Memphis Tigers…Overrated and Untested

Another year, another Conference USA title for John Calipari and the Memphis Tigers. Who cares? I sure don’t. They play in the Conference USA with little to no competition. Yes, they made a big run in last year’s NCAA Tourney, but this year they’ll have a rude awakening when they face an opponent with some REAL talent.

Bracketologists (man would I love to be one of those and make a living) around the NCAA are throwing around the idea that Memphis could potentially get a #1 seed in one of the regions in the Big Dance. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY OBSURD. memphistigers2No way do they deserve a #1 seed over the likes of Pitt, UConn, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Duke, and Louisville. Many people forget that Louisville, not UConn or Pitt, actually won the Big East regular season title. It would be a shame and a mistake on the NCAA’s part to give Memphis a #1 seed. They are unproven against other big-time basketball programs while the other aforementioned list of teams have beaten themselves up in and out of conference play all year long. Memphis’ 2009 strength of schedule was 55, worse than most powerhouses around the NCAA. I mean, look at their 2008-2009 scheduled opponents? The team list includes: Chattanooga, Fairfield, UTEP, Tulsa, Houston, Tulane, Marshall, Lamar, Syracuse, and Xavier, among others. Yes, Syracuse and Xavier are reputable opponents, but Memphis’ conference foes are a list of misfit teams with no real strength or ability to even compete with the Tigers.

And another thing, more talk about John Calipari as the Conference USA Coach of the Year and potential NCAA Coach of the Year? Are you serious? The NCAA shouldn’t reward this guy, he should be told that he better be glad he won the weak conference that he’s in. Otherwise, he’d be looking for a new job. calipari2If he really wants to prove himself and show his players off, how ‘bout throwing Memphis into the Big East or ACC next year. I 100% GUARANTEE that they would not win either of those conference regular season championships outright. Memphis just isn’t that good for one, and the physical toll from each of those power conferences would prove them decent at best, maybe even mediocre. With a cake schedule and a babyface of a conference, Memphis is usually fresh going into March Madness. But in 2009, I predict that their tourney life won’t last too long…..

One Response to “Memphis Tigers…Overrated and Untested”

  1. This is my first time to your blog and I must say I’m def. In love with it. I am your biggest fan. GO DUKE!!!

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