All hail the ‘cuse…Duke gives me a heart attack….

One more Overtime, one more victory for the Syracuse Orange. Last night in the Garden, Syracuse took it to West Virginia and proved once again that they are primed for the NCAA tournament and ready to make a run to the Final Four. Jonny Flynn and company continued to knock down shots, get steals, and make free throws with absolutely no legs or any stamina left from the 6 Overtime marathon the night (and morning) before. Let’s give them credit where credit is due. syracuselogoA forgotten squad in the Big East during the regular season, Syracuse, whether or not they win the Big East tournament today against Pitino’s Louisville Cardinals, has stepped up to the plate and taken over the spotlight from the Huskies and Pittsburgh. We were tired of hearing about UConn and Pitt anyways, thanks Syracuse. And, if they beat the Cardinals today, do they deserve a #2 or #3 seed in the Big Dance? I think so. With a Big East Tournament title, they would officially be the hottest team in the country. Hopefully they’ll have something left for the NCAA tourney (refer to my brutal conference post) and continue to play well. Good for Jim Boeheim…

And now, the thing that makes March Madness great but gives me a heart attack when Duke is involved. Duke snuck by BC last night after being down 7 at halftime. However, down the stretch with a 7 and 5 point lead, Duke missed free throw after free throw and let the Eagles creep back in the game, leaving them with the final shot and a chance to win. dukebluedevilsThank goodness BC had one of their Power Forwards throw up a 30 foot 3-pointer with over 3 seconds still left on the clock. And what was I doing? Sitting on the coach, heart pumping, and sweating profusely….like usual when Duke plays a nail-biter. I don’t think I can take much more of this…it’s just not healthy. And to all those “Fear the Turtle” Maryland fans today: watch out for Gerald Henderson…he has some more to prove after last night. Good luck to ya…..

PS – North Carolina got lucky last night by the way. They were definitely outplayed by Virginia Tech and the gobblin’ Hokies. And no, don’t give me the excuse of well, it was because Ty Lawson was out. Boo hoo hoo, no one wants to hear it….especially me and the rest of the Cameron Crazies.

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