Spin the dogfighter…

Round and round we go, where Mike Vick will end up? Nobody knows…michael_vick_dog The bottle keeps spinning and the results remain endlessly full of possibilities. 32 teams, but only a few with reliability and security at the QB position. Will someone be ballsy enough to take a chance? Is he still the same athlete? Is he worth the risk? To all of you out there, the answer….is a resounding Y.E.S. YES.

Around July 20th, 2009, Michael Dwayne Vick will be released back into the wild we know as the NFL. At that time, he’ll be up for grabs around the league. Many people, unforgiving people, feel that he doesn’t deserve this second chance, but you know what? What about the rest of the misfits in the NFL who have gotten chance after chance to come back and play professional football? Matt Jones (sad to say ‘cuz he’s my boy) can’t get out of his own way with drug possession, Marshawn Lynch is running around lawless wielding weapons, and Adam “Pacman” Jones…well, enough said. marshawn-762909-7213381For goodness sakes, he’s been given 3rd, 4th, and 5th chances while people want to write off Vick after one offense, no matter how bad it is. Pacman’s a bum and might as well go to Oakland, play with the black hole there they call a franchise, and be gone from our memories. Let’s cut the crap, give the guy (Vick) another shot, and let him prove to us the fans, the media, and the rest of the misfits in the NFL that he can be big man on campus again.

Now, for the rodeo we’ll call the journey to find Mike Vick a new home in the NFL as a starting QB. Let’s go through some names that pop in your heads: San Francisco, the NY Jets, Minnesota Vikings, and…..follow me here, the CLEVELAND BROWNS. Honestly, how ironic and funny would that be? I’m just kidding, they’ve got Mr. Perfect Brady “My Hair Never Moves Out of Place” Quinn as their “future.” Who needs him most? Probably San Francisco, but out of those teams Minnesota (and by Minnesota I mean Adrian Peterson) is the closest to being a Super Bowl contender. He goes there, they instantly become one of the top 3 threats in the NFC. With Favre gone, the Jets would be better off with him then Favre or any of their remaining, unreliable backups. Favre, though a dynamic personality, was a player with way too much risk vs. reward….essentially not worth it for the Jets. So, if we rule those teams out, let’s pick a few of my favorite scenarios. What if you woke up and saw one of the following headlines?

– “Vick signs to 2-year deal with Patriots to backup injured Brady”
-“Vick…the new face in Carolina”
-“Vick ready to lead Redskins after unreliable Campbell disappoints”
-“Vick unites with Boldin and Fitzgerald in Sunny Side Arizona”

Can you imagine? Vick replacing Warner in AZ? The NFC would really be on its heels then. A defense wouldn’t know what to do, especially if AZ drafts a stud RB at some point in the ’09 draft. Be careful NFC West…And I know you Redskins fans pretend like you don’t want him, but he’s a hometown guy. Don’t lie to yourself, you’d love him if he tore up Romo and da ‘Boys in Big D. Shoot, I would and I don’t even like the Skins. Campbell is just not that good anyways and isn’t as good of a scrambler. Neither one has accuracy so you can rule that out. That leaves Vick to end up in NE or with the Carolina “Please don’t let Delhomme throw it” Panthers. Vick + Stewart + Williams + Smith = Super Bowl Caliber, don’t be surprised. And the most risque of all, would Robert Kraft be that guy? With Cassel gone, it makes sense, I’ll be honest. bradyhurtThey would turn in to a bunch of thugs in NE, and as much as I hate the Pats, they’d be ridiculously explosive (again, this is assuming Brady can’t unshred his knee). Interesting, huh?

Spending all this time as a jailbird, working out religiously, and of course running the inmate team versus the guards (yes, a Longest Yard reference movie buffs) has only made Vick a better and more dominant athlete waiting in the wings for a team who’ll take a chance. Any team will be lucky to have him, just you watch….PROVE ME WRONG

3 Responses to “Spin the dogfighter…”

  1. Wow. I couldn’t agree with you more. Everytime I make this argument I get yelled at. Whatever he did. Dog fighting, whatever who really cares. There are people that have done much much worse things than him and get a free pass. Just because he messed with dogs people hate him. Whatever. Before this year and Pennington I would have loved to have Vick. Granted Vick probably won’t be what he was and even then he was a little overrated. But he can absolutely help a team right now with his athleticism alone. Will be interesting who will take a risk on him. I feel like it’ll only end up being the Lions or a team on the bottom rung. I’d love to see Carolina pick him up. Hell Miami, he’d be the ultimate Wild Cat guy.

  2. Jimmy Dean Says:

    What you’re not considering right away is that he probably won’t come right back into the NFL as soon as he’s out of prison. There will probably be a suspension coming from Commissioner Goodell regarding this incident. Up to now, other than the legal ramifications of his actions, he has faced no discipline from the league. Granted, a team may think enough of it to “buy the rights” to Vick so that when and if his suspension is up, he will immediately head to their team, however, I think it will be more likely that teams will wait to see what transpires regarding Vick and the league. That would give them possibly a whole year to see how this upcoming Quarterback class ends up (Stafford, Sanchez, etc…) and potentially even see how next year’s class (Tebow, Bradford, McCoy, Harrell) looks before taking a chance on Vick. I’m sure he’ll get some permission to work out for teams so they can get a feel for his ability level but I doubt Michael Vick will play in 2009 and I think it would be after the draft of 2010 before he gets picked up by a team.
    Not a guarantee, just an opinion.

    Dean, out!

  3. Destructo Says:

    haha…this must be the comedy portion of your show…what vick did was not a “one-time oops i made a little boo-boo” mistake like when he tried to smuggle weed on a plane…he deliberately and consciously purchased a property for the sole purpose of breeding, training and staging illegal dogfighting for “fun”…for his “pleasure” and to satiate his need to gamble…these acts transpired on his property for over SIX YEARS…we’re talking about a serious habitual offense, not a one time event…throw in the fact that he personally killed dogs that didn’t live up to his expectations and even sacrificed non-pitbull dogs for “fun” and you see exactly who vick is…this old cliche that everyone deserves a second chance all depends on exactly where you draw the line…would you let michael jackson babysit your kids??? would you let your sister date OJ??? would you let richard gere anywhere near your hamsters??? me thinks not…being a redskin fan longer than you’ve been a fan of breathing i can tell ya i did NOT want T.O. anywhere near my team nor do i want vick anywhere near my team…i’ve watched the redskins win 3 superbowls and run all over dallas in “big-D” many times WITHOUT these clowns…don’t need’em, don’t want’em…oh, wait, i’ll take vick behind my center ONLY if lawrence taylor comes outta retirement…(ask joe theisman what i mean)…haha…to sum up vick = trash…

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