zags win a close one.
Washington vs. Purdue – Who cares? Washington?

3 Responses to “CINDERELLA, SAY HELLO!”

  1. Thank god cinderella finally showed up last night. The tournament was beginning to get boring.

    I disagree with you in that I think Nova is not going to lose to UCLA in Philly. Nova got there bad game out of the way and are now ready to roll.


  2. Great Site! I added your site to my blogroll. Keep in touch.

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